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Sunday, April 30, 2023

It Was Windy

 The Galveston Ferry is about 1 1/2 hours away. Every once in a while, my wife, and I, will go for a day visit, or a visit with a stay overnight. Usually, we won't go on a weekend due to what can mean over an hour wait for loading on the ferry. During off times, the wait can be only a few minutes, or even never stopping before loading.

Yesterday, we decided to go for a few hours, and due to the partly cloudy, cooler weather, took a chance the ferry wait wouldn't be too long. It took about 40 minutes before loading on the way over, and about 20 minutes on the way back. Considering it can take much longer, the wait wasn't terribly long, and with the cool, strong north wind, cracking the windows was enough from becoming too hot. 

The wind was creating a pretty good chop of around 4 feet. This doesn't translate into a noticeable rock in the ferry, but when the wind is in certain directions, the cars on the front of the ferry may receive some spray. Yesterday was one of those days. 

The photo is of a ferry coming from Galveston to Bolivar. The wind was causing considerable spray, and the cars at front were receiving a soaking. I was concerned we'd be placed in the front on our way home, and suffer the same. Luckily, we were one of the last three cars on the ferry, and away from the spray. 

Galveston had many tourists. I'm sure many are fascinated by the city, and the history. My wife loves the city, but after spending months living in a hotel, and working on the port side, I don't have a strong urge to go, unless it's during the week, or during the winter. It's a fascinating city when you venture down the Strand, or travel the older locations that reveal the long history of the city. The beaches are beautiful, but unfortunately, it's attraction is towards tourists, and my personal experience isn't the best when it comes to tourists. Still, I'm sure for some it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I hope they enjoy their visit. Me? I can't stand how they jack up the prices of the hotels on the weekends, and the crowds.  

Sunday, April 23, 2023


Two of my neighbors are at odds with each other. I won't go into the details, but it involves dogs and commercial small animals, including chickens and rabbits. The "war" escalated, but it seems a peace is being worked out. Unfortunately, there were casualties.

About three weeks ago, I noticed a hen wandering in the yard against the neighbor's fence. Closer inspection revealed a friar tuck appearance to her tail. The feathers were gone, and only skin was exposed. According to witnesses, one of the spatting neighbor's group of younger dogs decimated a group of chickens, and the hen in the yard was one of the wounded. 

Over the next few days, she wandered closer, eventually found food under the bird feeder, and I found her one morning roosting on our porch. That wasn't acceptable, so when she ventured up late the next evening, I chased her off, and she went under the porch. 

A few days later, a rooster appeared with similar injuries, except only the tail feathers were gone, and no skin was exposed. He looked young, and after observing him for days, I think my assessment of his age was correct. He didn't crow, although that might have been a result of the trauma. 

The two have decided their home is under our porch. They forage with the wild birds, and a handful of feed on the ground will guarantee they have something to eat. The rooster started crowing, and the gravely crow is gaining strength as he practices. 

So, now the chickens my wife wanted have arrived. We had originally planned to build a small coop, but nixed the idea after she really thought about it. I foresee some future problems, since chickens - like all birds - poop wherever the urge arrives. That, and I'm wondering if the hen is laying the eggs snakes find so delicious under the porch. We'll see, but like all other chapters in my life, I can't jump to the end to find out what happened. 

Saturday, April 22, 2023

A Short Trip

 My wife, and I, went for a short trip to try out our new vehicle. In the grand plans of things, and when I was much younger, I'd have hung on to the old one, repaired it as necessary, and kept it for more years. Unfortunately, I'm not young anymore, and the last time I crawled under a vehicle for repairs, I got a leg cramp, panicked when I couldn't straighten my leg out, and probably looked like a spastic as I squirmed out from under the vehicle. That, and a warranty sure makes me feel better. That type of piece of mind is important. 

The trip was good. We didn't go real far, but a stay at a motel was necessary for one night. It was a nice hotel, but waking in the middle of the night to the sound of a severe thunderstorm, hail falling, and the thought my car was out in the weather wasn't pleasant. The three dimples in the hood will require a visit to my friend's body shop on Monday. 

As we were driving home, we encountered a fairly large highway project. The old highway was being widened, so the old shoulder was being milled out, and new pavement being installed. Patches were here and there, and the finished sections had some of the smoothest riding pavement I've encountered. I have to give the contractor a thumbs up. Their work can only be described as quality. I did have some reminders of my past in construction. 

As we approached a group of trucks in the construction zone, I noticed they were blocking the contractor's path in the area behind the cones, three men standing with their hands in their pockets, and immediately knew they were inspectors. That's what I once dealt with daily. Usually, they didn't stay too long, but many times I had to tell them to move their trucks out of the way. 

I did get to drive along some of Houston's new outer loop called the Grand Parkway. It saved a lot of time and prevented a lot of frustration. I will receive a bill in the mail for my pleasant drive, since it's a toll road requiring funds to pay the bureaucrats and politicians. I'm sure they'll keep some of the squander to pay for upkeep, but I'm not counting on it. 

All in all, it was a pleasant, and well deserved, short vacation. Retirement is stressful and sometimes you just have to get away for a few days.

Thursday, April 13, 2023

The Penalty Should Be Harsh

An arrest has been made for a soldier that leaked classified information. If convicted, the penalty should be harsh, including the death penalty. First, they should find out if he's being railroaded by those that are looking for a sacrificial goat. With the current government, it's a possibility, since they can't even drum out an officer that dresses in drag. 

Friday, April 7, 2023


With the current transinsanity being embraced by the likes of Busch, and Jack Daniels, it's obvious those that run the company are oblivious of their market, unwilling to accept their consumers have moral values that don't agree with theirs, and those that can will run with the money, if they can find someone willing to buy what may be a useless product. Both business were originally owned by people that passed on to their heirs a success, which is now gone. The heirs made a tidy profit during original sales, employees were thrown into the gears of the corporations that now run the businesses, and it's easy for large corporations to close the doors if things don't go as well as they envision. That, or sell a subsidiary. 

The embracing of abberant behavior has many consequences, but with minority participation, there's always the possibility the majority will not only reject the behavior, society will turn on those that participate, and the consequences can be grim. Whether this happens is yet to be seen, but the multi-national companies that are pushing the products don't have any qualms about promoting any behavior that increases their sales. The original integrity that led to quality products is gone, and those unwilling to accept alternate lifestyles that conflict with their morals have choice. I have a feeling the effects will only be minor. 

As a side note, neither Busch, nor Jack Daniels are owned by heirs. Bush is part of an international company, and Jack Daniels is owned by a Brown-Foreman Company, which is another multi-national corporation. Neither will be harmed by boycotting one of their brands, since they have so many to offer. Unless people only buy from local companies, the constant search for anything (whether immoral, or not) to increase sales will continue unabated. 

Monday, April 3, 2023

Tomorrow is the Day

I've been somewhat dreading my planned colonoscopy. My last one, about 12 years ago, involved fasting for a month, drinking a horse trough full of diluted battery acid, weeks on the commode, and a serious conversation with myself about my agreeing to the procedure. The procedure was a cake-walk, since the "I don't care" medication insured I didn't get to see the medical students, and other spectators gather to critique my posterior. 

This one, so far, seems much different. The medieval horse trough prep is replaced by a 16 ounce flask and two small bottles of what looks like insecticide in a brown bottle. The nurse, after my doctor appointment, insured me it's not nearly as bad as it once was, but I'm a little suspicious, since she doesn't look old enough to even spell colonoscopy. 

So, today it's a liquid diet, with the instructions of no dairy, alcohol, liquids of a certain color and the wait until this evening when I drink the insecticide, or whatever it is. After that, I sit, and sit, and sit, and sit, maybe watch some television, sit, and sit ,and sit...wait four hours, complete the above procedure again, and finally the encore: two enemas. I'll be so clean there will be a draft like wind through a cave. 

Tomorrow morning I have the supreme pleasure of two more enemas two hours before my procedure and my favorite part: the "I don't care" shot with a short nap. After that, my wife gets to bring me home. I'm sure I'll either be very sleepy, or a rambling idiot. 

Saturday, April 1, 2023

Something I Think About

 After the guilty verdict against someone that made a meme that fooled ignorant into thinking they could vote by mail, it's apparent New York City, and most of the densely populated areas of New York, are in the process of self-destruction. Such abysmal ignorance never leads to prosperity, or a healthy community. How it ends is yet to be seen, but New York City is on a downhill slide that will only end in a city of the extremely wealthy, and ignorant people willing to wallow in their ignorance.