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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Electric Madness

I started to write a long post about the foolishness of pushing, and demanding, the use of electric automobiles. It was to highlight the terrible expense, pressure on the grid, lack of resources to fabricate the batteries, and how such things lead to enormous containment areas for the batteries after they become useless. I realized it was probably preaching to the choir, and wouldn't change many minds. 

Too many people, in my opinion, would rather wallow in their ignorance, accept lies, and not do a little research to reach a point where their thoughts are controlled by critical thinking. Reality shows much of what is published is corrupted by personal feelings, based on false information, and only to promote a specific agenda. Truth is pushed to the corner, and regardless of what it determines, isn't demanded when personal gain is more important. 

So, the basic truth is modern society can't exist as it is with all electric automobiles. The technology is too expensive, the resources for the batteries aren't available, the electricity to charge the batteries can't be acquired through the existing grid, and to offset these problems, the minions of government corruption would only have one option to accomplish the task of an all electric society: Turn the electricity off when necessary, and have a total disregard to the damage this causes. Only the ignorant can't understand this, and as long as their cell phone keeps their minds occupied, they'll blissfully slide into tyranny.

Friday, March 24, 2023

Maybe Not Such of a Good Deal

This article explains how economic development deals may not be such a good thing. The last two paragraphs summarize the reason for the article, and offer a warning to those so willing to take a chance with the revenue of a municipality for gain that may be as ethereal as a jackpot at a casino. 

My personal experience with such "deals" was having some friends having business problems due to their city allowing a special deal for a large retail chain. Their products would now be sold at the large chain, as well as other local businesses, and the retailer received a tax abatement. In the end, the economic disaster destroyed small businesses and caused harm to the tax paying citizens that once funded the city.

Did it help the community? From my perspective, it didn't, and caused some well founded resentment to those that are supposed to represent the local community. Losing tax revenue from local businesses, decreasing the value of commercial real estate, and opening the door to corruption are not healthy results. Whether the decision increased the revenue is not really important. Hurting local business, and individuals, for a gamble is as ridiculous as betting on the ponies with public funds. 

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Chilly Until Tuesday

We had a cold front arrive on Friday morning. The weather was dicey for about an hour during the frontal passage, but there wasn't enough energy for severe weather. That, and the thin frontal boundary only dropped an inch and a half of rain. 

Yesterday, the clouds stayed all day, and the blustery weather required a light coat. Rain was shown on radar, but the dry air at the lower elevations prevented it from reaching the ground. The unseasonal low temperatures never reached beyond the fifties, but the clouds kept away a frost overnight. 

We're supposed to have cooler weather until Tuesday. We'll get a warm front, maybe some rain, and the temperatures will rise afternoon highs in the seventies. By Thursday, we'll be in the eighties, and Friday forecast is for rain. 

It's our Spring. The fronts can last through April, but their effects are usually strong storms, heavy rain and the start of the uncomfortable heat of Summer. I'm not looking forward to the heat, but can only hide from it when I can. I have plenty of sunscreen, will be looking for long sleeve tee-shirts, and hope for no more skin cancer. 

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

The Demand for Demands

There's enough subterfuge, illegal activities, crooked politicians, crooked officials, outright lying and ignoring of basic human principles to do something other than just demanding results. Results happen when something is accomplished, and from my point of view, requires some severe penalties, honesty, and in some important situations, a public hanging. 

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Silly Imbeciles

When I was working, I had the option to decide working hours. I would, and adjust the hours to take advantage of the amount of daylight. In the summer, we'd go to work an hour earlier than what was considered the normal starting hour. This would allow an extra hour of work in the cooler temperatures, and an hour less in the intense heat. In the winter, I'd adjust them again to take advantage of the lesser hours of daylight. This allowed the maximum amount of working time in the shorter days. 

When you think about it, the concept of Daylight Saving Time is the silly creation of imbeciles. There is no other way to describe the action, and no rational way to explain the work of those that can only cause harm with their stupid ideas. 

Thursday, March 9, 2023

Before and After

Yesterday, I had Moh's surgery on a squamous cell cancer on my right sideburn area. As always, some incisions were made after deadening, an area was removed, an hour wait as they analyzed the tissue, and finally, the incisions was closed. From what I understand, additional skin is removed to make an oblong diamond shaped area, which prevents puckering of the skin after healing. 

My last surgery was about the same, which left a long incision and me wondering if it would leave a Frankenstein appearance to my face. Due to the expertise of my surgeon, it takes some close looking to see where it was, and I expect this one will be the same. 


Saturday, March 4, 2023

Spring Appears

 It's been a remarkable day today. A brisk, clear morning turned into a day with clear skies, a bright sun, and a temperature in the mid seventies. Azaleas are in bloom, trees are budding, and the pine pollen is thick on everything. What was a forest of bare trees is becoming a brilliant green. 

I spent a good part of the day with my herbicide. The edges were treated, the areas around the trees will soon be cleared, and the fences won't need the weeds trimmed. It's much easier than using the trimmer, and makes for a well manicured yard. 

The neighbors are all cutting their yards. We cut earlier in the week in anticipation of heavy rains that were forecast. Instead, we only received a wind shift, and few high clouds, and a strong wind from the north. What little water that's left from previous rain will soon be consumed by the foliage, and without more rain, the stress of drought will appear. 

Still the bird bath is empty, and the blackbirds are wanting their bath. It's time for me to go take care of the task of giving them some water.  

Thursday, March 2, 2023


I was thinking how people have become as domesticated as the animals they keep for food, and as pets. The laziness of being fed, herded as necessary, and slaughtered for gain is no different than how other species are kept by humans. The most proficient, or intelligent have the yoke of secrecy, loyalty or duress. Those that wander from the herd are culled. Independence is frowned upon, and the herdsmen insure those unwilling to their methods  are penned until time for slaughter. Some are kept for amusement, and others kept to be draft animals. Humans are not kept for food as of yet, but to satisfy the size of the herd, I don't doubt the idea has been contemplated.