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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I Took a Gander... the news, pundits and political commentary wizards this evening. The big question, after the denial, hype, conjecture and outright bullshit was: Did Obama lie to the citizens of the United States?

My mind expanded to the point of near explosion. My big question was: How does this matter? While the media spins with confusion about whether Obama intentionally told a lie, or mislead the public due to the incompetence of others, the sad fact remains that many people people will literally die due to bureaucracy. Lives will end because of paperwork errors, long term waits for treatment and most disturbing: an intentional effort to make life and death decisions the arbitrary decisions of bureaucrats.

My life may end because someone will decide a treatment costs too much, or the few years it allows aren't worth what a government official considers necessary. I'm expendable for the supposed public good and I'm supposed to accept this possibility without complaint.

If you have the tiniest spark of intelligence, all of this should horrify you to the point of demanding an end to this obvious removal of liberty. Every United States citizen is a sovereign being that is supposed to enjoy every right demanded by the Constitution. The removal of self-determination in health decisions removes all rights of liberty. It's no different than the denial of food or shelter as decreed by tyrants as a capricious reaction for some purported public good.

How this all turns out remains to be seen. From my vantage point, unless those in Washington are held accountable, possibly removed from office or held as criminals, the final results will leave the United States as a country as corrupt and inefficient as the former Soviet Union. If you have no idea of what I'm describing, do a little research, examine the facts and realize how liberty is precious and should never be considered a tenuous matter for political philosophers to determine.

The Thirteenth Amendment

Amendment Thirteen:

1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. 

2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

I don't know about you, but I find the wording of this amendment as clear and concise. There is no doubt in my mind that forcing someone to work without their consent is illegal. Also, I have no doubt that much of my adult life has been in involuntary servitude. With welfare payments, housing subsidies, food stamps, government employee perks and the new specter of Obamacare, substantial amounts of my time were, and will be as a servant to the cruel, unconstitutional mandates of a government out of control. 

Where does this all end? Where is the tipping point when those that truly want their liberty decide they will not contribute any longer? Will there be civil disobedience? Revolution? When does the Supreme Court rule correctly on a simple case that asks for relief from the burdens of a parasitic government? When does Congress enforce this mandate with legislation that nullifies the laws that contribute to involuntary servitude?

I know my questions are rhetorical, since most people wouldn't know a constitutional amendment if it bit them on the ass. They wallow in their ignorance and never realize they've given their soul to the evil, corrupt Federal Government that is destroying the United States. 

Things will change, since they always do. Hopefully, what little I wrote will influence a few minds and they'll make an effort to reverse the destructive path of the government of the United States. If not, the legacy of my generation will reflect a willingness to be accomplices in the destruction of a nation that was created by those willing to face death for their belief that liberty is more important than politics.

Monday, October 28, 2013

More of the Same

I've been busy, so blogging is light.

This morning, after reading the news, the only thing I can write is that everything is the same. The Obamacare fiasco is still a fiasco; only worse.

Our allies are pissed because of the spying, which I can understand. Although this doesn't surprise me, the fact the NSA is collecting huge amount of data for mining is disturbing. Considering one man had access to things that were above his security level means there is no security. The information is just one more database to be hacked and the information abused.

The debt is climbing, although the "transparent" administration is cooking the books to make it look like it's not. Surprised? I'm not. It's typical for Washington D.C. and the bureaucrats that require lots of money to continue their useless endeavors.

Income is down; prices are up and the media is still feckless.

There you are. Things haven't changed, although it is almost Halloween. I'll be glad when it's over. The Halloween hype and constant barrage of Halloween crap for weeks is irritating, although the Christmas crap is soon to be a daily deluge of sale efforts. Considering the new costs of health insurance for most folks, little Timmy might be surprised on Christmas day. A promissory note for the deductible for an M.R.I. isn't quite the same as a new PlayStation.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Well, I'll Be

It seems many in the media, members of the Democratic Party, Republicans that love big government, and some media personalities have decided Obamacare sucks. They either were in denial, let politics muddy their thoughts, finally pulled their heads from their anuses, worried about their public image, or following instructions.

Meanwhile, the train wreck continues in slow motion. For those that were instrumental in the development of this debacle, may the fleas of a thousand diseased elephants infest your underwear.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Age and Memory

Age brings the wisdom for you to forget what you did to be so sore on Monday. I have no idea, but other than sleep walking through a marathon, there is no explanation.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

A lack of journalism ethics and a failure to recognize the problems caused by inaccurate reporting is a problem that destroys societies. Considering the responsibility that journalism entails, with the current lack of self-discipline and questionable efforts by many in the profession, the dangers of not demanding accountability can't be ignored.

What can be done? To start, expecting any help from the media as a whole is foolish. The reputation of media outlets now leads to an almost complete lack of trust. To make matters worse, the ferocious efforts to have the lead story, or capture the most viewers exposes those that can expose corruption to retaliation, or character assassination.

Removing any public assistance for media is one of the first steps required to change the focus. There is no loyalty to citizens if the information presented can lead to manipulation of those funds for punishment or a determination of staff positions. Expecting the dog to bite the master is unreasonable. Information too often becomes propaganda,

Eliminating unreliable outlets and reporting is an important step. How? By avoiding outlets that are obviously presenting misleading reports or allowing their staff to corrupt information for a particular agenda. With this should be an avoidance of commerce with advertisers. Products and services lend credibility to media outlets. Businesses, whether for a moral or economic reason, will avoid being linked to something that can eventually cause them harm. Removing the monetary support decreases the revenue, which decreases the ability to survive and continue harm.

There is a society of professional journalists, but if they're like many societies, such as the A.M.A., politics have turned it into an organization that has an agenda; instead of a purpose. I don't know enough about the society to make an informed decision, but at this point, I don't think that's important any longer. Regardless of their goal, there is no trust on my part. Journalism has become a huge, steaming pile of crap and I have little faith for those that practice the profession.

Things will never change, until those that journal our current events become accountable, avoid interjecting their politics and give readers the information required to make good decisions. Until that happens, those that manipulate the media will continue to manipulate our society. I know this problem is a problem that plagued the human race since the beginning of recorded history. So was malaria, and that illness is not accepted as incurable by developed societies. The same should hold true with journalism and its contribution to the mass media.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

So Who Won?

The conjecture and projections are thick, so who won the latest fiscal fiasco in Washington? It's as usual: the strong. While all the politicians and pundits bounce their ideas around - at a tremendous cost - those with the ability to survive, a strong willingness to win and the determination to survive won. Those that think they did only showed their underbelly. Exposed, the evisceration will happen, whether soon or further down the road.

If you don't know you can survive financial collapse, know how to hunt, know how to create a protective perimeter and believe any member of government is your friend, you lost.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Determination and a Fire Exinguisher

I posted about blistering paint in a microwave and went on to rant how we throw too much away.

Anyway, I searched high and low, looking for the right paint. Then I checked out manufacturers web sites and it was always the same answer: throw it away and buy another.

I'm not easily led to waste, so I bought some good high temperature paint for barbecue pits, some sandpaper and waltzed from the box store with an expenditure of less than ten dollars.

Using my pocket knife, I removed any paint that would flake away. Then, I used a 400 grit sandpaper to remove any loose paint and rust to where there was only clean steel.

Next, I placed a coat of paint on the bottom of the microwave at the exposed locations, waited 24 hours and applied another. After another 24 hours, I was ready for the test, with my fire extinguisher handy.

Placing a microwave safe glass filled with water, I tested the microwave at one minute, then two and finally for four minutes. The result? It's like new.

So, there you have it. I'm now an expert on fixing peeling paint inside a microwave, and you are too.

Do I recommend this? Not on your happy ass. I'll never recommend such a thing. If you think it's something to try, go ahead, but don't point at me as some kind of expert. I'll deny everything.

What Could Go Wrong?

If you took a typical neighborhood, with 10 houses and ten families, made six households work, at gunpoint, to pay for everything in the other 4 households, what could go wrong? I think the answer is obvious. Expand this scenario to the size of the United States, and you can see the problem. It's that simple and anyone that can't see this problem is probably living in one of the households getting all the free stuff.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Rump Roast

I like a good rump roast, although my last few attempts of cooking this roast were failures. Not that I didn't prepare the roast correctly; the meat was too tough or the flavor was substandard.

Anyway, I found a local grocer that doesn't buy like the national chains, has good meat and I've found their meat is of good quality.

So, I've seasoned it well, with salt, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder. (almost a rub) It's in the oven at 220 and I don't anticipate removing it until around 4:30 pm. It's a small roast, so that should be plenty of time to cook it to tender perfection.

I'll know in a few hours. I'm still debating whether to serve it with rice, or potatoes. That and steamed broccoli. I'll make a good brown gravy with the drippings.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

It Makes Me Wonder

The EBT system hiccuped, which led some in 17 states without the benefit of swiping their card for free stuff.  That can lead to some bad reactions, but a comment at the bottom of the article made me wonder, which stated that the system software support was outsourced to India, where there's a severe tycoon in the process of wreaking havoc.

How about that? If this is true, the event can only be described as irony. Even if it isn't, the fact the government can deprive those with anything it provides has been driven home. If there's anything to be learned, it's that self-sufficiency, avoidance of government dependence and an unwillingness to allow such things to happen are best for any society. Those that aren't receiving their stipend are not victims; they're pawns and paying for it with their freedom.

Well, If We Really Get Tax Reform...

...Norquist is out of a job, which is probably the reason he doesn't like the actions of Ted Cruz.

Hers's the reality: Unless you're really up to date on such things, you've never heard of Grover Norquist, but you damn sure heard of Ted Cruz.

So who's more effective? The man that gets the attention of taxpayers? Or, the man too quick to criticize the politicians that actually accomplish the task they were assigned by their constituents? The answer is obvious and Norquist needs to go pound sand. He's a wart on the ass of progress.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Hollow Heads, Hollow Hearts, and Hollow Words

That's the best description of what too many of our Federal legislators relate. The lack of logic, a true understanding of fiscal responsibility and hollow rhetoric to anyone with more sense than a garden vegetable is all we receive from the supposed representatives of the taxpayers.

I think most of the problems of the United States would disappear if the government did everything possible to get rid of the deficit and never travel that path again. The borrowing from the Social Security funds, printing of money, foreign investors and the sale of bonds would end; only the programs necessary to run the government would continue and the money not confiscated by taxes would end up where it should be: in the hands of the citizens that make it work. The result would be one of the greatest economies ever.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Government Legacy

After watching government activities for most of the 30 or so years of my adult life, the only legacy I can find is a legacy of waste, corruption and unwillingness to be frugal with the funds taken from hard working taxpayers. Both parties are equally guilty and both parties are equally unwilling to accept responsibility.

I can't blame every individual in government, but as a whole, government is the most unhealthy, wasteful, disrespectful and belligerent organization to be found. To make things worse, the government has people that carry guns to wander among the citizens and force them at gunpoint to relinquish their hard earned income.

So, why are people so willing to allow this continuance of incompetence and corruption? It's because the majority of people are apathetic, ignorant and unwilling to part from their eye candy and pay attention to how they're screwed by the people they employ. While some sources constantly analyze and warn of the consequences of unbridled government activities, most of the media ignores the warnings and considers an entertainer's shaved hoo-hoo as more newsworthy.

Will this ever stop? Sure it will. How it stops is the big question. Will people finally get involved and rein in the government? (my hope) Or will it crumble and the resulting chaos leave an entire nation in ruin?(more likely. People are too busy updating their Facebook page.)

If you want to start a change, it requires avoiding the alphabet networks and allowing them to die the slow death they deserve. They're more of a problem than the government. If they were doing their job, the U.S. would be in much better shape. Exposing waste, corruption and bureaucracy is the first task of any good news agency. It's like uncovering the fascia to find the termites. Until that happens, the destruction continues until there's little left to save.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Enigma of Cajun Folks

I was born, raised and live in the far southeastern corner of Texas. What's the distinction? It's the home of Cajuns that followed the oil boom and ended up as part of the petrochemical industry.

These folks came from various parts of Louisiana and they left much of their families behind. They didn't leave their heritage and they brought the fine family values most were raised to uphold.

So, what's the enigma? You can't really explain what's so special about Cajuns, until you find yourself at a family gathering, or a festival and realize you didn't know anything about them until you went. Even after that wonderful event, you still can't find the exact words to describe what you experienced.

Many television, or movie shows embellish the Cajun accent, or portray Cajuns as very simple people that have really spicy food and live on the bayou. Many do, but they're only a small segment of the settlers that came to a strange land, survived, embraced what was to be found and added their rich heritage. That's not an accurate portrayal and I sometimes find it insulting to people I love and respect.

To me, Cajuns represent the best of what a past society had to offer; much like other ethnic groups that settled the United States. Their ancestors left France with the hope of starting over, taking advantage of opportunities and becoming part of the greatest nation ever created. The entire nation is blessed with their contributions and I'm thankful for their arrival.

Even with my wife being of Cajun heritage, and me being immersed in their culture, I still find Cajuns an enigma. The fierce pride, self-sufficiency and unwavering effort to never forget their ancestors can only be glimpsed for a few moments by an outsider like me. I'll never really understand what they feel, but I'm a part of their family, and they've accepted me. That's good enough and I'm proud they did.

So, What's Right and What's Wrong?

In the Constitution, Article 1, section 9 and clause 3 states:  No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed.

What is a Bill of Attainder? It's the removal of all rights for a serious crime. Otherwise, if a legislature decides an individual, or group of people are guilty of a crime they consider serious, they have no right for a trial and their property is seized. To add insult to injury, the offender could be criminally punished, with no recourse for defense.

What is a serious crime? In the U.S., it's called a felony.

So, what am I trying to get across? Certain religious groups, and individuals object to the Affordable Healthcare law for various reasons, but do so in an effort to protect their privacy, private property and, in some situations, are morally guided to object to a law that allows medical procedures they consider heinous and against their faith. Their initial method to avoid taking part in the insurance program is refusing to sign up, which means they'll be fined for not buying the insurance. If they make any effort to avoid paying the fine, they'll be committing a felony for tax evasion.

In theory, every individual accused of a crime has the right of a trial by jury. For the I.R.S. to process the sheer amount of paperwork required to punish the huge amount of people that possibly could say "enough is enough" and tell them where to go, more people would need to be hired and more ammunition would need to be bought.

Both have happened. Next could very well be the willingness by the government to just ignore the law and pass Bills of Attainder on those they consider a threat to their political maneuvers. If you haven't noticed, the I.R.S, already applies penalties without regard to rights. I'm sure the decisions could be fought, but since it's the government, you have to ask permission to sue and the courts are unfriendly to those that don't bow to their self-imposed imperial position. Also, it's hard to find an attorney willing to defend you, since everything you own is impounded, you can't collect a paycheck and you're soon to be on the street, if not in jail.

"...As James Madison wrote in, Federalist Number 44, "Bills of attainder, ex post facto laws, and laws impairing the obligations of contracts, are contrary to the first principles of the social compact, and to every principle of sound legislation. ... The sober people of America are weary of the fluctuating policy which has directed the public councils. They have seen with regret and indignation that sudden changes and legislative interferences, in cases affecting personal rights, become jobs in the hands of enterprising and influential speculators, and snares to the more-industrious and less-informed part of the community...."

It sure is a shame all those people that created the United States shed their blood, lost their families and watched their homes burnt to the ground may have done so in vain. They left a damn good set of instructions for future generations. Unfortunately, current member of our government choose to ignore them If you don't believe this, read how the I.R.S. gave the White House private information without any regard to law, rights or decency.  If you can find justification for this, you're not a citizen and it's best you leave.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Never Mind

I  recognize the signature, although it sure seems to contradict the constant chatter from the same person.

Some may call it hypocrisy. To me, it's business as usual in Washington.  

It Only Gets Better

I've spoke with a liberal this morning, while I was buying some coffee. They were all bent out of shape at Republicans and Tea Party supporters for threatening their benefits.

Meanwhile, we can see how important the most loyal followers of this corrupt administration really are. 

Drink it up. It tastes just like Kool-Aid. Think about another sip, when you realize those that run NPR make more money in one year than you made your entire life.....and you paid a substantial part of their salary.

How does it feel to be a peon?  Did you get a kiss?

Are You Worried?

Oh, the horror. The U.S. will face default, the economy will crash and the entire world will follow, but an electronic bull has more importance than any taxpayer. 

I don't care who you are. If you think the government will default, or not pay the essential expenses, you're a victim of disinformation or have your cheeks firmly planted against the walls of your colon.

Being a dumbass is one thing. Refusing to remove yourself from that classification is another.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Should She Stay or Should She Go?

Apparently, there's a question on whether Justice Ginsburg should stay, or go. I say, just leave her there, spray her with some polyurethane sealer and prop her up in a corner.

Oh. She's still alive?

Never mind.

First Taste of Fall

It's 58 this morning, with a north wind and humidity below 60%. In contrast to the last few months, when the lowest temperature was around 70 and the relative humidity was near 100%, this a taste of heaven.

The high temperature is forecast to be around 78 today, which is the temperature many people keep with their air conditioners in the summer. So, I'll be working in the air conditioning today.

Thanks God.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

It's All About Perception

I was out running errands, needed some toilet paper, saw a convenient Walmart and sauntered in with the thought it wouldn't take long.

Well, it did. Too many of the customers were obviously on Thorazine and navigating the perusing customers proved to test my patience.

How long does it take to make a decision on which canned fruit you'll put in your basket? Do the shiny labels mesmerize you to the point of distraction? Is any of this worth blocking an aisle I hoped wouldn't be full of people like you and used in the hope of finding a shortcut?

Anyway, I finally escaped, made my way home and found I wasn't out of toilet paper. That's when I realized how it's all a perception, instead of fact. I perceived I was out of toilet paper, my perception was not based on fact and why was it so important I was willing to brave a trip to Walmart on Saturday afternoon? After all, there's a shower only three feet away. A worst case scenario would still allow me to keep my dignity and not be shunned by society.

Sometimes, I feel like a dumbass.

Friday, October 4, 2013

...And Another Thing

Nobody that signed the Affordable Healthcare Act read the damn bill.... Nobody.

I challenge any member of Congress that voted for the bill to explain to me how it fits within the framework of the Constitution and rationalize how it's fair to everyone in the United States.

Money Laundering

In the private sector, if someone starts a company, acts like they're doing legitimate business, rakes in tons of money and then uses the money for illegal activities, it's money laundering.

If the Federal Government passes a law that requires you to buy insurance, the insurance companies use the money to promote the law and the insurance companies rake in tons of money, it's called government.

If you can find a distinction, you need to explain it to me. Affordable healthcare? My ass. It's corruption at a scale that is mind boggling and a majority of Supreme Court justices said it's okay.

Corrupt bastards. They can go to Hell.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Well.......What Do You Think?

The slimdown is continuing, registration for insurance is a fiasco, the alphabet networks are increasing the demand for Xanax and the country is rolling along, although some people that shouldn't have been hurt by this are being used as pawns for political gain.

Meanwhile, Obama has hit the road to whine. He's whining to anyone who will listen, instead of realizing nobody really takes him seriously and it's obvious he's avoiding doing his job.

Although the media and Democrats are trying to blame the nasty Tea Party, I can't find many people that believe anyone but the Senate, and the President, are responsible for the refusal of the House to abandon their principals and the wishes of their constituents.

So, my opinion is the Affordable Healthcare Act will never get enough people to enroll, since it's real clear what it will cost and most people are damn sure not going to obligate to pay for insurance they can't afford. It's cheaper to pay a few hundred dollars and get the same care....if they can find a medical facility that hasn't gone belly up or moved to the cash only category.

I may be wrong, but there's nothing showing me that this entire mess was not a fiasco from the beginning and what's happening was bound to happen. While there are conspiracy theories that state this was the intention so a single payer system could be placed in effect, I don't see that; I can't give the dimwits in D.C. that kind of credit. Remember, these are the same folks that think things get done because they said they will, but never spend even a fraction of their time managing, or correcting their problems. How will this single payer system materialize within a few days? ...and don't tell me they'll force it on us. The entire country is already mad enough. Trying to force them to do anything will only lead to disaster and even the military would refuse to get involved. Traitorous officers know that hand grenades can accidentally appear in the strangest places, without a pin.

I'm sitting with my feet hanging down. The show continues and I have a ring side seat.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Harry Reid Commits Seppuku.....Not Really

....but he might as well. YouTube videos are beyond the reach of the mainstream media, guaranteed to get some attention and, in this situation, lead to terrible things for Harry Reid.

When A Career is Over

Peter King has a new admirer.  Peter King might as well find a volcano to jump into. It's that, or admit he can't be trusted - like Jeffords - jump parties and fade into obscurity.

Have You Had A Look?

If you haven't done a little research, examined what's available and really thought about how the Affordable Health Act  will affect you, then you might want to make the effort. If you work - in any capacity - you'll either buy some really crappy insurance or pay a fine. Either way, the new tax is here and you'll have less money in your pocket.

If you want to REALLY perform a little research, look how the law was passed. I'll save you some time, if you don't have any to spare: Absolutely no Republican voted for the law. It was all Democrats and if you're not happy, direct your anger to those responsible. I'm sure they'll love to hear from you. After all, they're the party for the working folks.... right?

While you're out and about, don't forget the AARP and the unions endorsed the act. If you have affiliation with either, you might begin to wonder how they represent your interests. I'm sure those running the organizations have a really good salary, healthcare, and retirement to cover the cost of any healthcare; unlike the poor bastards that pay the costs for those luxuries.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

This Is Interesting

The First Lady announced limited tweets, due to the "shut down"  I'm assuming her tweets require part of her staff to complete and the staff is furloughed.

How about that? Having someone paid to tweet for you? I'd call the the life of luxury and embarrassingly selfish. This makes me wonder if one of her staff wipes her butt.

Meanwhile, in a moment of irrelevancy, the President compared Obamacare to owning an I-phone. 

"...Consider that just a couple of weeks ago, Apple rolled out a new mobile operating system, and within days, they found a glitch, so they fixed it. I don't remember anybody suggesting Apple should stop selling iPhones or iPads or threatening to shut down the company if they didn't. That's not how we do things in America. We don't actively root for failure. We get to work, we make things happen, we make them better, we keep going...."

Now, that one left me scratching my head. If Apple built a phone that didn't do what was advertised, quit when you tried to activate it, had no guarantee, was sold at twice the advertised price and somebody threatened to fine you if you didn't buy one, I'm thinking Apple would close within the first week, due to lack of sales and threats.

So, the madness continues. 

A Weenie Has Spoken

Peter King has proclaimed his weenieness. Maybe he should just send his testicles to Harry Reid. That, or go jump off a bridge.

Summer is Fading

A cold front almost made it to the coast over the weekend, stalled and washed out. The result was torrential rains in some areas with the continuance of the oppressive humidity. Lows are in the 70's and highs around 90, unless thunderstorms cool the air.

A strong front is forecast for this weekend. After it arrives, the air will dry out, the temperatures will lower and we'll have the start of cooler autumn days. Included in this relief is the substantial lowering of the chances of a tropical cyclone, which is always a good thing.

I'm ready for cooler days. After a sweltering weekend, I can use the cooler days, with the relief from sweating until my clothes are soaked.