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Sunday, April 28, 2019


The news cycle is never ending. What once waited for the morning paper, or the evening broadcast, is a constant barrage of inane conjecture, with commercials, and public service announcements paid for by tax dollars. Journalists promote their agenda, the senior management promotes what tickles their fancy, and the public becomes increasingly bored, or jaded.

Social media was the great hope for fact presentation, but it too is guided by opinion, if not outright lies. To make things worse, people don't realize they're being manipulated. Sifting for facts is too much work, or requires understanding the processes that make a society healthy. Neither is arrived at instantly, so rumor becomes news, and news becomes suspect.

I don't know any journalists personally, but think there are many horrified by the public perception of their craft. I like to think there is a goal of excellence, but that goal is being replaced by the glitter of professional news reading. Those with integrity are being forced out by those enamored with power, or an unwillingness to admit ignorance. 

None of this is new. The libelous efforts of journalists are peppered through the history of the nation. What is new is either an avoidance, or refusal to accept the increase of news doesn't also mean the increase of crappy journalism.  Bucking the system, or the powerful, takes a gumption most journalists don't have The result is a constant onslaught of filling spaces with whatever comes along by those with the whitest teeth, the best stage presence, and a willingness to forget any moral lessons taught in their upbringing.

Friday, April 26, 2019

We'll See What Happens

It's apparent the Muellor investigation was created to investigate allegations presented by a fake document. In theory, the investigation had no reason to begin, and in reality, it continues an obvious effort to remove a President elected by the method demanded by the Constitution.

In my opinion, there are a few dozen people in the Capitol needing to be arrested, and charged with crimes. This isn't happening, so there's either a fix in for the criminals, or the slow wheels of justice are turning to finally reach the point of ridding the streets of some dangerous people.

We'll see what happens, but I have a really strong cynical opinions about how this will turn out.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

jeff beck : free jam (hollywood bowl 2017)

Years ago, I was driving in Houston rush hour traffic. It was moving fast, the weather was crappy, and the following song came on the radio. It was a rush, for rush hour traffic.

It's a Beautiful Morning

We had a front on Thursday, which brought a band of heavy showers. We missed the severe weather, which is good. Others weren't so lucky, and after dealing with hurricanes, I know how the effects are long lasting.

Friday brought high winds, which pulled the storm door from my wife's hands, bent the closure, and demanded a trip to the box store for a replacement. It was a thirty minute task, and gave me some satisfaction of knowing the door will have a stronger closure for future occasions.

Friday night, while sitting on the porch, the glow in the east soon revealed a full moon rising behind the trees. I sat for a few minutes watching the event, but the chilly air soon chased me into the house.

Yesterday, the roll up shades for the porch was my project. The sun floods the porch with almost blinding light in the evenings, and hot days remove the willingness to visit by family. The shades are a success, and allow the breeze to cool those taking in the evening.

Today, the wind is shifting to the south, but the air is still cool from the front. The sky is cloudless, and the deep blue Spring days can bring. The purple martins are visiting the martin house, and some type of hawk is migrating. They appear on the horizon a few dozen at a time, fly over in a lazy circle, and disappear to the north. The woodpeckers must be raising a brood, since they visit the feeder in the morning, gorge on seed, and soon fly away with a morsel in their beaks. 

Tomorrow, it's work again. I'm not looking forward to it, but I still have a few years before I can put my work clothes away for personal projects only. That will be a good time to stop,  relish the release from the daily grind, and spend more time with my wife.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Final Acts

When Jesus knew he was betrayed by Judas, and his time was near, he didn't lament his fate, but washed the feet of his disciples. When you think of this, and realize the implications, you can only be humbled by such strength, and love. Regardless of your belief, such things show an example of what it takes to destroy evil. 

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Reaping and Sowing

According to news reports, the current administration is contemplating sending the illegal aliens to the sanctuary cities. This is not getting a good response from these cities, but they decided sedition was better than the legal process, so they're complaining.

The best solution for stopping the influx is finding those financing the aliens, and removing their ability to provide support. This, of course, will require some brutal solutions, but such people can best be described as enemies of the United States, and treated as such.

As far as those already here? It's cheaper to send them back. The expense is far less than allowing them to be parasites on the U.S. economy. Round them up, prosecute anyone aiding their illegal entry, and stop the problem before it becomes worse.

I know some federal judges will attempt to stop any efforts to rid the country of the aliens, but they can be ignored. They have no standing in matters of national security, and their power doesn't include ignoring laws they don't agree with.