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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Virus Mania

I talk to people about the influenza virus, which I receive an inoculation yearly to combat. Many I talk to don't want the inoculation, yet have only hearsay evidence to support their avoidance. They feel the inoculation is dangerous, and even repeat rumors of it being an effort to remove huge sections of the population.

Considering the deaths from influenza, the percentage of mortalities due to the illness, and comparing them to the corona virus, I don't think many people realize there is no need to panic at this stage of the illness. When you add the economic problems associated with this panic to the needless constant hype by the media, it's hard to fathom how ignorance is allowed to flourish. Caution is necessary, but running screaming into the danger is not.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

This I'll Keep and Eye On

Judge Jackson called jurors from the trial of Stone back for questioning about misconduct. Of the 11 out of fourteen jurors that showed up, only two were questioned, which is what the report stated was all allowed by the judge. She asked the questions. The defense, and prosecution, attorneys didn't ask any questions, although they did get to choose the two jurors for questioning.

I wonder why the judge didn't allow all the jurors to be questioned? That, and why the other three weren't there? Maybe those questions will be answered in the future.

I did find that the defense attorneys not asking questions as interesting. In my opinion, this is all theater, they know the judge will lose in appeals, and at worst, Stone will be tried again. They've already won this bout, the prosecutors know this, and the judge is playing CYA.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

People Should Be Paying Attention

After watching a multitude of commercials, and watching people I know, the use of voice activated devices is becoming a dependency. I understand the convenience, but these devices remove certain mental exercises that may be necessary. That, and anything that can listen to a command can broadcast all sounds received.

I din't know how this will all end up, but I really don't see it ending as well as perceived. There's a point where convenience leads to laziness and a lack of initiative. Both lead to dependency, eventual poor health, and a society ripe for manipulation by those without the best interests of citizens in mind.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

The Best Way to Cook Bacon

Years ago, after being spattered by bacon grease, and having to stand at the stove, I started cooking it on low heat. It cooks slower, but the bacon cooks evenly, and there is no spatter. It's not generally done this way by most people, and I've been criticized for using this method, but it gives me time to sip coffee, avoid the constant turning, and is a more enjoyable to me. Breakfast on the weekend should be pleasant, and not rushed. 

Friday, February 21, 2020

Diversity and the Corruption of Words

Apparently, many students sucking up the ignorance higher education allows, believe diversity means segregation. That sounds silly, but that's how they believe. Maybe they don't like diversity, since it means they can't feel sorry for themselves.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

In the Next Few Hours

I was looking at my counter, and realized the number of people (and bots) that visited my blog will pass 5000,000. that's an impressive number, unless you're the federal government. With the government, that's a tiny amount of the money spent in the attempt to destroy the President.

Btw: If you happen to be the 500,000th visitor, and have to pee, don't forget to leave a quarter on the tank. 

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Necessary Justice

If you really think about it, those so willing to remove firearms from the public know this gives them tremendous power. Not only is the individual helpless against criminals, they're helpless against a rogue faction of government. Considering the rogue elements that tried to take out a sitting President without any consideration of law, the danger of the removal of all rights is is a common goal of those that embrace the subjugation or citizens with Socialism.

The criminal bureaucrats, and the politicians involved with the impeachment fiasco need to be dealt  the harshest punishments allowed by law. They are traitors and should be made examples for those that contemplate the destruction of the United States through subterfuge. Their ultimate goal was subjugation of United States citizens and the criminal activities only prove their only intention was the acquisition of personal power at the cost of removing liberty. If the citizens were not allowed to have firearms, their goal would have easily been achieved after removing the President. The final bulwark against tyranny would have been removed.

Friday, February 7, 2020

I Think It's Coming

The Democrats showed they weren't fighting by any rules, and fought as though they were in a street fight. If my thoughts are correct, Trump will figuratively kick them in the ribs while they are down. His administration is rooting out those involved, and will probably throw a few in prison.

In the past, an evil effort to destroy those in power demanded death; and many times the death was welcomed, after a long, and painful punishment. Those involved with the failed coup should feel lucky they weren't living in the past.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020


Mitt Romney announced he will vote guilty on the non-criminal charges created by the Democrat clown parade. He should have acquitted, but if not, he should have abstained. His cowardly action only shows he's another two-faced traitor to the United States and his own party.


He reminds me of John McCain.  Both only served their selfish interests and not their country.