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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

RICO and the Politicians

Organized crime is hard to prosecute, when those pulling the strings are influential. People can be paid to turn their head, courts can be corrupted, police can be corrupted, and the minions at the lower levels are  expendable. The RICO act was passed to help in prosecuting these type of people, but in my opinion, is most needed at this point to prosecute elected officials, former elected officials, members of the media, law enforcement officials, and members of the judicial system corrupting courts. The entire Russia Gate fiasco was organized crime, and the members of the media refusing to investigate the lies are culpable in the criminal activities. 

Will Durham drop the hammer and start pounding on all involved with the subterfuge? I doubt it, unless he scores some convictions on the minions. He could, if he wanted, but the Capitol is full of the criminals that the officials are supposed to protect us from. The rotten criminals have strong influence, and Durham probably knows they'll do anything to stop him, including murder.

Sunday, May 29, 2022

No Leaders

We have no good leaders in most of our government. If we did, the 2020 election would be decertified, those involved with the steal prosecuted as traitors, the current administration prosecuted for their criminal acts against the sovereignty of the United States, and a multitude of corporate officials prosecuted for sedition. Maybe the mid-terms will bring some leaders to Congress and we'll see a huge turnaround in the direction of the United States. They will have the power to make things right, and only one chance.

Friday, May 27, 2022

Ass Clown Syndrome

 Psychiatry has tons of syndromes to describe unexplained behavior, but one I think needs to be added is "Ass Clown Syndrome" (ACS). What is this? It's the illogical belief someone that is exceedingly stupid will make a fine leader. How they arrive at this belief is unexplainable, but it's real. 

In Texas we have a man named Robert Francis O'Rourke that goes by the name Beto. He's stupid...exceedingly stupid, and has few (if any) redeeming qualities. He makes stupid statements, backtracks on the statement, reinstates his belief in the statement, and in brazing stupidity, doesn't remove himself from the public eye even when there are pictures of his drunken self proudly showing he pissed his pants. Nevertheless, people voted for him, which is unexplainable except those that did are suffering from ACS.  

I have relatives with a good education, can only be described as very bright, were raised by respectable parents, and still voted for Beto. They love him, which made me scratch my head, until I realized they were suffering from ACS.  It's a terrible thing, and as far as I can tell, it's untreatable. It's a modern tragedy, but maybe a cure will be found in the future. We can only hope.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

School Safety and a Corrupt Media

Texas allows school districts to train teachers, establish protocols, and prevent armed attacks from ever happening. Even if a gunman manages to breach security, there are teachers trained to use deadly force to prevent mass shootings. Law enforcement helps with the training and possible response procedures. 

Uvalde has me scratching my head, but considering how the event progressed, the shooter managed to gain access to only one room, where they shot young students, and teachers, with impunity. How that happened won't be determined until an investigation is complete, although considering how information is swept up by the Feds, the entire story will probably never be known. One fact known is the shooter had a very expensive rifle, an expensive sighting system, and was supposedly dirt poor. 

Gun control advocates are screaming about stricter gun laws, while ignoring the fact the number of students murdered is a small amount compared to the youngsters placed in the slave trade by criminals who are probably sanctioned by authorities. That, and the larger cities run by Democrats have deplorable statistics on children killed by criminals. Their numbers far exceed the number of students killed in Uvalde.

Those criminals have absolutely no respect for law, and use their ill-gotten money to buy whatever they want on the black market. Outlawing firearms has done nothing to lower gun crimes in major cities. The media failing to point this out is far more dangerous than any madman with a gun. Their collusion in destroying second amendment rights is the work of traitors, and they should be punished accordingly.

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Catching Up

Early this morning, a line of showers arrived, gave a spectacular light show, and we received 4 inches of much needed rain. The ground has pretty well soaked it all up, and we're still in a deficit. 

The rest of our week calls for a wet pattern. How much rain we get is yet to be seen, but one thing is for sure: the grass will need cutting before it stops. I'll take it. The brown spots in the yard might finally recover.

Saturday, May 21, 2022

A Better Way

There shouldn't be any Federal courts within 100 miles of the capitol. With the degenerate parasites that accumulate around such places, unionized Federal workers that shouldn't be allowed to collective bargain, lobbyists, and lawmaker assistants, there is no such thing as a fair and impartial jury. It would be even better if the courts are removed from the states bordering the capitol.

Some might say this removes the rights of those that live there, but considering what a piss-poor job of justice has come from that area, they should celebrate a less corrupt justice system. The extremely small percentage of the U.S. population that lives there should never have the power of the court to influence court decisions that affect the rest of the country. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Wheeling and Dealing

Years ago, a local refinery was up for sale. One buyer offered a price, and the owners jumped on the offer, but one stipulation was demanded before the final deal: The buyer wanted a tour of the facility.

The tour was set, the buyer's specialists looked the refinery over, and found on large refining unit included as part of the facility had been mothballed for years. For those that are unfamiliar with petrochemical processing, restarting a unit isn't just the matter of flipping a switch. Many times the long period of not being used leads to expenses that can't justify making the effort, which was the situation. The unit was eventually demolished to allow space for a new one.

The offer was lowered accordingly, and the refinery was sold. After working in the facility, my opinion was it must have been a good deal, because much of the facility was old, needing some repairs, and would be exposed to newer regulations that demanded upgrades.

The new owner eventually sold the refinery, and it was sold again since then. The current owner appears to be in it for the long haul, since many upgrades were completed, and new units constructed. The long term employees are probably still not happy, since the original sale affected their pensions in a negative way. 

What inspired this post is the current haggling between Musk, and Twitter. Musk wants Twitter to prove less than 5% of their accounts are fake, and the deal is hinging on this demand, if not others. The original offer was $44 a share, but considering how things are going, that was the hook, and Twitter swallowed the bait. Twitter is not currently valued at $44 a share, and trading around the $37 mark. With the lack of a firm deal, those that wanted to make some big bucks might sell, and Musk will have leverage to lower his offer. 

Time will tell how this works out, but Musk is in the driver's seat. Unless someone else comes along to buy Twitter, he has the leverage, looking at the operation will give him knowledge of the cards, and Twitter can only go all in.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Deep in a Drought

It's unusual occurrence in my neck of the woods, but we're in a moderate drought. Rain has been sparse, and none is forecast for the next week. That will bring more stress to the trees, and anything needing to be saved will have to be watered. 

The vegetable plants are requiring some water daily, since there are few clouds, the humidity is lower than normal, and the hot sun is drying everything more during the 93 degree afternoons. The grass is starting to stress, and it won't be long before a burning ban is declared. 

Back in the nineties, we had a brutally hot summer. Afternoon temperatures were in the triple digits, and for one week, the temperature on our project site was around 108 degrees. We'd start at 6:00 am, if not earlier, and by 2:00 pm, everyone had enough, so we'd stop by 2:30. A few of our hands had to take a few hours in air conditioning to ward off the effects of heat exhaustion. Electrolytes were mandatory to survive, and I'd know when someone needed to take a break by their inability to get enough water. Too much only leads to vomiting and more heat exhaustion. 

Earlier than usual, we were rewarded with a real cold front in early September. It broke the heat, morning were comfortably cool, and the afternoons were pleasant. We needed it, and were glad for the change. 

Hopefully this summer won't be a repeat. If so, I have a huge amount of empathy for those that have to work outside.

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

A Sure Fire Response

 Apparently, those that want to keep abortion in all states decided that would interrupt church services to shout and disturb the service. That's not good, so I recommend church goers keep a cattle prod handy and show the protesters the door. It's much more humane than shooting them, although that would solve the problem for a long, long time.

Secret of the Court

The Supreme Court had an important draft of an opinion leaked. The big question is who? Some believe it's a clerk. Other's believe it was on of the justices, including Roberts. Me? I believe we'll never know because D.C. is such a rotten den of criminals, even those supposedly handling criminal justice are just as big of criminals.

 I find it hard to believe every draft isn't tracked completely, those that handle it are easily investigated, and the reporter that accepted the story can't be forced to turn over who committed such an egregious violation of law. 

Monday, May 9, 2022

Treat Her as a Terrorist and Punish Her

 This reporter decided it's no holds barred against those that don't support her opinion. That's a bad thing to do, and with a demand of violence to death, her terroristic threat demands a trip to the hoosegow for preventing her from her crimes again. 

The link doesn't work now. The following text link can be copied and pasted

Friday, May 6, 2022

Going Neanderthal?

 Since the news, and propagandists, are avoiding facts, it's hard to determine what is really happening in Ukraine, but it's apparent Russia isn't having a walk in the park. This makes me wonder how long Russia will play nice and avoid the same reaction it had with the Germans in the second world war. Some believe they won't go that far, and others are just waiting for it to happen. Me? It's sure looking like the dumbasses in the capitol are doing things that will just aggravate the situation and lead to meddling in something we need to not meddle with. 

If I had to guess, I'd guess the U.S. is partially behind the entire mess, and those involved are getting paid well to keep things stirred.

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Despicable Minions

 I received my property tax assessment today. Again, the whores of the bureaucracy raised the appraised value of my property. Again, I will appeal, cuss the worthless bastards, and stay pissed off for months.

I have to add how much I despise those fleeing the rotten communities in rotten states that pay too much for property. I don't care what you paid for your property in the past, or how much you were taxed. You ran from your problems and we have to sacrifice with increased costs due to your actions. 

As far as real estate agents, I've seen this before, and if you are smart, you haven't blown your money on stupid crap you'll have to sale for pennies on the dollar. This won't last forever, and when the bubble bursts, it will be ugly.

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Idiots in a Pile

If the idiots in D.C. were firewood, there would be enough to create a bonfire that would last for weeks.  

It's Not Biden

I read a lot of angry responses about how Biden is destroying the United States.  It's not Biden. Biden couldn't create a good fart with a dozen pickled eggs. That's where the problem lies. Put Biden out to pasture, and see who comes to mend the fence when it looks like he's about to wander away.