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Saturday, March 31, 2018

It's a Type of Madness

I've known some people from California. Most left due to the high cost of living, confiscatory taxes, an unwillingness of politicians to include rural areas in political decisions, and the influx of illegal aliens. They loved their state, but realized their basic beliefs were not welcome, or needed. They left and will not return.

People were attracted to California for the beautiful weather, opportunities, and with many during the Dust Bowl, it was the only place that might offer survival. The efforts of those that went created a state with an economy that rivaled most nations of the free world.

Unfortunately, with a climate that is rarely harsh enough to kill, those willing to skate through life, were unwelcome for their bizarre ideas, or were looking for an opportunity to practice their criminal activities, found a place where they could corrupt with impunity, and influence politics to their advantage.

Now California politics promote illegal aliens, openly ignore laws of the United States, and continue to destroy personal income. Those unwilling to continue this madness are chastised, punished with more taxes, or forced to leave, due to their inability to survive.

California loses productive citizens daily, increases the state deficit, is attempting to increase its population with more illegal aliens, and thumbs its nose at the rest of the  United States. That's a big step towards the rest of the country looking for ways to change this process.

California had the riches of a nation at one time. Not any more. The economy is crumbling, too many are living off public assistance, the gap between wealth, and poverty, is increasing; and the train wreck ahead is inevitable. The state will find an unwillingness of business to participate, those that do will be there for what they can milk from the government, and the result will be similar to the results of failed city governments, such as Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, and New Orleans. Crime will increase, public safety will be hampered by ignorant politicians, and the infrastructure will crumble.

If California attempts to find financial assistance from the rest of the United States, I think it will find a strong unwillingness from the rest of the states. They burned their own butt, and it's only fair they get to sit on the blister. 

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Honor the Vietnam Vet Today

Vietnam ended before I was old enough to be drafted, but not by much. As my day for registering for the draft approached, I had many thoughts cross my mind.

I've known a few that served in Vietnam. One had a clerical position in Saigon. His description of the bizarre city it was showed even the "safe" rear areas were far from safe.

I worked with two Marines that served in combat. Neither had much to say about their experience, but after I commented about the behavior of one, the other said he would probably never be the same, since he had been captured by the Viet Cong and escaped. He didn't elaborate on what happened during his capture, but it was obvious it was far from pleasant.

I had a friend that was in the Cavalry. He told me a few stories, which described the organized chaos he faced daily. From boredom, to sheer terror, his year in country - which included the Tet Offensive - changed him forever.

Today is the day we remember those that served in Vietnam. They were never described as the greatest generation, but they were as great as those that served before them. They're aging, many are still bitter about the way they were treated when they returned, and all deserve respect. They served without being honored, yet their service was in honor to the United States.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Way Back When

In high school, it was common to see a few dozen pickups in the parking lot, with shotguns in the back window. Duck hunters would make a morning hunt before school, or leave in the evening to load the boat, and grab the decoys.

Everyone carried a pocket knife. It was a tool, like any tool, and a young man was expected to keep one handy.

Now? None of these things happen. Schools are day care centers, nobody is expected to step up to adulthood, and the results are weak, inefficient wannabe adults, that will find any physical activity daunting.

I don't know about you, but if there was a plan to prepare the United States for subjugation, it's getting close to fruition.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Change the Wording, and it Still Fits

I wrote this a few years ago, when some special snowflakes decided Wall Street was evil. It still fits, and makes me think of those snot-nosed young adults that don't realize their opinion isn't relevant.



Father: "Son I saw you on the news with a sign protesting Wall Street."

Son: "Yeah Dad. It was cool. We sat around, told them how we feel and let them know that Wall Street won't get away with what they're doing. In fact, I'm calling from the protest. We're going to stay until they listen to our demands"

Father: "It looked more like you were eating pizza and texting"

Son: "I had to let my girlfriend know I would be on television."

Father: "Well, Son. I have something to discuss with you."

Son: "And, what's that Dad?"

Father: "A group of investors recognized you from last years Christmas party and transferred their portfolios to another firm."

Son: "So, what does that have to do with me?"

Father: " That account was about 20% of my annual income, which prompted your mother, and I, to hurry our plans."

Son: "And, what plans are those, Dad?"

Father: "First thing: Your mother and I are moving. We discussed this last month at Sunday dinner and would have liked to tell you then, but you didn't show, or call."

Son: "Well, I was real busy with school and the time slipped away."

Father: "Speaking of school, a counselor called last week to ask why you didn't respond to the letter they sent. I told them I didn't know of any letter, which apparently, pertains to you failing all the classes you took this semester. They called again yesterday. We discussed your grades and the tuition check I sent last month. They wanted to know if they should send it back, or just run it through the paper shredder. I told them the paper shredder was fine. They thanked me for saving them the cost of a stamp and asked about your dorm room. I was a little confused until they explained they haven't seen much of you, needed a place for an Indian pre-med student, so we worked out a deal. They'll pro-rate the time it was used and send me a check for the difference. Since I'm cutting costs, it was too sweet of a deal to ignore."

Son: "So, I guess I'll have to come stay with you and Mom.

Father: "I think we have a little problem, Son. Jim at the office has been bugging me for months to sell him the house. To sweeten the deal, he agreed to persuade a friend to move on selling his town house. Long story short, the movers will be through by Friday, your things are in storage and we'll be in our new  town house by the end of the weekend. It has two bedrooms, but we need one for my office. I'm afraid we don't have room for you."

Son: "So, where will I go?"

Father: "I knew you'd ask, so I talked to the youth minister at church. He said he remembers you from high school and you'd remember him, since he used to work the counter at the chicken place by the mall.  We had real long conversation and he suggested the YMCA. He lived there while he was working on his degree. He said they'll work with you on the cost and offer counseling. What's really strange is that when he told me his degree was in accounting, I suggested he send his resume to human resources. They must be interested. He has an interview tomorrow and from what I hear, it's almost a sure thing, since he's going to school at night to work on his masters degree. Give him two years and he'll be a CPA."

Son: "I guess I can go stay with my girlfriend."

Father: "Isn't she the Debbie from the country club?"

Son: "Yeah. That's her."

Father: "Hmmm. That's strange. I could swear I saw her name in the bridal announcements last Sunday. It must have been a mistake, although I thought I saw her the other day having dinner with an older fellow. Then again, the hair wasn't the same."

Son: "Well, she has lighter hair now and she keeps it shorter."

Father: "Sort of an ash blond?"

Son: "Yeah, I guess."

Father: "It probably wasn't her. Anyway, I have to take this call. It's a new customer that I've been calling for over a week. Bye Son."

Son: "But Dad!"


Saturday, March 24, 2018

Crowd of Stupidity

A large crowd of protesters gathered in the capitol to demand gun control. They're exercising their First Amendment rights, while never realizing if it was so easy to remove the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment, such activities would probably lead to many in jail, or just treated as enemies of the state, and mowed down as they protested.

Many school children were included in the crowd. I hope their lives lead them to understand what dumbasses they were at their young age. We can only hope, and keep our firearms well maintained.

Friday, March 23, 2018

We'll See What Happens

Trump signed the Omnibus bill. I would have too, but with two stipulations: an end to the 60 majority and line item veto. If that was his agreement, the trade can be more powerful than most people think.

If this was the trade, and Congressional leaders tried to back out, I'd have a squad of special forces change their mind.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

It's Not Their Job

I have a problem with police officers that enrich municipal coffers by looking for the tiniest vehicle problem. That, and writing a citation for their perceived rolling of a stop sign, when it's completely a judgement call, and it costs time, and money, to defend against what is an obvious effort to add money to a municipal budget.

This has gone on since it was determined you can rape the public with hired police officers. It needs to stop, and citizens need a method of relief from what would be considered organized crime in the private sector.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

It's Beautiful, But May Bring Bad Weather

The picture below show the sky to the west this evening. It's beautiful, but it's the edges of very strong thunderstorms that may make it here tonight.

I've seen these before. Usually, the worst of the weather passes North. Sometimes we get the storms, and they can bring high winds, lots of lightning, and some moments of wondering if things will get worse. Hopefully, we will only get a wind shift, and cooler weather.

Poker Politics

In the last two years, the effort to derail the current administration was fierce. Conjecture was prevalent, and the claims the President colluded with foreign powers to steal the election were constantly proclaimed by political opponents and much of the media. Even when the election was over, the pressure continued daily, and only a few made efforts to dig for facts.

This all was like poker. Nobody really knew what hand the other held, but the effort to win was full of bluffs and sometimes outlandish remarks. The cards are now being shown, and it's not looking good for those that would do anything to destroy Trump.

The collusion investigation is not revealing what the special council was instructed to find. Meanwhile, Congressional investigations found collusion with high ranking members of the FBI, illegal activities by the same, and the possibility FISA judges were part of the effort to destroy the President.

An IG report is now out, but not revealed to the public. The report must be damning, since it was used to fire a high ranking member of the FBI just days before their ability to receive their pension. That's an ace, if you're playing cards, and with the firing of a top official, it's probably not a bluff, and the rest of the President's hand is looking like the winning hand.

Now we wait to see the rest of the hands. As it now appears, the effort to destroy Trump failed, those involved with this effort will lose their jobs, if not their freedom, and a coup was prevented. That's a good thing for the United States, and those so willing to commit sedition, and treason, must be prosecuted. 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Naked and a Camera Crew

There's a show, where a couple, who are strangers, take off their clothes, and spend 21 days with almost no resources. It can be entertaining, but it's fake.

Sometimes, one will drop out, because they just can't take it. Other times, they make it to the end, and are "rescued". All times have a camera crew, a doctor in waiting, resources on the perimeter, and the understanding they probably won't die.

I don't know what they're paid for their efforts, but in the real world, the half-hearted attempts of survival would have a much different ending. Success would mean either living, or dying.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

We Didn't Have Spring Break

I never even heard of Spring Break, until I was an adult. We didn't have it in school, and when I did hear of it, it had something to do with universities.

Now, all schools seem to take a Spring Break. I'm guessing it's a subtle long term effort to come up with another national holiday, which allows another reason to not work, and retail outlets to peddle their wares with false guarantees of the lowest prices all year. 

Time will tell.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Advice for Young Folks

I can think of dozens of things young folks should do, or learn. I'll list a few, and invite others to add, or expound, in the comments. The list applies to both sexes.

- Learn how to read, and use a tape measure.
- Cut a board to length with a handsaw. Practice, until you can follow the line. Then do the same with an electric saw.
- Buy a claw hammer, and drive some nails.
- Bake a cake
- Cook a full meal for your family.
- Write, even if it's only a journal. Doing so helps you clarify your thoughts, leads to better writing skills, and gives you reference for when you're older.
- Help with taking care of someone older. It gives you insight of what you will face.
- Learn to drive. After you've driven, go back and read the manual you used before your written test.
- Learn to fish.
- Learn to hunt
- Learn how to clean, and prepare game.
- Learn to shoot, and own a firearm. ..........

So, Who are the Real Terrorists?

The alphabet networks create stories, sensationalize violence, and use their resources to vilify law abiding citizens, with the hope they'll frighten enough people to help with their agenda. Other than actually violently attacking people, their form of intimidation fits the description of terrorism.

To me they're the most dangerous of terrorists. Their hope is to disarm citizens, so their Progressive masters can subjugate the country, and gain more power.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Nancy Has Some Brain Freezes

Nancy Pelosi is having some problems.  I don't know what her base is thinking, but they need to rein her in before she starts taking a dump in the middle of an assembled Congress.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Statistically, They're Full of Crap

Over the last week, many of the media outlets were reporting a "blue wave" in Texas. If you believed the narrative, Texas was well on the way to becoming a state controlled by Democrats.

The primary election yesterday provided a different story. Otherwise, the entire narrative was more crap from sections of the media that lives on another planet. Which planet? The planet Crap. The planet where imagination replaces fact, and the insanity of liberalism is considered the correct way to run the planet.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Seizing and Outcomes

Decades ago, a local city gobbled up all the satellite cities that depended on the city for water, and sewer. They used the powers allowed by annexation, and now had what was considered at the time some new, good tax revenue.

Over time, the now larger city, as most larger cities, mishandled the tax money, allowed critical infrastructure repairs to be placed on the back burner, and chased anyone with any sense away. The gains now are liabilities, since the property values are not what they should be, and once prime real estate is filled with dilapidated homes.

I'm sure this isn't an isolated occurrence. Cites are run by politicians and bureaucrats. Neither is really useful for much of anything, and a less polite society would have bounties on both.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

One Spring Afternoon

Spring is here. Trees are budding, the flowering trees are covered with blooms, and the Azaleas are starting their annual brilliance. 

I wrote the following story years ago. The inspiration was the coming of Spring, and the memories it brings. 


One Spring Afternoon

It was a glorious spring afternoon. The tug between the seasons was almost over; the passage of a late front the day before left cool temperatures, which yielded to the afternoon sun.

The new leaves on the trees signaled the final break from the grasp of winter. Almost impossibly green they were a brilliant contrast against the azure sky.

Shawn sat on his front porch and soaked in the day. His thoughts wandered between different subjects, but the unique weather had led most of his thoughts to years before. It seemed just about everything brought a memory, or a feeling of something so familiar, it tugged at his concentration.

The neighborhood was quiet, like it always was before. Generations were represented by each house. While the houses might not be childhood homes, they weren’t far away for the occupants. They only needed to go a short distance to find a neighborhood that held the memories of their youth.

A few houses down, a neighbor was cutting their lawn for the first time of the season. As the grass, straggly dandelions, and clovers succumbed to the whirling blades they released a perfume, with a hint of wild onion. The odors wafted to where Shawn sat and pulled his thoughts to a collage of spring days he lived long ago.

As he thought, a honeybee landed on his leg. Resisting the urge to swat it away, Shawn quietly watched as the bee seemed to rest and regain its strength. It reminded him of a long gone day when he arrogantly interrupted a bee and was rewarded with a sting. His mother carefully removed the stinger and his father made a poultice of cigarette tobacco. Although the pain was soon gone, he spent the remainder of the afternoon showing his playmates, who were fascinated by the angry red swelling with the red dot in the middle.

Sufficiently rested, the bee soon left, made a few quick circles around the porch and left. Shawn watched as it flew across the street; soon too far away to see.

“Good afternoon Mr. McIntyre.”

Looking over, he saw the women that delivered his mail walking across the yard.

“Good afternoon, Gladys. It’s a fine day, isn’t it?”

“It sure is. I’ve been waiting all winter for this.”

Walking onto the porch, she asked: “Do you want me to put it in the box?”

“Please. I’ll get it on the way in.”

“I’m afraid I don’t have anything but junk. No bill, letters or cards from your sweetheart.”

Shawn laughed and answered: “So, it’s just another day?”

Laughing, Gladys replied: “I guess it is.”

Placing her hand on his shoulder for a moment, Gladys spoke as she hurried on her way: “You have a good day.”

“I will; you too.”

As she walked away, Shawn admired her as he always did. He found her attractive, although he knew he was far too old to ask her out. He longed for the days when such thoughts would never cross his mind. Age had won the battle against his youth long ago.

A car passed slowly and stirred the smell of sun heated asphalt. The scent soon reached Shawn’s nose; returning him to his childhood, when such heat allowed removing his shoes and playing barefooted. He remembered the cool, spring ground was a sharp contrast to the sun heated pavement. If his feet got cold, he only had to stand for a moment on the sidewalk and the feeling would leave.

Looking at his hands, Shawn examined them for a few moments. He had a hard time recognizing the wrinkled, spotted appendages that were his own. Thinking hard, he realized he couldn’t remember his hands when he was young. The thought saddened him; such things should never be forgotten.

The warm air soon conquered Shawn’s unwillingness to not enjoy every moment of the afternoon. Drowsy, he soon fell asleep.


Waking abruptly, Shawn looked up to find his neighbor, Caroline, standing next to him on the porch.

“Are you okay?”

Shawn was embarrassed. Caroline was always worried about him, which was understandable, even though it bothered Shawn. Alone, and with his family miles away, she would constantly check; even offering food, which Shawn refused. He was adamant about taking care of himself.

Caroline would “visit”, although Shawn felt it was more of just making sure he hadn’t lost his ability to survive and was a danger to himself. Even though he was suspicious of her reasons, the visits were always pleasant and welcomed.  Shawn appreciated the company, which was a rarity these days. Almost all his friends were gone and only the youngest of family members were left. They'd send a card on his birthday, or on holidays. Their visits were rare, and he reached the point he knew most would have their last visit as his funeral.

“I was just taking a nap.”

“It’s a good afternoon for a nap.”

Shawn smiled and examined Caroline’s face. He could see the worry through her smile. It made him sad; she shouldn’t have to worry about such things

Shaking away his thoughts, Shawn answered with a happy tone: “It’s a wonderful afternoon for a nap.”

“I brought you something.”

Looking at her hands, he found she was holding a pie, covered with clear wrap.

“It’s apple.”

Shawn was pleased. He loved a pie – which he allowed as an offering – and apple was his favorite.

“I’ll put it on the counter.”

As she went into the house, Shawn thought of his mom’s apple pie. He helped her when he could, which always left enough dough for a treat. His mother would cover it with butter, sprinkled it with sugar, add a dash of cinnamon and then bake it until a golden brown. He would enjoy it with a glass of cold milk.

A robin landed in the yard, which diverted Shawn’s attention. It soon started picking at the ground for a meal of the insects that were emerging from the cold ground. Mesmerized, Shawn felt as though he’d lived this exact moment before. Digging in his memories, he couldn’t find any reference, but everything felt so familiar.


The voice sounded far away, but familiar


Suddenly worried about the time, the sound of a distant train whistle signaled it was 6:00 pm.

“I’m late” Shawn said in a panic.

Jumping from the porch, he ran to the sidewalk and paused. The warm concrete felt good on his cold feet. They were tender, but summer would bring the thick calluses that allowed walking on hot pavement.

Looking back from where he came, he started to examine the old man and young woman on the porch. He knew they were, or did he? Isn't her name Caroline?

“Shawn Michael!”

Glancing one last time, he saw the woman shaking the shoulder of the old man. Pushing away any thoughts, he started running down the sidewalk toward his mother's voice. She only used his middle name when she was mad or worried.

It was time to go home.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Hoggin the Limelight

David Hogg is all over the news. A search of his name reveals many websites with reports, and opinions.

According to some of the reports, he won't return to school, unless new restrictive gun laws are passed. He might as well hold his breath. His temper tantrum only proves ignorance, and his willingness to seek public exposure.

Ten years from now, when he finds his G.E.D. didn't lead to any scholarships, and he couldn't afford the cost of college, his ignorance will let him know his five minutes of fame only led to obscurity.

Maybe They Decided to Move

Scientists discovered a super-colony of penguins. According to the article, the scientist are surprised by this, since this species appeared to be dwindling where previously studied.  Penguin crap covered rocks exposed by satellite imagery led them to the colony.

I wonder if the reason the penguins were dwindling is because they were moving away from the helicopters, motorized vehicles, constant dabbling by humans, and the fact humans are sometimes not very good neighbors?

Since penguins can't talk, and scientists will justify their meddling, the answer may never be known.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

When Logic Fails

Over the last few years, nuclear weapons were dismantled, launching platforms were abandoned, and it was all supposedly a cooperative effort between the major powers of the world.

Meanwhile, Putin announces he has nukes that should make the West pay attention.

Logic failed in this situation. Russia, in the process of becoming a ruthless, totalitarian country, murdered millions that either were political opponents, had an unwanted religion, or were just in the way. The resulting Soviet Union led to misery for most of the citizens. Those in power tyrannized their own people to keep their power. Thinking the supposed more friendly Russia has compassion for the rest of the world, or are honest with their deals, is illogical.

So, the United States may be at a disadvantage, which in the cruelty of war, means taking an offensive position. That always ends in defeat, and it's a crying shame the last administration did everything it could to weaken our military strength. Their actions were seditious.