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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Drizzly Drips

Yesterday the skies had high clouds, with a few darker solid gray layers. The darker clouds would bring light sprinkles and would pass in a few minutes. The north wind was strong, and the damp chill was uncomfortable. Today is different.

This morning, the skies were solid gray, with some low scud out of the north. It was almost calm, but the wind picked up, and the rain began. It's been like that since, and the only way to describe the weather is miserable.

One good thing is the temperature. The thermometer is hovering around 50, and I'm glad it's not hovering right below freezing. The last time that happened (decades ago), the heavy ice accumulation eventually took out the power, and it took over a week for the line crews to repair the damage.

 It was miserable, since my home at the time had electric heat, and the small generator I had could barely keep one small space heater working. The water well was 220, and although I could have changed it to 110, it was safer to just drain the pump and tank. I had a bathtub full of water for flushing, and bottled water to drink. Sponge baths were all that was available, and the water was heated on a colander placed over a large candle. 

So, this year ends with nasty weather, but better weather is forecast for the first. It won't last long, and we've expecting more rain in the middle of the week.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Cost Analysis

I found the following from the Raconteur Report. It's what the media should be reporting daily, and the reason the southern border walls should be built.

Regardless of what some people think, everyone pays taxes, whether outright on income, or through increased costs due to government bureaucracy and waste. Everyone should be pissed about how much money is spent on illegal invaders, and be determined to kick them out.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Political Garbage

An eight year old boy died of an illness, so the national news reports the event. The national news doesn't report on the death of other children that died from an illness, but this one is different: The boy was from Guatemala, and is one of the illegals trying to become U.S. citizens. Regardless of how the death has nothing to do with politics, the media thinks it's important, since they think it glorifies their political garbage.

The article doesn't report what the child died from. Was it a dangerous communicable disease? Was it a simple cold, but the child was not in good health? An allergic reaction? We'll probably never know, since most people worry tremendously about their own children, and would not be very gracious towards those bringing unknown illnesses into the the country. The boy might have died from an illness not common in the United States, and the exposure to the population could lead to severe health problems.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Christmas Forecast

According to the local weather wizards, Christmas shall have a 30% chance of showers, with a high temperature of 71 degrees Fahrenheit. Since they're usually pretty close with their forecast, this Christmas won't bring weather like I experienced before.

A few decades ago, we had a Christmas with temperatures that never crept above freezing. The result was broken water pipes, a windfall for plumbers, and abridged Christmas dinners. It was a mess, and I spent some time under my house with a propane torch, cold feet, and some choice words.

A few Christmases back, we had snow (very rare on any winter day) and it was a beautiful sight to behold. It added a cheerful accent to a cheerful day; although it sure led to some fender benders for those trying to drive in something they're not prepared to drive in.

So, this Christmas will be balmy, and I wouldn't be surprised it starts out with heavy fog. Short sleeves will be worn, and the mosquitoes will have a chance to pass on some pathogens.

If I don't write again before Christmas, I wish for all my visitors to have the best Christmas they ever had, and all afterwards even better.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Silly Crap

Brake calipers are simple devices. The cylinder has a piston, rubber o-ring and a boot. The only moving part is the piston. Motion is caused by either hydraulic pressure, or the o-ring, which deforms when the piston is pushed in by the brake fluid. After the pressure is released, the o-ring returns into the original position and pulls the cylinder from pushing on the brake pads. When the brake pad wears enough, the piston will push further through the o-ring, and automatically adjusts the brake. The boot only keeps dust and water from the internal assembly.

The only problem that can occur with this system is contamination. Either corrosion, or particles can jam the piston, due to the tight tolerances. At that time, the caliper can be repaired, or replaced...or that's what used to be the solution.

You can't buy rebuild kits for calipers at parts houses, so you have to buy a rebuilt caliper, pay more, and spend more time returning the old calipers as a core. It's a win-win for parts houses, rebuilders, and attorneys. To me, it's silly crap, and it irritates me something so simple is corrupted by greed and stupidity. .

We'll See What Happens

Acting U.S. Attorney Whitaker is cleared to oversee the Muellor investigation and not required to recuse himself from this oversight.  This may get interesting, since there are considerable legal, and ethical, considerations. His immediate demands for an update of the investigation, documents acquired, individual interviews of each member of the Muellor team, and consultation with judges may open up a can of worms many in D.C. don't want opened.

Time will tell.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Christmas and the Interstate (again)

I'll post this again, since writing about current events is frustrating. 


W.R. pulled his coat tighter, after closing and locking the door of his truck. Stopping for a moment, he took a deep breath, hoped for a hint of fresh air, but was rewarded with the odor of diesel and the exhaust of the tractor-trailer rigs at the pumps. Moving on, he hunched his shoulders in the cold, damp north wind. The faint smell of the grill in the attached restaurant made his stomach growl, although he wished he was smelling something more traditional on a Christmas Eve.

Glancing around the parking lot, he felt the familiar feeling all truck stops brought. They were all the same, but different. All had different faces behind the counter; some he knew, some he didn't; all were the refuge of those that led a huge portion of their life behind the windshield of a truck.

Across the parking lot, in a corner isolated from traffic, he noticed the small car, with the woman standing and looking under the hood. Steam rose in the cold wind and was whisked away; streamers of lost hope and anxiety.

W.R. paused, silently argued with his inner voice, but succumbed to the urge to help someone in trouble. Changing direction, he quickly walked to the car, stopped for a moment, then offered his help.

"Do you need some help?"

The woman looked his way. For a moment a faint smile crossed her face, but was soon replaced with the hardened expression of someone that felt slight fear and apprehension. She stared at his face, paused, but replied with resignation in her voice: "The engine light came on; the engine died; so I coasted to this spot."

W.R. examined the woman's face for a moment. The glance revealed a young woman with dirty blonde hair, a pretty face, and a determination found only by those unwilling to give up, when faced with problems. He guessed she was around thirty, down on her luck, and stranded in a truck stop, while travelling somewhere important. What little makeup she wore was overshadowed by her unkempt appearance: an old flannel shirt, faded blue jeans, and sneakers that had seen better days.

"Do you mind if I take a look?"

She hesitated before answering: "Go ahead; maybe we can figure it out."

He liked her answer. Unwilling to admit defeat, she wasn't about to defer to the advice of a stranger.

It didn't take long for W.J. to make an initial assessment. The coolant reservoir was empty, and the steam was from a cracked heater hose.

"Have you checked the oil"

"I was about to."

Pulling the dipstick revealed a gray, oily sludge. W.R. hesitated, but soon announced: "You've lost coolant, and you have a blown head gasket."

"Is that expensive to repair?"

W.R. looked at her face and found a worried look. He paused to reexamine the car before he replied: "Probably more than the car's worth."

"My phone is out of minutes. Do you have one I can borrow?"

W.R. felt a pang of apprehension. His kindness had led many places he never wanted to go, but he was raised to be that way. He immediately replied: "Sure", and handed her his cell phone.

She dialed a number, waited a few moments, then answered: "Hi, Mom. I'm broken down on the interstate, so I won't be there in time."

W.R. walked a few steps away to give her privacy. Although he couldn't hear all the conversation, he heard enough to understand the woman didn't have the money, her mother would need to wire her some money, and it wouldn't happen until a family member returned to take her to wire the money.

"I'll be alright. I'll stay in the car, and I'll call to give you the place to wire the money."

Lost in his thoughts, W.R. was a little startled when the young woman said: "Thanks. I appreciate it."

A thousand thought crossed W.R's. mind. Pushing sixty, a little overweight, and with a salt and pepper beard, he felt he looked the epitome of a trashy trucker. He felt any offers to help would either repulse, or cause fear to the woman young enough to be his daughter. He looked at the woman, and her face revealed a sadness that pulled at his soul.

Ignoring his instinct to flee, he asked: "How far are you going?"

He couldn't read her reaction, but she replied: "I'm going East, to Mobile. I was hoping to spend Christmas with my mother."

W.R's. heart broke. It was Christmas eve, Mobile was a few hundred mile away, and it would be after Christmas before she received her money.

"I'm heading East. You can ride along, and come for your car after Christmas."

The woman's face changed from apprehension, hope, fear and a guarded look in a few moments. Pausing, she soon spoke: "I'll wait until you come back."

Feeling awkward, and not really knowing what to say, W.J. responded: "I'm going to get something to eat, so it may be awhile. Why don't you join me?"

"I'm not really that hungry."

"I'm buying. I won a few hundred on scratch-offs at the last stop, so I need to pass my good luck on"

She examined his face for a moment, smiled, and replied: "I'd hate to ruin your good luck."

As they walked to the restaurant, she spoke: "I'm Cathy."

Stopping, he turned, held out his hand and introduced himself: "I'm W.R., and I'm pleased to meet you."

She shook his hand, and replied: "W. R. must stand for something."

"Wendell Roberts; everybody just calls me W.R.; I like that better."

Continuing to the door, she spoke again: "It's not a bad name."

W.R. laughed, and replied: "No, but it led to a few fights in grade school."

She laughed, started to say something, but decided not.

W.R. held the door, as they entered the restaurant. Mostly men sat at the tables and booths. A few looked at them as they entered, but most just continued eating, or staring into space.

Finding an empty table, they were soon seated. A tired waitress soon arrived to take their order.

W.R. responded: "I'd like some coffee, and a little time to look at the menu.:

Turning to Cathy, she replied: "I'll have coffee, too."

After the waitress left, W.R. cautioned: "There's a lot on the menu, but other than breakfast, I usually stick to the hamburger, or club sandwich. Unless they hired new cooks over the last few weeks, everything else isn't very good."

The waitress soon returned with their coffee. Speaking as she set the cups on the table, she asked if it would be one ticket, or two.

"Put it on one ticket", W.R. responded. "I'll have a cheeseburger all the way, with fries."

Cathy was quick with her order: "I'll have the same, but cut the onions."

Writing quickly, the waitress left to give their order to the cook.

Neither spoke, until they fixed their coffee and took the first sip.

Cathy was first to speak: "The coffee is good."

W.R. smiled and replied: "It's some of the best around. It's fresh ground and makes up for the food."

Cathy examined W.R.'s face as he looked out the window. Mostly unwrinkled, the only clear lines were his smile lines. His beard was neatly trimmed, a little curly and his pale complexion was free from damage by the sun.

"Have you driven trucks most of your life?"

W.R. turned to look at her face, when he answered: "Since I left the Army in my mid-twenties." I started working for others and eventually bought my own rig. I've hauled just about everything, but it's mostly been flatbed and long hauls."

"Do you have a home?"

"Not right now. My wife of 15 years got it in the divorce settlement, and I kept what little I had for my retirement."

"Do you have any children?"

"I have a step-daughter, although she's like my own. I was hoping to see her, but she's spending Christmas with her mom; and her grandfather. I'll see her when I get back to North Texas"

"Is that where you're from?"

"Amarillo. I was raised there, left for the Army, returned long enough to marry, and start trucking."

"What about your parents?"

My dad died in a farming accident, when I was in the Army. I wanted to request an early out, but Mom wanted to sell the farm, since there wasn't much money to made and she didn't want to keep fighting so hard for so little. She's living with my sister and her husband. We never really were that tight of a family, so I only see them a few times during the year"

Saddened, Cathy spoke without thinking: "That's sad." She wished she hadn't said anything, when she saw the momentary look of sadness, and defeat, in J.R.'s expression.

"I guess so. Those types of things just happen."

Cathy decided to be quiet, but W.R. continued the conversation: "What about you?"

Cathy stared out the window and replied: "I never married. I thought I would, but my ex was full of more crap than a Christmas turkey."

W.R. silently waited for her to continue.

"He had a good job offer in Houston, persuaded me to leave Mobile, so I went to find my dreams. One year later, he's fired for drinking on the job; six months later I had enough, and a little over two years after leaving, I'm here, fresh quit from a crappy retail job, and broken down on the interstate."

Before W.R. could ask any more questions, the waitress returned with their order. Placing the plates in front of each, she placed the ticket in front of W.R. and left.

Cathy spoke: "She could have asked if we wanted some more coffee."

W.R. laughed, and replied: "I'll flag her down in a minute. It looks like only half the wait staff is here, and I wouldn't be surprised she doesn't have a relief."

Cathy looked around, and realized W.R. was probably right. Feeling a little sheepish, she commented: "I should have known. I waited tables for a few months. It's tough to be helpful, when it's all you can do to keep up."

As they ate, Cathy remarked: "The burger is good."

W.R. replied: "They make their own patties, and cook them on an open grill."

As they finished, W.R. flagged down the waitress, and pointed at his empty coffee cup. She soon returned, filled both cups and asked if they needed anything more. Both answered "No; thank you", and she was soon gone.

Sipping her coffee, Cathy said: "I'm guessing my car will be towed before tomorrow night."

"Maybe not."

"It doesn't matter. It isn't worth the towing fee."

Sitting silently, W.R. thought of a friend, made an excuse to go to the restroom, and was soon away from the table to make a phone call. Returning to the table, he asked Cathy: "I have a friend that will buy your car for scrap; if you're interested."

Cathy sat for a moment before replying: "How much?"

"He wouldn't commit, but said he just finished repairing a tire down the road, and would meet us in the parking lot."

"Well, let's go find out."

Rising from the table, W.R. picked up the ticket, and examined the cost. When they reached the checkout, their waitress was there checking out another customer. When finished, she quickly rang up their bill, and announced the cost of a little over sixteen dollars. W.R. pulled a twenty from his pocket, peeled another with it, handed it to the waitress, and said: "Keep the change."

Shocked, the waitress started to say something, but didn't when she noticed his wink. A huge smile appeared, but soon faded, when a customer called from one of her tables. With a quick "Thank you very much", she was soon gone.

"That was more than kind"

"She deserves it. Waiting tables is a thankless job, without tips."

A gust of cold wind caused both to bend their heads to the wind as they left the restaurant. Looking towards her car, they could see a service truck parked next to it, with a man looking it over.

As they walked up, the man held out his hand and spoke: "Howdy W.R.; Merry Christmas."

"How are you doing, Hank?"

"I'm tired, but the business is too good to stop. Most of my competition is off tonight, and I just had another call for a flat repair."

Cathy introduced herself and asked: "So, what do you think?"

"I'll give you a hundred dollars for it."

W.R. quickly responded: "The tires are almost new; you'll get twice that much for selling them used."

"Yeah, but I'll have to put them on, so there's labor involved."

Pausing, Hank offered another price: "I'll give you another fifty, but I won't go any higher."

Cathy looked at W.R. with a questioning look on her face. He nodded "yes", but she was hesitant.

W.R. waited, but Hank quickly responded: "You're killing me. As it is, I won't make much money."

W.R. replied: "Maybe not, but she's probably losing money."

"Okay, I'll give you one hundred seventy five, but that's my final offer."

Cathy quickly responded: "I'll take it; I even have the title."

"I don't need it, but I'll take it anyway. You sign it, and I don't have to worry about you reporting it stolen."

Pulling the title from her purse, she signed the back, and handed it to Hank.

"If you have anything in it, you need to get it now. I'll probably tow it before morning,"

Opening the back door, Cathy pulled out a suitcase and two Walmart bags, with wrapped presents. Placing them on the ground, she quickly took the money Hank pulled from his wallet.

Shaking her hand, he said: "It's pleasure doing business with you, but I need to get me a cup of coffee to go and get out of here. There's money to be made."

Quickly shaking W.R.'s hand, he was soon off towards the door of the restaurant.

Cathy stood quietly as he disappeared. W.R. could see her eyes were brimming, so he quickly said: "We need to go put your things in my truck. After that, you can go use the restroom, I'll get us some coffee to go, and we'll be off.

Hank was sitting in the truck, with the engine running, when she returned. The heater warmed the cab, which made him a little drowsy. Taking a sip of coffee, he watched, as she climbed into the passenger seat. Fastening her seat belt, W.R. put the truck in gear, and started from the parking lot.

Cathy was first to speak as Hank accelerated up the entrance ramp on the interstate: "I want to thank you for your help. I figured the car was total loss and I'd get nothing."

W.R. didn't know what to say. It was obvious she had almost nothing to her name, and little more to show for the last two years of her life.

Cathy's laugh surprised W.R. as she commented: "I only paid five hundred for it; and used it for months. Truthfully, I was surprised it lasted as long as it did."

W.R. continued to drive silently, but Cathy was in the mood to talk. He decided she was probably a little nervous and was glad for the company.

"I'll be home in time for Christmas with my mom. She'd have come with Uncle Bill to get me, but he doesn't drive on the highway any more; he broke both his legs last year, while driving to Florida, and is too scared to drive any farther than the grocery store."

"Your mother doesn't drive?"

"She doesn't have a car, and Uncle Bill won't let her drive his pickup. I'm sure he'd have brought her to wire me some money this evening, but he's visiting his daughter. Even then, I doubt they'd find any place open"

W.R. digested the information for a moment. Cathy soon commented: "You need to meet my mother. I think she'd like you."

"What about your father?"

Cathy's response was quick, and full of vehemence: "That sorry bastard is probably in jail, or shacked up with some whore."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be. Mom left him years ago, and if she hadn't, I'd probably shot him for beating her."

W.R. didn't know what to say, but Cathy did: "She's about your age, and she's still very attractive."

The comment made W.R. nervous, but raised he curiosity. If she was as pretty as her daughter, she might be someone to meet. He'd been lonely, since his divorce, and his life didn't allow much time for dating.

Handing Cathy his cell phone, W.R. advised: "You should call her, and let her know you're on the way."

Cathy felt guilty for a moment. In all that happened, she hadn't called her mother, and all she knew was she was stranded in a truck stop.

"Hi Mom. I found a ride, and I'll be there in a few hours...No, a kind trucker offered me a ride...I know, but I can take care of myself....don't worry, I'll call when I get close....I can walk to the house, it's not that far from the interstate.........okay, but tell your neighbor I'll give them some gas money......I love you, too....Bye.

"She's worried. I can understand that, she hasn't had much luck with men."

Both were silent for the next few hours, except for comments about the traffic, or things of no importance. Cathy eventually nodded off, so W.R. turned on the radio and listened to music as he drove.

When they were getting close to Mobile, W.R. spoke loudly, so Cathy would wake up: "We're almost there. You probably should call your mother."

Cathy woke, took his phone, and stared through the windshield for a few moments, before dialing.

"Hi Mom. We're almost there...I dunno....that's on 65, isn't it?"

Recognizing the interstate number, he told Cathy: "I'm heading north on 65. We can meet her somewhere there."

Cathy continued: "That's that Super Walmart past Airport?....I'll ask."

Turning toward W.R., he quickly answered: "I know where that is."

"Okay...I'll see you, when we get there...Uncle Bill's home?...Great."

For the next few minutes, Cathy talked about how Mobile changed, even in the short few years she was gone. They were soon at their destination, so W.R. pulled into the parking lot and came to a stop. In a few minutes, an older pickup pulled next to the truck.

Looking at the truck for a moment brought a huge smile to Cathy's face. Climbing from the truck, she hurried to meet her mother, who she hugged tightly and kissed on the cheek. Quickly hugging her Uncle Bill, she turned to find W.R. approaching with her suitcase and bags.

"Mom; Uncle Bill; I want y'all to meet W.R."

Both smiled, and held out their hands. W.R. shook both their hands and said: "I'm pleased to meet you."

Cathy's mother responded: "I'm Ellen, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help."

W.R. examined her face, and replied: "It was nothing. It was on the way."

Ellen was pretty, just like Cathy said. Far from young, W.R. could see Cathy in thirty years.

We'd like you to have Christmas dinner with us."

"I appreciate the offer, but I need to keep going. I'm due to deliver my load tomorrow and pick up another for delivery in Dallas in two days."

Cathy pulled a small pad from her purse, quickly wrote down a number and handed it to W.R.

"This is my Mom's number. Call, if you're this way again."

W.R. took the piece of paper, stuck it in his coat pocket, and replied: "It's nice meeting you all, but I need to get going."

Cathy quickly hugged him, and said: "Merry Christmas, Wendell Roberts; and God bless."

W.R. hugged her back, looked at her face, and saw her tears. Turning, he returned to his truck, placed it in gear, and waved as he pulled away. Looking in his rear view mirror, he saw them standing together, and waving in return.

Pulling back on the service road, he was soon on the next entrance ramp and accelerating into the traffic. Rolling down the window, he reached into his pocket and threw the piece of paper out the window.

For a few moments, he regretted what he did, but knew it was best. Turning on the radio, he found a rock station and turned the music up loud. He'd stop a few miles up the road; and continue on, after a short nap. He'd work on his log book tomorrow, while he waited for them to unload his truck.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

The Ap I Need

I want an ap for my laptop that will allow me to taser anyone that places an unwanted video, or advertisement on any web page I load. It's necessary, and I think there are millions that feel the way I do.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Call It a Standoff

Trump met with the two reprobates the Democrats have as leaders in Congress. I think Pelosi, and Schumer, thought they would meet privately with Trump. It wasn't to be, and they were forced to be publicly shown as wormy, political animals. The media acted shocked, while those that support a border wall were hoping Trump will keep his promise. We'll know by the first of the year. 

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Playing the Game

We have two main political parties in the United States...that's what we're supposed to believe. In reality, there are two factions of politicians with similar wants, and a strong willingness to play the game by the rules of those that actually make the rules. The only real difference between the parties is how much money is spent, while controlling the citizens the rule makers despise.

Trump, since he had good speeches about "draining the swamp", was elected to do just that. At the time, I doubt he knew how much he was an outsider, and not wanted by those pushing the buttons. I think he does now, and is finding he's outnumbered at the top, while being strongly supported by those that put him in office.

What are the ramifications of this? Trump has strong opposition, and some of those in opposition will do anything to destroy his presidency. Included in that opposition are those groomed to assume power, and some of those are even in the military he commands. With the constant problems of the Democrats, members of his own party, and the media, his struggle is great, and on some days, it looks like he's losing the game.

Trump has something those that oppose him don't have. He has patriots in the military, and I have a feeling those patriots are more than good at the game of politics, espionage, and the manipulation of the bureaucracy. If they're true patriots, they know what's at stake, and know their task is important to protect the constitutional rights of the citizens. It's a dangerous task, since it's now well known those that are in opposition will use subverted law enforcement, illegal leverage to force perjury, obvious efforts to ignore the criminal activities of those on their side, and even use those in the judicial branch either complicit, or ignorant of how desperate the sedionists have become. I wouldn't put violence to carry out the tasks out of the equation. If someone will ignore all laws to destroy the lives of those without resources for protection, it's a small leap to use violence to accomplish the task in a shorter period of time.

We have more than a swamp in the capitol. We have a criminal enterprise that is operating without any repercussions. It needs to stop, and I hope Trump is willing to accomplish this task.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Finding the Answers

If a Seal team was turned loose, I have no doubt they'd have all the answers about the Muellor investigation, the Clintons, the FBI, the DOJ and probably half the members of Congress. Maybe it's time to turn them loose.

All But Forgotten

Seventy seven years is a long lifetime, but that would only be the age of someone born on this day on December 7, 1941. It was a day when the complacency of peace time spit and polish was destroyed by the vicious attack on Pearl Harbor. Those there, or adults at that time, are mostly gone, and only their still living children can relate the horror they felt, and the determination to destroy those so willing to destroy their country.

The U.S. learned an important lesson after Pearl Harbor, and was given the lesson again on September 11, 2001. Still, the lesson is not over. We have those willing to destroy our Republic at our doorsteps, hiding in the country and impersonating patriots. They'll try again, and maybe the next time will bring the destruction of enough of our enemies to allow peace for a long, long time.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Finding Things You Don't Want to Find

Yesterday, after my truck's dashboard lit up, and my brakes did a short nosedive, I found brake fluid pouring from the right rear wheel. My first thought was "Oh crap" and called someone to help me with what I knew was a daunting task.

I helped change the rear brake shoes a few months ago. That's what concerned me, since everything seemed good after the job. I figured the wheel cylinder started leaking, which is usually just a seep; not fluid pouring on the ground.

I pulled the truck into the shop at work and jacked up the rear right side. After removing the wheel, and hub (The hub won't come off without using a 3/8" bolt in the special threaded holes) I found one of the plungers on the wheel cylinder pushed completely out. More inspection revealed what appeared to be a missing spring. Since I didn't have a diagram, I had to jack up the other side to see the brake assembly.

Sure enough, a spring was gone. Where it went? I don't know, but it wasn't in the hub. We'd put it back on after the last brake least I thought we did. I doubt the brakes would have lasted ten minutes without it.

Anyway, long story short, I didn't have any help, and what should have been a two hour project turned into four. That, and scurrying around under a pickup finds muscles that are not used often, and show their dissatisfaction by aching. I did put new springs on the assembly, with new shoes, and cussed the keeper springs designed by a sadist engineer from hell.

For some reason, Chevy put rear drums on certain pickups. Mine is one, and brake work is a nightmare compared to changing pads on a disc brake system. Still, changing rear shoes is usually only about every 150,000 miles, so the problem is not one experienced often. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2018


Rambling is an interesting word. It can mean lengthy, confused, or inconsequential. This ramble is without consequence.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Throwing Out Numbers

I was listening to a public service spot on the radio this morning, and the announcer stated 100 million was spent last year on untreated mental illness. That's a huge number, and I wonder what they're including in the data for the statistic. I might be wrong, but I have the feeling somebody just grabbed a number out of the air, and included it in the spot.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Another One Gone

George H. W. Bush has passed. I'm sure those that called him nasty names in the past will now stand in line to eulogize him for some face time. It's part of the game, and part of the process of being a lying, backstabbing, political opportunist.

I voted for him, with some trepidation. He was far better than any Democrat, but his former CIA position was a little bit disturbing for a President. That, and he was definitely a political insider in the Beltway, where the denizens of the Ivory Towers look down upon the peons with disdain.

Anyway, his wife preceded him, and I can see where he was ready to go. Barbara Bush was a lady that didn't hold her punches - even when it was commenting on her children - and what words she spoke told me she was a patriot, really didn't care much for the bullshit in Washington, and would make the greatest of friend.

May he rest in peace.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Probably a Bad Day

I have a friend that was working a "turnaround" years ago. What's a turnaround? It's when a unit in a petrochemical facility is brought down for maintenance, or repair.

Turnarounds are expensive; very expensive. Beside the coordination, multiple units involved, and the loss of product, the enormous cost is almost mind boggling. The labor costs are extremely high, since the hours demanded are 7 day weeks, with 10 to 12 hour days. Sometimes, the cranes alone to remove components take weeks to assemble, and the hourly rates are 5 figure numbers. With all the additional equipment and materials involved, a few million dollars can disappear in a week.

My friend was working for one of the contractors at the end of the turnaround. At that point, all the pipes were back together, things were being checked, and the manways were buckled up. It was time to start the startup procedure, which required a head count before proceeding.

They were missing someone. Double checking revealed no error, so the large scale checking began. Hours were spent, but they still couldn't find the missing man. The next step required removing manways to see if the missing man was inside the unit. That's when what I consider a bad day became worse.

The missing man, since there are so many involved, figured out he could slip through a fence, go home, and spend the day doing what he wanted. He would slip back in before quitting time, and nobody was the wiser....until that evening. When he appeared, and the head count became accurate, it was obvious he was the "missing man".

The man was fired, which didn't really make much of a difference. For all practical purposes, he was useless, and the contractor found their supervision practices under the microscope. The plant manager would have to do a report, and I know that was not a pleasant thing to turn in.

So it was a bad day for all involved, but the unit was brought back on line. If it was like most of these units, the revenue paid for the turnaround in a short period of time.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

This I Did Not Know

A girls name, which is spelled Abcde, is a name I've never heard. A gate agent, who was probably amazed, took a picture of a boarding pass, and placed it on social media.  The mother was upset. The little girl will be upset in the future. I'm betting she changes her name, and probably doesn't spend too much time with Mom. One thing is for sure, if the little girl manages to learn to spell her name, she's learned a substantial amount of the alphabet.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Waiting for the Result

The Russian collusion investigation is drawing to a close...or not. Muellor is steadily at work, which some call organized crime, since his track record includes using some shady people for evidence. There are even projections of the investigation lasting through 2020, which makes me wonder how Muellor can justify such a waste of taxpayer money.

With the new AG, there are many that feel he'll step in, make some drastic changes, and the investigation will end. I'll believe that, when I see it, but whatever happens, nothing will change the fact some people had their lives crushed by the monetary weight of the government. While they were bled dry financially, Muellor was steadily digging in the pockets of taxpayers to keep he job.

Monday, November 26, 2018

The Sympathy is Waning

The television is full of clips of the invaders trying to force their way across the U.S. border. The invaders, throwing rocks, were repelled by Border Patrol agents with tear gas. Of course, the narrative of how horrible this is, due to children being present, is being presented by many in the media.

This isn't the first time this happened. Invaders were repelled by the Obama Administration for the same reason. They even used tear gas. The difference now is that the media can't hide this fact, since the internet isn't completely controlled by those willing to remove the sovereignty of U.S. citizens for political gain.

I'm not seeing much sympathy. That, and there's anger at the parents bringing their children to what can only be described as a riot.  The supposed "refugees" are finding they're not only unwelcome in the United States, the Mexicans are angry at them for interrupting the normal crossings of the border, and causing damage to their economy.

Trump is threatening to shut down the border, which is withing his authority. If he does, he'll find the majority of voters behind his action, and the Mexican government will ramp up their efforts to either deport the invaders, or incarcerate them for their criminal behavior.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Knocking at the Door

If someone knocks at my door, I will examine them from a window, and decide whether I'll answer the door, or allow them in. If I don't want them in, the door will remain locked, and they will be asked to leave. If they don't, they become trespassers, and I will call the Sheriff. If they try to force the door, they will be stopped as they enter with a loaded gun. If they attempt to encroach further, deadly force will be used.

The description above is how most people in the United States react to a knock on the door. Some might not have a weapon, but will still notify authorities someone is attempting unauthorized access, and they need them to stop the invasion.

The border of the United States is the same. Access is by permission only. Attempting to forcibly enter is an invasion, and those involved are criminals.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Arriving at an Elevation

If there's a known elevation, anyone with rudimentary surveying experience can run a level loop, transfer the elevation, or derive another elevation. It's simple, the instrument required is inexpensively acquired, or rented. That's what starts my rant. 

Local bureaucrats/officials/thieves/collaborators require an elevation certificate for new construction, or the addition of other buildings on a property. Usually, a survey crew arrives, spends a few minutes calibrating their GPS equipment, places a nail in a power pole for new construction, and gives the person requiring the certificate a piece of paper to satisfy the paper crazy bureaucrats. The fee is hundreds of dollars, and the nails can be found within a few hundred feet in any given area. 

My problem is that these nails, which are filed with the paper crazies, have a known elevation, should be readily available to anyone that wants to use them, and the information used to build above the flood plain elevations. 

That's not how it works. A certificate is required for everyone, and a surveyor gets hundreds of dollars to perform work that should take less than an hour. Otherwise, it's a bonanza for the surveyors, the counties get a boatload of new filing fees, and the taxpayers are forced to pay for this extortion. 

Meanwhile, the insurance companies get their share of insurance money, since they can adjust their rates for different areas. They would never have had such information, unless a flood event happened, until now. They lower their exposure, which may not be exposure at all. They get more money, the money might not be justifiably required, and they laugh all the way to the bank. 

Of course, anything I happened to bring to satisfy an elevation certificate would be useless, since I'm not a license surveyor, although few surveyors actually perform their own surveyors. They have field parties, with known methods of acquiring the information, which they use to affix a stamp. They are not actually doing a survey, which means they too are misusing the power of government to line their pockets.  

My solution is that counties, if information is received which shows an elevations, should forego a special certificate. A notarized signature on a level loop should satisfy any required elevations. That, and the surveyor should be required to make available to anyone the coordinates, and the elevation for any temporary bench mark they place. Life is too expensive as it is, without adding more fees that only satisfy money grubbers, and their employees. 

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving

I have a lot to be thankful for. I think many do, and many forget the hardships of those fleeing religious persecution to find a place they could determine their own destiny. Their opportunity was presented, and they had to struggle to survive, but they did.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

I've Got Me a Troll

I  was trolled. I glimpsed the hairy, ugly, gnarly thing as it wrote nasty things on my blog. I shooed it away with my delete button, but I know trolls don't like to be shooed away. I'll have to watch things over the holidays, and make sure it doesn't try to get the turkey.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Press Credentials and Other BS

A judge issued a temporary injunction giving Jim Acosta access to press conferences. Trump pulled them, so he went to court. The media might think this is a good idea, but if I was Trump, I wouldn't have any more press conferences, and issue only what I wanted with printed releases. That, and constant tweets telling them they're not only fools, they're ignorant fools.

A Rant

Healthcare is as important as food, yet many people can't afford healthcare, and it doesn't seem to matter to most politicians. After all, too many receive free healthcare, as well as many others that receive their money from taxpayers.

Of course, too many politicians would find the best solution is having the government take over all of healthcare, and never realize that's as ridiculous as suggesting the government take over all food. Government entities can't even balance their checkbooks, and spend more than they have. Thinking they could offer anything more than bowls of mush is insanity. Thinking they would not keep the best for themselves, and expect the peons to accept less, is also insanity. Any political structure has a corrupting influence on any participant, and evil is introduced to the newcomers to the vocation.

It's not uncommon for people to spend more on healthcare insurance than they do for food, and even mortgages. That's absurd, and it doesn't take much intelligence to know there something rotten in the healthcare industry. There is. Government intervention, greed, and corruption.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

How Do They Get Away With Their Actions?

This book review is interesting. It elaborates on how some tech giants avoided laws, and did so with impunity.  The Federal Trade Commission has a brief explanation of these laws on their web site. 

I remember when AT&T was broken up, due to the monopoly it held. Competition was crushed with impunity, and the final result was an action to stop its march to complete control of the industry.

I've seen attempts of a monopoly at the local level. One supplier moved into the area of a competitor, started selling the same product below cost, and the ultimate result was losing a suit to the tune of millions.

Monopolies have a hard time existing, when consumers are aware of the players, and understand they can ultimately be forced to pay exorbitant prices due to the lack of competition. Time will tell on how these current tech giants fare a possible storm, but I have the feeling many are becoming aware of their predatory nature. Over time, the companies will either split up, or find they've lost a battle in the war of ethics.  Losing that battle can cost billions, and create a consumer unwilling to use their services.

Repairing the Washer and Dryer

Years ago (somewhere around 30 years), my house was struck by lightning. The final toll was a pressure regulator on a propane tank (where the lightning found its way into the house), two appliance cords, a high temperature pilot, a door switch, a microwave, and a circuit breaker.

The damage was something to see, since it was far from what I expected. The path of the lightning, which took milliseconds, was into the propane tank, through the ground, into the dryer, from the drier to the wall plug, into the washer, to the circuit breaker, and finally across the air, into the water heater. It was apparent the paths to ground changed, when the appliance cords were shredded, the circuit breaker blew apart, and the final ground was the grounding circuit of the water heater. My ex-wife, who was home, said it was a terrifying thing to experience.

After my ex-wife wife called, and I arrived home, the first thing I noticed was a hiss from the propane tank. Inspection revealed a regulator leaking at the threaded connections. The heat of the lightning must have melted the threads. I turned off the regulator and entered the house. A quick inspection revealed the damage in the utility room.

The cords for the washer and dryer were shredded, although not burned. The water heater had a burn on the side, as though someone tried to strike an arc with a welding rod. The microwave was not on, and I went outside to inspect the breaker box.

What was left of the breaker was hanging in pieces. I started a mental list for things needing replacing, and went back into the utility room.

I pulled the washer and dryer from the wall. Removing the appliance cords was easy, so I went to town for the cords, the breaker,  a pressure regulator, and crossed my fingers.

The regulator was an easy fix. So were the breaker and appliance cords. Turning the breaker back on didn't cause a trip, so I knew either the circuit was completely open, or things weren't as bad as I envisioned.

The washer started right up, and appeared to be working correctly. The dryer didn't, so it was time to take it apart.

After examining the dryer, the only thing I could find was the high temperature pilot in the plenum was open. That, and the door switch didn't have continuity. It was time for a trip to the appliance parts store, which had what I needed.

After I finally had the replacement parts back on, I reattached the propane fitting, and pushed the start. It worked, the burner lit, and after a few minutes, I knew it was good.

The microwave was the last project. Opening it up revealed a burn mark in the circuit board. Since such things cost more than a new appliance, the microwave was tossed, and a new one replace it on the counter.

I called my insurance agent. After a few minutes of conversation, we agreed the sum of around two hundred dollars for repairs was much lower than my deductible. So, there was no claim, and life went on.

I eventually sold the washer and dryer for $100 at a garage sale. They worked, even after over twenty years of service. The replacement dryer was electric. After seeing how lightning can travel through a propane line, I decided propane had to go. I had only used the propane for the dryer, and everything else was electric.

Both washer, and dryer, were old school. There were no electronics, the timer were manual, and the mechanics simple. I doubt a similar incident would yield the same results today. With all the electronic horse crap installed, the only repair would probably be replacement.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

This Bothered Me All Day

A few months ago, my brother had a colonoscopy, and cancer was found. The initial diagnosis depended on the depth of the cancer, and it was diagnosed as stage 3. Chemotherapy followed, and after speaking to my brother a few weeks ago, he had another round to take, and more tests to follow.

I hadn't spoke with my brother over the last two weeks. Through relatives, I found out my brother is now stage four, and his liver is now affected. The plan is a huge dose of a chemotherapy cocktail, and radiation. If this doesn't work, there are no other options.

This is not easy. This is something I never expected, and created a fear of not only losing my brother, but of him suffering. I thought it would be easier, since I've already lost two brothers, but it's not. His time may be very short, and I still have decades of visiting to do. He planned on moving back to our neck of the woods after retirement, and be closer to his family.

Anyway, this has bothered me all day, and I have a feeling it will bother me for a long time. 

Officials, Attorneys and Negligent Homicide

Criminal negligent homicide is a charge for neglecting important things, and someone dies due to the neglect, or reckless behavior. A good example is someone that neglects safety, drinks too much, and kills someone, when they drive into the opposite lane of traffic.

How can the people of California ignore this example of a criminal offense, and still allow their officials to use the power of their office to prevent the citizens from protecting themselves by removing hazards that contribute to out of control wildfires?

Personally, I think all involved with supposed environmental actions that cause death are criminally negligent, and should be charged. This includes the governor, and members of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit Court. They've been directly involved with the death of many, and the citizens of California should demand their prosecution.

It's The Modern Way

Email is the preferred way of business to now communicate. It's wonderful, since important documents are transferred almost immediately, and business isn't affected by long waits for document exchanging. There is a problem: email servers don't always play nice.

Too many times, I've sent something via email, with an attachment, and the recipient doesn't receive the documents. The reason? The email server rejected the email. Otherwise, the computer, thanks to the IT protocol, thinks it's dangerous, or spam, or the IT on staff thinks it's a good way to play with the heads of the usually thankless people he deals with with daily.

Is there a solution? Of course, but the usually thankless people probably don't have a clue, or know they'll have to attempt to not appear as condescending to the nerd that controls their existence. They haven't forgotten the ugly confrontation after they downloaded a virus, and the IT guy missed Thanksgiving to rid the server of the electronic puke scattered through the system

So, the modern way introduced things that are not only problematic, the solution may disappear, when the IT guy quits, and locks the server with a password with seventy billion possible combinations of numerals, with letters.

Ain't technology grand?

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Things That Need Changing

Voting isn't complicated. That, and with the current system, it's easy to corrupt. The solution? No mail in ballots, unless active military. That, and no party line votes, or voting without identification. The most important thing: Anyone convicted of voter fraud, or election law violations are punished with a minimum five year sentence. That includes illegal aliens.

Monday, November 12, 2018


Local universities are offering a degree in process operations. Basically, it's a degree to run the multiple units in the local petrochemical facilities. From the number of conversations I've had, it appears there are thousands pursuing this degree, but I have the feeling the supply far exceeds the demand.

From my experience, this is one of those degrees pushed by the universities for revenue, and they are deceitful in how they present the degree. I might be wrong, but I don't see how there are that many positions to fill, since they are sought by many, the positions don't open often, except for attrition, and the constant improvements in automation eliminate the need for many.

Time will tell, but I think this is another one of those money making schemes for universities, and they really don't care about the final outcome. They get their money, those that pay for the degree are S.O.L. and there's really nothing they can do except chalk it up as a bad decision.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Catalogs, Perfume, and Flatulence

After going for the mail, the wife and I drove home, while she perused a catalog. As we drove, I noticed a scent, which I started to say something about, but didn't want to embarrass my wife.

My wife commented on the terrible perfume samples in the catalog, and held up one of scents for my opinion. It smelled like perfume, but as she held the catalog closer, I realized what I thought was some flatulence was the odor of the paper in the catalog.

I commented to my wife about my discovery, which embarrassed her a little anyway, since speaking of such things isn't her favorite topic.  She rolled the catalog up, and place it behind my seat. I responded by thanking for throwing it behind MY seat.

She laughed, I laughed, and we made our way home, where the offending catalog was placed in the proper container.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Maybe Some Five Card Draw

Sessions is gone. I think many wonder why it took so long, but the entire event could have been a well played game of poker.

From what I've seen, Trump isn't one to dilly dally about firing. Sessions was an exception, but Sessions might be his ace. Allowing him to stay, with his cooperation, could have been a good bluff, with results yet to be seen. Sessions could have been told of Trump's efforts to play good guy against bad guy, with the final result some important indictments and vindication of Sessions after the smoke clears.

I think Trump knew statistics showed the party in power to lose seats in Congress;especially the House. I think that's why he pushed hard for helping Senators, and maybe a good reason to keep Sessions. After all, a feckless House only makes the party in power look foolish, and with the Republicans in control of the Senate, the House can be made a large body of wasted salaries with the Democrats in charge. Anything that makes it to the floor will be voted against, and it's almost impossible to have a veto majority if something is vetoed by the President.

So, what's the advantage of Sessions to stay for so long? With a planned recusal, Sessions could stay in the background, and slowly collect a substantial amount of information on those using their power for sedition. Considering the evidence showing the arrogance of many in the government against Trump, those with an agenda against the President would not hide forever. Their arrogance would lead to revealing things they think they got away with.

So, what's the end game? Leverage. The Democrats are more than vulnerable, and a huge amount of criminal indictments against the seditionist bureaucrats will be a stain on the party. If some of the key politicians, and their staffs, are prosecuted, the party may find the public perception leans even further toward the Republican party.

If this is true, Trump has three aces: The Senate, the Supreme Court, and a Department of Justice wanting to clean up the mess made by the last administration. All three can accomplish huge steps toward removing the Democrats from power. Their feckless leadership in the House will only show incompetence, some members of the party may need to jump ship to prevent the end of the their career, and others may find their nefarious deeds are illegal.

Time will tell.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

We'll See

The Democrats will take over the house next year. That's not a good thing, since they've went to the ideology of darkness, and embrace Communism. They're out for blood, and will be ruthless in their effort to destroy the United States.

The Republican house has an opportunity to do some important things before the turnover, but with Ryan in charge, I have a feeling he'll continue to keep his tail tucked between his legs, and play nice with those willing to sacrifice liberty for government control.

Trump has the opportunity to either demand Sessions do his job, or fire him. That will lead the way for hiring a bulldog to go after those in the government ignoring laws. Whether that happens is soon to be seen, but I don't have a lot of faith in national justice. Too many reprobates have skated, and the common folks are constantly preyed upon by bureaucrats.

We'll see what happens, but if those in the capitol are paying attention, they'll know those that produce are now even more determined to gain control of their country again. Regardless of demands to "play nice", there won't be such a thing, and things will probably be very ugly.

I have to add that many of the embarrassingly ignorant that voted the Dems back in think this guarantees impeaching Trump. What they fail to realize is the House can't try the President, and the Senate (who has to try the President) is controlled by the Republicans. 

Maybe enough of the dumbass House member's head will explode to allow the Republicans to regain control of the House.  I hope so. It's the least they can do for their country. 

Monday, November 5, 2018

The Reality

Regardless of opinion, the large group of illegal aliens heading north will not be allowed into the U.S. as a group. Although it's been suggested they'll push their way in, most don't realize Trump can, and will, close the border down completely. This will cause severe economic problems along the border, and Mexico will find a huge problem of sending goods to the United States. People may complain, but when it comes right down to it, the President is responsible for national security, and I think he'll take his job seriously. If I had to guess, he's already talked with Mexican authorities, and expressed his intentions. The deployment of troops to the border is a good indication of what I predict.

So, what will happen? More than likely, Mexican authorities will clamp down on the caravans, people will become discouraged, most will wander away into Mexico, and those left will find many days of idle time wondering what to do next, while they live a crappy life south of the border. Mexico can't allow their economy to be used as a political football by U.S. politics, and I doubt they have much compassion for those causing them so many problems.

We'll see what happens, but the media will mostly lie, the Communist Democrats will cause problems, and the majority of U.S. taxpayers will be glad the mass of unwanted aliens are not allowed into the United States.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Leaden Skies

I  woke to leaden skies this morning. A steady light rain fell in the almost still air. What was drying ground slowly soaked the ample rain, and puddles soon appeared.

As I drank my coffee on the front porch, I noticed a lone hawk in the top of a tall tree. It's reddish color stood out against the gray sky; a warning to the numerous cardinals that soon disappeared. Before the hawk came, they numbered in the dozens; their colors brilliant against the dying grass.

We're supposed to have a cold front. According to the radar, it's soon to pass, but will be slow of clearing the coast. It will rain today, through this evening, and the skies might not clear until tomorrow night. After that, the clearing will be brief, and the damp, dreary weather of Fall will return for the remainder of the week.

This is a good day to do little to nothing. I might even sneak away for a nap. The rest is needed, and the peace of a lazy Sunday afternoon my prescription for health.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Telephone Fraud

For the last two weeks, I received local calls, which I didn't recognize, so I didn't answer. A voice mail was soon left, which I would delete.

Yesterday, the recorded message was alerting me to a problem with my credit card, and the request of pressing "1" to find out the details. I erased the voice mail, as usual, and then thought about what I needed to do.

I called the number on caller identification. A nice woman answered, who had no idea her number was being used by the telemarketer. This led me to some investigation into what is happening.

Apparently, caller id can be manipulated to use your own area code, the first three digits of you phone number, and the last four digits randomly picked. It looks like a local call, which usually leads to an answer, since it doesn't seem like a telemarketing call.

Within an hour, I had another call, with the same number, so I answered, waited for the "press 1" option, and soon had someone to talk to.

The voice on the other end was male, with a noticeably Indian, or Pakistani accent. I didn't wait for him to start his spill, and immediately asked "Who the $#%@ are you? He tried to go on, but I continued by telling him the were breaking the law, and wanted to speak to his supervisor. He tried to continue. I raised my voice and continued: "Who the $#%@ are you? He hung up.

I told my sister-in-law about it, and she explained she too had the same types of calls, and used up the telemarketer's time with inane questions, or ridiculous remarks. It sounded like fun, so I have a new strategy. It looks like I might have some fun with the telemarketers, and I need to see how long I can waste their time.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Fourteenth Amendment Nonsense

Section 1

"...All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

If someone pays attention, they realize foreign citizens are not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States. Of course, they can be prosecuted for crimes, but the embassies for the citizens are safe havens, and they might even be allowed to leave under the protection of diplomatic immunity. 

What does this have to do with the 14th Amendment? Its the part about jurisdiction. Foreign citizens are not under U.S. jurisdiction, and even if their child is born here, they are still a foreign citizen just visiting. Therefore, they are not automatically a U.S. citizen. 

This is easy stuff. How anyone can think otherwise either indicates they're as dense as a box of rocks, or have an agenda to subvert the laws of the United States. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

It's Halloween

The forecast for the local folks is not good for tricks and treats. Not only may there be rain, some may come from severe thunderstorms So, the children will miss a late evening moon; rising over the trees; tendrils of high clouds making the moon appear as sailing on a wispy sea; swirling leaves in the dark shadows leaving thoughts of scurrying, tiny night creatures;  the damp, cool breeze inspiring pulling up a collar; and the trek home, with bags of treats to protect from the hidden ghosts behind the wide trunk of the old oak tree.

Oh well, there's always next year.  Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 29, 2018

Eyes Wide Shut

Pollster, and odds makers, are either in collusion, or ridiculously naive on the majority of U.S. voters. Whatever the reason, the early voting turnout is not what they expected.

From my vantage point, it appears those unwilling to return to the Obama economy, and the liberal beliefs that squelch personal liberty, are voting Republican in droves. If so, the projections of a "blue wave" may be as imaginary as the anticipated results of the last election for President.

We'll see, but I'm only finding a few die hard, ignorant, booger eating liberals willing to throw away their brain to continue the madness promoted by the Democratic Party.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Dueling Roosters

I woke early. After the Keurig spat me out a fresh cup of coffee, I eased onto the porch to enjoy the time before sunrise.

It was quiet. The crisp air was heavy with dew, and the dark sky was filled with the constellations soon to be seen in the early evening. I sat, and sipped my coffee.

As I sat, I listened for the usual distant dog bark. There was none to be heard, and even the night creatures were silent in the cold air. It was unusually quiet, even for mid Fall, which added a deeper calm to an already calm morning.

I sat for a few minutes before a rooster crowed in the distance. The crow was almost immediately answered by another crow in another direction. Soon another followed, and another, and finally a high pitched crow; like a distant squeak from a juvenile banty; an answer, or maybe a direct reaction to what the rooster considered a threat.

The duel went on for a few minutes. One would crow, then the answers would soon follow. The crows came from all directions, and pinpointed which neighbors had chickens.

I counted six separate crows before the dueling roosters finally settled down; obviously content in their greeting of the morning. It was something to hear, and made the early morning even more special.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Pin The Tail on the Donkey

According to every damn news outlet, the person that sent the bombs over the last few days was caught. He's a Republican, according to what's being reported, and a huge Trump fan. This will be the focus of speculation for weeks, and the tiniest things to be found will be talked about until listeners have nausea.

I think the bomb maker will be found to be a kook. That, and either he's very inept, or his intention was to cause panic, and give him some face time on television. The bombs were not really bombs, and there was no real danger. His efforts were not as successful as the crazed gunman that shot Steve Scalise, and the media will be silent on the difference.

I think some will think this will cause people to pause to reflect on their affiliation with the Republican Party, as was attempted before the last election. It won't work, and the barrage of speculation will lead many to think the entire event was staged. Trying to portray a deranged individual as a representative example of the Republican Party is as futile as trying to portray Maxine Waters as a clear thinking representative of the Democratic Party.

So, the horde of illegals coming to the United States are now sent to the back pages, and the lack of coverage will cause many to turn back. That, and the crazed Democrats disrupting the lives of Republican officials will be ignored as usual. The real problem with the United States will continue, as the media abuses the power of the free press for propaganda.

What He Missed

My father died in 1989. With his deteriorating health, it's not hard to assume most of the year was lost. He missed many things, but technology would be the greatest.

My father was trained in the economy of the Great Depression. His father had a repair shop attached to the musical store of my grandmother. My father, probably like most at that time, was involved with the repair shop, and helped my grandfather.

I don't know exactly what my father did, but snippets of the few stories I was blessed with indicated he did just about everything, from repairing small appliances, to refrigeration; which was onerous due to the anhydrous ammonia refrigerant. He was good, even at an early age. After the initial worry about his age, his expertise was requested.

He had a Harley 34, which my grandmother hated. An ice covered road led to a nasty tumble, and it was downhill after the accident. As soon as he joined the service, my grandmother sold the bike without his permission.

The Second World War was wrapping up, when my father joined the Coast Guard. My grandmother wouldn't sign for him to enlist early, so he had to wait until he was eighteen. His training ended after the war, so his first venture into the world was in occupied Japan.

I have a few photographs of my father's time in the Coast Guard. The ones I really wanted to keep were destroyed in a house fire, when I was twelve. The were of his visit to Nagasaki, which was in the early stages of rebuilding. I saw them once, and if I knew what I now know, I would have secreted them away. The historical value would have been of great worth. The personal value would have been priceless.

The Coast Guard gave my father training in radios, which probably was important when he returned to service with the Navy in the Korean War as a radio operator. He served that time on a destroyer, and if he'd lived, I would have made a strong effort to have him detail his experiences in a typhoon, and sailing up and down the Korean Coast.

Somewhere in my father's training, he was trained on radars. With his electronics training, it was probably just a lateral move, but with the huge jumps in technology, it was necessary. The career he finally settled on was marine electronics, which he did, until his death from cancer. He was good. I still run across people that know of his good reputation.

So, I've wandered along without elaborating on what my father missed. I had to give a little background to accentuate what's happened in the last 29 years.

My father missed the huge advancements in computers. When he died, the 80386 architecture was in an earlier stage. Computers with that architecture were at the top end of pricing. While they were fantastic at the time, those of today make them look like cumbersome antiques. Considering the software now available, what was available then was primitive with limited memory available, and slow processing.

Cellular telephones were just making a strong appearance in 1989. They were bag phones, and mostly useless in many areas. They were only used for calls, and the cost demanded being aware of the time spent in conversation.

Televisions, and computers mostly still used cathode ray tubes for screens. The technology was there for what are now flat screens, but the cost was beyond most consumers. Today, what was once inconceivably expensive, is hung on the walls of most homes.

I could go on, but if there was one thing that really makes the point, it's the watch that has a screen, allows people to communicate remotely, and has access to an advanced computer. When my father was a child, it was the fantasy of a comic called "Dick Tracy".  Even as an adult, it was still a fantasy. Now, it's a reality, and one of the many things my father missed. There's even a fully functional Dick Tracy watch available for the consumer.

If my father had lived, I'd make sure he had a Dick Tracy watch. It's fitting, since his love of technology was apparent in his interests, which included building a computer from a kit, and repairing electronics that people said couldn't be repaired. Knowing him, if I bought him one, it would only be a spare. He would have had one as soon as they were available.

Thursday, October 25, 2018


According to the latest reports, the bombs mailed to Democrat leaders were fake. Otherwise, nobody would have been harmed. That's suspicious, especially with the Democrats realizing they have nothing left but subterfuge, and deceit.

I don't think the person, or persons, that sent the fake bombs will ever be caught. In fact, I'd suspect member of the deep state as perpetrators. Up to this point, it's become obvious there's a concerted effort to defeat Trump, and fake bombs would be another method to undercut the President.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Caravan of Fools

The media, and liberal ass clowns, would like you to think the supposed mob of invaders is filled with those seeking refuge from terrible conditions. Some probably are, but most are just those that foolishly decided to become part of a political game.

It's apparent there's money, and food, for those in the mob. The sources of this? Venezuela is one suspect, but I'm willing to bet a substantial amount is being laundered through U.S. groups that are trying to destroy the United States. Regardless of the source, those providing the funds are not friends of the United States.

How will this end? Many will just drop out during the trip, but some will make it to the border. There, they will seek asylum, but asylum is not guaranteed any longer. They'll linger on the border, but find the border is a cesspool of criminals. Their life further south may have been without many opportunities, but at the border, their life will be a daily effort for food, shelter, and trying to not be a victim of criminals. Some might be allowed in, but they'll be interred in camps, and eventually deported.

This problem is a direct result of the criminal efforts of the past administration. Those involved should be prosecuted for sedition. There is absolutely no gain from allowing immigrants to entire the U.S. without vetting. Promoting such a thing only shows an intention of continuing the effort to destroy the United States.

Friday, October 19, 2018

The Effort is Obvious

The news has been full of reports, with speculation, about the disappearance of Jamaii Khashoggi. According to the latest information, he was murdered after he entered the Saudi Arabia consulate in Istanbul, Turkey.

There are some gory detail emerging, but all in all, the narrative doesn't fit. Why would an accomplished hit squad do their dirty work in a consulate? That alone makes me wonder how this event was ever such a newsworthy item, until I thought about how the subterfuge of international politics can be a nasty effort to use conjecture to influence opinions.

None of this makes much sense, and the U.S. media coverage makes me think they're complicit in a deliberate effort to harm the Saudis. While I don't trust the Saudis, I trust the media, and the government of Turkey even less.

Different Than Perceived

According to multiple sources, NOAA is forecasting a warmer, and wetter, Winter. That's interesting, because there are probably only a handful of people that can see the raw data, which may be correct, but not really that much of a difference.

If I had to guess, I'd guess "warmer and wetter" is something most people wouldn't even notice. Warmer can mean 1% above the average temperature, and wetter may be a partial inch above the average precipitation.

While the information is correct, those anticipating balmy, spring like conditions may be a little disappointed. Twenty six degrees, with 3 inches of snow is warmer, and wetter, than 25.3 degrees with 2.7 inches of snow,  but humans just can't tell the difference. It's still miserable, and statistically, the irritation the reports cause is much more intense than just not reporting.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

More Corruption

As time goes on, more of this will be found. 

"...Before the judge handed down four year prison sentence, former FBI agent Terry Albury made a final statement: “I sincerely wanted to make a difference and never meant to put anyone in danger.” He accepted full responsibility..."

Make a difference? By breaking the law you swore to uphold? Your sentence should include breaking big rocks into small rocks. 

A Judge is Shocked

Apparently, Benghazi isn't lost in the past. The linked article is interesting, but as all things to this point, where are the indictments? Why hasn't someone been arrested, thrown in jail, and allowed to spill their guts about the subterfuge and criminal activity?

The judge is shocked? Most of the honest citizens are shocked to know the likes of Mills, Clinton, Rice, Holder, Lynch, Jarrett and their lackeys were allowed to operate unchecked for so many years. They're criminals, traitors and should never be allowed to walk the streets again.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Midterm Law Enforcement

It's reported, by anonymous sources as usual, Muellor will release the findings of the collusion investigation after the midterms.  Opinions abound, but nobody will know, until the findings are released...or not.

If I had to guess, I'd guess the findings will not incriminate the President, but will show an intentional effort by the Hillary Campaign, and federal officials, to destroy the election, and term, of Donald Trump. That, in my opinion, is the reason for waiting until after the midterm election. The Democrats have holes in both feet, and a finding showing their corruption will only make things worse.

This is another intentional effort to protect the Democratic Party, and never Trumpers, from being held accountable before an election. Otherwise, another effort to increase the power of the Democrats, and continuing the elitist country club in the capitol. They've done this before, and too many of the U.S. voters are woefully ignorant of how their vote is influenced by criminal actions.

"...But it appears that the delivery of the findings won’t be the end of Mueller and the probe will continue in some form, according to Bloomberg...."

Isn't that convenient? More of the same, and more time to hide, or clean up the mess made by the FBI and the DOJ. Trump can shut it down, and fire those that created this abortion of justice. It's time he did, and it's time some people are indicted for their criminal activities. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Lack Of Viewers

Alec Baldwin's new show didn't do so well on the first showing.  While I can see how he, and the other condescending, arrogant participants can't understand why, I have no sympathy. They can all pound sand as far as I'm concerned. That, or go jump into an active volcano.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Annual Inoculation for Influenza

I received my inoculation this morning for two reasons:

1  - I don't ever want to have the flu again.

2 -  I don't want to be another statistic, like the 80,000 that died from Influenza last year in the United States.

I know some people don't receive the vaccine. That's fine. When you get the flu, be sure to stay away from me for the next to weeks at the least.

When Will it Turn?

Hollywood, and much of the entertainment industry, promote liberalism, which is now as corrupt as Communism. While they won't admit problems, and the media will ignore any as they happen, there is probably a concern about the loss of revenue.  I don't know when this pattern will change, but the entertainment industry is a business, and any loss of revenue chases away investors. Even those with deep pockets will eventually remove financing; regardless of political beliefs.

The U.S. is polarized, but the majority of citizens are decent people. They observe more than the media reports, and I have a feeling they are not happy with what is available for entertainment. They'll vote with their pocketbook, and entertainment will adapt to survive. 

Friday, October 12, 2018

Getting Googled

Early in the week, I was receiving an unnatural amount of hits from Google. I was trying to determine what created the visits, but without any results. Whatever the reason, it was a little unnerving. Such things create a feeling of apprehension, since it made me wonder if the Google Mafia was in the process of electronically breaking my leg. That, and creating the hope of it becoming an ordinary occurrence. If that happened, I could monetize my blog, retire to the mountains, and throw empty beer cans at pesky squirrels.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

What Will Eventually Happen

Civility, and the protection of citizens against rioters is apparently over with in Portland Oregon.  This is not a common occurrence in most cities, but with liberals running the show, it's accepted in Portland.

What will eventually happen is a loss of taxpayers, the avoidance of tourists, and the loss of credibility with possible investors. I know they can't understand the final outcome, but it will happen. The city will lose too much revenue, taxpayers will have to take matters in their own hands, and the streets will be no different than the the worst of ghettos.

It's now a rallying cry by Democrats to lose civility, and inflict the most damage possible on those that resist their agenda. This includes civil unrest, illegal acts, and violence. Otherwise, a seditious uprising to destroy the United States. That's treason, and they aren't going to like their future. May they find justice swift, and terrible to endure.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018


My wife, and I, are in the process of downsizing, moving, making our life less complicated, and preparing for retiring within a few years. Part of this procedure may make posting a little sparse, due to a new method of throwing patterned electrons into the heavens. I hope not, but if it does, go pop some more popcorn, and intermission will be over shortly.....don't forget to go pee.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Supreme Court Addition

We have a new justice. The liberals are hurling the usual insults, and they're spending money of the likes of Soros as soon as it's passed out. Some are even foaming at the mouth, but most are just fuming because they've lost another battle in the war for liberty.

Liberals try to hide their evil while proclaiming their effort is to help everyone. They know that's crap, and they know the more power they give the government helps to turn the United States into something that resembles the former USSR. They have plenty of dumbasses to help with this effort, but will eventually fail. The typical U.S. citizens hates tyranny, and even the supposed followers of liberal logic eventually find their ignorance can't overcome the basic needs of humans.

So, there won't be the ties of the near past, and the conservative justices will have more influence on the effort to return the United States to a country bound by the restrictions of the Constitution. Future majority opinions won't be tainted by liberal justices, that ignored their oath to the country, and tainted the court with liberal madness.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Something That's Missing

The New York Times is reporting Trump committed massive tax fraud. According to the report, they acquired tax documents illegally, and have pored over the documents for a year. There are many in the media salivating over this story, while missing out what Rush Limbaugh pointed out yesterday: No collusion with the Russians.

I would think there would be all kinds of financial actions, if Trump was in bed with Russia. I'd also think if the New York Times had any shred of something they could link to the Russians, they would have it in the headlines for weeks. 

So, there is now more evidence of how the Muellor investigation is a sham. That, and the New York Times is criminally tied to an illegal act. That's criminal conspiracy, and I have a feeling the F.B.I. will be knocking on someone's door.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018


I'm looking for a mobile wifi data plan for my laptop. Looking at all the usual sites, with bells, whistles, redirecting links, bullshit by the pound, and an obvious strong effort to sell me a new cell phone, leads to frustration. This will demand I go into one of the usual stores to talk with a "qualified" representative who will show me all the bells, whistles, bullshit by the pound, and make a strong effort to sell me a new cell phone, which I don't need....I'm content with my old flip-top.

So, over the next few days, my patience will be tried before the court of public opinion, and I hope it doesn't lead to arrest.


If bureaucrats were cockroaches, the only cure for the infestation would be burning down the house,  bringing the ashes to a landfill, and hoping none escaped.


According to a witness, Christine Ford coached a close friend on how to fool a lie detector test.  The witness, a former boyfriend, also stated contradictory details to Ford's sworn statement.

The prosecutor questioning Ford during her testimony specifically asked if she ever coached someone about preparing for a lie detector test. The answer was no. That makes me wonder if she already knew the answer. If so, it was an excellent example of a perjury trap.

If we go by the Democratic Party's method of arriving at the truth, this letter contradicting Ford's allegations is enough. They should automatically assume it's the complete truth, and apologize for delaying the vote on Kavanaugh.

Will they do this? Of course not. They're reprobates, just like many in the media, and will continue their efforts to destroy the Trump administration.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018


Watching the news is a constant event of ridiculousness. I think it's because most of he media is not reporting news any longer, so they really don't need critical thinkers. Crappy scrapbook writers are good enough; and if it sells, it doesn't matter if it's false, or that someone is hurt by the lies.

 When you add the abysmal ignorance of too many of the general population, the ridiculousness is only increased. The number of potential voters that have no idea who the Vice President is, or how many houses there are in Congress, or how many Supreme Court Justices are required for a full court, seems to increase daily. How they make a decision on who they vote for is beyond me, but I guarantee is can be called ridiculous.

Bleh.  I think we have found the enemy, and it is us.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Thorough Investigation

The Kavanaugh investigation is supposed to be thorough. Really? How thorough? Are they going to investigate Ford for accuracy, and honesty? Will they investigate Feinstein  to determine possible collusion is fraud? Will they investigate the media about the leak of the letter that was never produced?

I read one of those internet jokes that stated Trump should replace Sessions with Kavanaugh, if he isn't voted into the Supreme Court. I think that's a good idea. Maybe he can find Hillary's emails, Fusion GPS documents, and do a thorough investigation of Muellor's debacle of justice. Sessions is sitting on his hands, and allowing too many criminals to run free.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Corruption of Decency

Decency is behavior that is respectful, and dignified. At least, that's what it once meant. It appears it's being corrupted.

At one time, the use of vulgar language wasn't accepted in public. Now? It's not uncommon to hear some of the foulest language possible, while in a restaurant, or walking down the street. I'm not offended by the language, since I hear such language on a construction project, but I know most people I know would never say such things around their family, a member of the clergy, and definitely not in public. Saying something to those that use such language may end up in violence, which is another thing that seems to be accepted more than it was in the past.

Our politicians are appearing less decent daily. The foul language, lack of ethics, lying, character assassination, and criminal behavior is ignored by the leadership of the government. Such things demand censure at best, and expulsion at worst.

Government isn't effective when decency is ignored, but it seems that's how many think it should work. False accusations, and loud diatribes, instead of a logical premise, are replacing the demands of civil debate. Even former President Obama called for getting in someone's face, instead of having a civil conversation.

These are interesting times. Vulgarity, bullying, violence, and ignoring personal liberty are accepted by too many, and the media is complicit in these actions. The solution is to demand more from those that represent us, or provide us with news, but it seems too many would rather ignore the erosion of decency. This isn't good for a healthy society, and the final result will never be good if it continues.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

So, It Starts

Another rape accusation is in the news  It's convenient, since no proof is needed, and the character assassination is complete. What will finally happen? Men will be hesitant to even talk to women, dating will be a farce, and every woman will be suspected of dishonesty. After all, if a former date becomes angry, or wanting to capitalize on the fortune of someone they once knew, it's easy to throw decency aside. Anger can be satisfied, money can be made, and the only thing required is the ability to be convincing to those that are hungry for a good news story.

I can't begin to know what women think, but I have a feeling those with integrity know the perils of what is now beginning. Nobody likes being suspected of dishonesty, and knows how that type of perception destroys a healthy society. Social interaction demands honesty, and the raising of children demands a society that doesn't punish only because of gender. A mother with boys will find it hard to explain how society failed to demand only character. A mother with girls will find it hard to explain how society perceives them as suspects of dishonesty simply because of their gender.

A good media would do more to condemn this change, but with juicy stories for revenue, the craving for ratings overcomes any decency. This will only get worse, before it gets better.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Where It Might Go

There's not much about Dr. Ford's family, or her high school classmates. That makes me wonder if she really wants an FBI investigation. What might they find? How did her classmates perceive her? What will be discovered about her over the last 36 years? Will it show her in a favorable light? Or, will it show her as someone with problems that can't be trusted? Has her family deliberately avoided public comment because there's nothing good to say about Dr. Ford?

The Democrats don't care about her. She should know this, especially after her wish to remain out of the spotlight was ignored for political gain. After they're through with her, she'll be discarded, and maybe vilified, if it's favorable toward the narrative.

My opinion is that the cost of an FBI investigation should come out of the salaries of the members of Congress supporting the investigation. They created this event, and they should pay for it.


I only caught snippets of the Kavanaugh side show yesterday, but what I saw was disappointing.

The questioning of Ford was softball. When her selective memory was revealed, they should have asked for an immediate adjournment, removed her, and chastised the members of Congress that were backers of the farce. If she can't produce tangible evidence, there is no crime or impropriety. Any first year attorney would have noticed this, and cringed, when the hearing continued.

Kavanaugh was too nice. He's going to be in the big league, so he needs to play hardball. Instead of focusing his anger on the group of Congress members, he should have gone for Feinstein's throat. She is the reason for the letter, the letter was never produced, and her actions demand Senate punishment. That, and an investigation into her acts that can be described as criminal by the language of U.S. Code. Those also involved would have quickly moved away from supporting Feinstein, and been relieved they had an out to save their political career.

The media was the typical Coliseum crowd hoping for spilled blood. They should have never been allowed to keep their biased editing, and opinions, from being broadcast. The media has no intention of fairness, and allowing them to taint a formal hearing is ridiculous.

We'll see what happens next, but the Senators needs to be focusing on reestablishing their integrity. There are Senators that swore to uphold the Constitution that obviously never read the document. They're a cancer to effective legislation and need to be removed.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Circus Politics

The Kavanaugh/Ford hearing is on, and from what little I heard, it's a circus. This never should have reached this point, and Grassley should have played hard ball, when Feinstein pulled her stunt.

I don''t know if Kavenaugh will be on the Supreme Court, but I do know the riff between the liberals, and the conservatives will open wider. The stakes are high enough now to where there will only be one winner in all of this, and the winner will be the one that's most ruthless. Right, or wrong, that's how it's been since the beginning of time.

Tipping Point

I have some relatives that I consider bat-shit crazy, because they vote for liberals. Trying to have a logical conversation with them is fruitless. They arrive at their opinions without logic, or any understanding of the cost of their belief in something that always fails. I avoid them, since I really don't have anything I want to say to them that even hints at being polite.

I guess we've reached a tipping point. Those that believe taxing people to death, and allowing the government to remove all vestiges of liberty are in complete disagreement with those that don't. While they have a right to their belief, they don't have a right to demand confiscatory taxes, and unbridled bureaucracy.

What's the answer? There are many, but I'm to that point where time doesn't allow long periods for unraveling the Gordian Knot created by a those as ignorant as a bag of hammers. Many want to take the time to untie the knot. I don't. It costs too much, and the ultimate result is the same as just cutting the knot.

The midterms will determine much of how the country evolves. Make sure you vote, and remember: if you're willing to sacrifice liberty for security, you really shouldn't vote.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

I Doubt They Have a Clue

I wonder if those so willing to defame Kavanaugh realize he's not someone they should take lightly. While they may prevent his nomination, they can't prevent his vindictiveness, when he uses the courts to destroy their fortunes, the fortunes of their attorneys, and becomes a warrior against the Democrats. That, and easily assume a Supreme Court seat in the future.

There's absolutely no way Ford can acquire evidence against Kavanaugh. She only has "witnesses" that state she told them about the supposed incident, which is hearsay, inadmissible as evidence, and leaves her entire story as slander. Slandering a powerful federal judge only makes the repercussions worse, and regardless of who supports her now, she'll find those so willing to stand behind her will run, when she's dragged into a personal injury trial.

The Democrats need to reconsider their effort. While drawing Ford into the court of public approval, they've become accomplices in slander. They may think they can worm their way out of any financial penalties, but they need to think again. Perpetuating slanderous accusations, and using their office to remove the rights of a citizen is a crime. Conspiring to do so is a crime also.  Not only are they exposed to the costs of defending themselves for a crime, they might find the more expensive cost of a personal injury suit soon to follow.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

And People Actually Watch

Joy Behar thinks Kavanaugh is guilty, and will be confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice.  Then she predicts he will be impeached. How? By what charges? And, does she actually think the Senate will have enough votes to vote for impeachment, even if the articles of impeachment make it through the House?

People actually watch her show. That's what really amazes me. She constantly talks out of her rear end, and her viewers applaud, while shaking their heads in approval. Of course, the majority of her panel is just as "talented".

They should join a circus. They'd make an entertaining side show.

Monday, September 24, 2018


It would take a special idiot to not know the Democrats are panicked, and doing everything they can to stall the Kavanaugh vote. Their only hope is a turnover of Congress, and they'll do anything to stop a conservative Supreme Court justice from taking the bench; even criminal fraud.

We don''t have leaders left in Washington. We have weak, cowardly people that are paid way too much for their feckless and wasteful actions. They can't even tell someone that is obviously a liar to pound sand, and keep the timetable for a vote.

Screw them. If they don't want to fix the country, they'll one day face those that do. Going home may be a reminder of how lonely it can be, when a substantial amount of your neighbors think you're a worthless, lying piss-ant.