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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Who Will Be First?

With all the information being presented that contradicts the mandates embraced by the politicians, who will be the first group of attorneys that have big enough cojones to sue the crap out of some deep pocket company? It's a huge profit possibility, and I can't believe there isn't some brilliant attorney out there willing to be the first. Millions have, and will, be harmed for either taking, or refusing to take, the supposed vaccine. The class action suit can't be ignored, and the Supreme Court will either confirm the suspicion they're nothing but rubber stamps for Communists in the government, or shine for upholding the rights mandated by the Constitution. Either way, they'll be forced to show their true intentions.

Friday, July 30, 2021

More Hysteria

Local rags are proclaiming the supposed variant of Covid is as contagious as Chicken Pox. Really? Is that why so many illegal aliens are crossing the border unchecked? Are the feds that incompetent, or are they that corrupt? There are no other answers to these questions, except "both are true".

Summer Heat

Today is supposed to be a repeat of the last few days. With official temperatures in the mid nineties, and humidity running around 60%, the heat index will be in the triple digits. That's when sweat doesn't dry, and body temperatures rise to the danger point. It's brutal on the ill-prepared, and can kill. 

I don't miss working on days like these. In the past, when pouring concrete, there was no relief from the sun, and heat. Regardless of how I felt, the concrete had to be finished in the proper sequence, and neglecting the task would lead to a ruined pour. That was expensive, and unforgivable. 

So, I'll take my time with any outdoor tasks, relish the ability to just say no, and enjoy the day. 

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Ignoring the Obvious

 The Tenth Amendment  is specific about the rights of the states, and the people. It specifically states that anything not specified in the Constitution are reserved to the states, or the people. This a powerful part of the Constitution, since it removes the federal government from wandering beyond the bounds specifically described. While some may misconstrue the amendment as pertaining only to states, it also pertains to the people, which have just as much power, if the meddling of the federal government is contrary to beliefs, or rights enumerated in the Constitution.

The current Covid debacle is a good example of the failure of many states from the overreach of the U.S. government. Regardless of the personal opinions of politicians, or bureaucrats, each state, and their citizens, have sole authority on whether they want to follow the guidelines of the CDC, or any other federal entity.  It's a right specified in the Constitution, and the blind following of the supposed authorities led to financial distress, the loss of loved ones, and opening the door to tyrannical actions by bureaucrats. 

I'm seeing signs of a strong unwillingness to accept more mandates from those that are using corrupt science to pursue more power. That's a good thing, and those that attempt to remove a person's ability to work should be warned, and punished, regardless of whether they are a public, or private entity. Every person has a right of autonomy, and liberty when it comes down to personal health decisions. Being skeptical of an experimental medication, and those that recommend useless masks, is a right, and forcing either by duress, or imprisonment is, in my opinion, illegal.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

High Level Stupidity

Supposedly, those worried about Covid are vaccinated to prevent them becoming ill from the virus. That, and those that have supposedly had the disease won't get it again....but...those that had the disease are still becoming ill from a supposed new variant. That, and in supposed areas of high disease rates, everyone is now being recommended to wear a mask. To make things worse, people that refuse to be injected with what any rational scientist would call an experimental medication, are now being vilified, or are being forced to take the injection to keep their job. It's really amazing, but what is more amazing is the high level of stupidity being exposed by the entire response to Covid. 

Meanwhile, for those paying attention, all other illnesses are becoming more scarce, although there is no rational explanation for the lowered rates. Logic says the only reason for this is a misdiagnosis, a falsification of death reports, financial gain for those that figured out how to game the system for some quick cash, or all of the above.

I think logical thinking took the last train out,  and dumbassery will certainly take over.

Monday, July 26, 2021

Don't Look There For the Solution

It's glaringly apparent the last Presidential election was corrupted by illegal methods. It's just as apparent that the current President wasn't elected as prescribed by law, and shouldn't be in office. That, according to those that like to obfuscate with B.S., is an event that is not described in the Constitution, and we should spend billions litigating, while the current madness continues. 

What should be done? Ignore the fact the Constitution doesn't have a remedy for this unique situation, and do what is right. Kick the scumbags out of office, prosecute those involved with the chicanery of corrupting the last election, and hang all necessary traitors as soon as possible. It's an easy solution, and the majority of the good people in the country agree. Today is a good day to start the process.  

So, who will be President? That's another easy solution. Trump won legally, and all B.S. litigation won't change that fact. 

Saturday, July 24, 2021


 I wonder how scientists allowed their profession to become the way it now is perceived. Instead of respecting the effort to provide accurate data, people are becoming skeptical to the point that is unhealthy. That, and to make things worse, too many people are not willing to do even a little research to determine what's reported has actual science to back up claims. Anthropogenic climate change is one glaring example of this. Those skeptical have good reason for their belief, and those unwilling to weed through the information embrace the cult with enthusiasm.

Time will tell how this all works out, but with the current Covid hysteria, things appear to becoming worse.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

The Bankruptcies to Come

 I've watched cities, both big and small, spend beyond their means for decades. Most are suffering from their foolishness, and the results terrible. Infrastructure fails, crime increases, taxes increase, the inept hire their inept families in created positions, and the schools are high dollar failed efforts to teach children that have horribly ignorant parents. 

Can they go bankrupt? Sure, and I doubt the final results are contemplated by those affected. Funds are allocated by a judge, and the creditors with the most money involved can vote for a plan that substantially reduces the amount owed, but allows some recovery of their lost revenue. Bond holders, that loaned money, when there was not enough available to pay for the rainbow bubbly, have a large amount of money involved, and will get their money. Those that supply city basic necessities also will receive their money. Pensioners? They may find they're last in line, since their payment has always only been a promise on an underfunded account. 

Regardless of the smoke and mirrors involved, bankruptcies are Federal litigation, and citizens of cities involved may find they're just collateral damage, since they are ultimately responsible for their city officials. Their ignorance becomes their sentence, and the financial punishment is severe. 

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

What Always Happens Next

 Some Cubans - and there are many - are protesting the treatment from their government. Their Communist leaders, who live a life of luxury on their backs, can't allow the protest, so they will use terror, murder, torture, and long confinement to punish those that dare to not allow them to forever keep their slaves. It always happens, and the world will watch in silence. The world watched in silence as the same people were starved, denied medical care, and subjugated to tyranny.

Cleaning the Coils

 About a month ago, when we had some really hot days, I noticed my AC was running more than it should. That concerned me, so I took a look at my condenser unit outside. The coils needed cleaning, so I did, and was rewarded with a more efficient unit, and the knowledge I did something that would extend the life of my air conditioner. 

The evaporator coils inside needed some cleaning, but what surprised me was the amount of pollen the filters didn't catch, and had adhered to the coils. Some of the spray cleaner available from the box stores handled the cleaning. With how accessible the coils are, I only had to spray on the cleaner, turn the AC back on, and allow the cleaner to perform its magic on its own. As the coils condensated, the cleaner, and grime, were rinsed into the drain pan. 

 Since then, I've cleaned both of my sister-in-law's units, which probably will help on their electric bills. The coils were surprisingly dirty, and over time, would have shortened the life of their units, which should last decades, if properly maintained. 

So, why am I writing this post? It's to make people aware of how a one hour job can lead to years of more use for an air conditioner. I never knew this, until my years of neglect on a unit lead to an early demise, and an expensive replacement. The task is simple, and the good cleansers are available at any HVAC wholesale store. Even if you pay a technician, the cost is a small percentage of the price of a new AC system.

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

TV Stuff

I can, and will, be up at different times of the night. The regular shows end, and the television hucksters abound. They smile, expound the wonderfulness of their products, and hope you will share their enthusiasm. Some of the wares are crap.

There's an airless painter that will paint a wall in hours. How do I know this? By watching the  commercial. I'm sure many won't recognize how abysmally slow the painter is, unless they've picked up a brush during their life. When you take in account the weight of the machine, someone that doesn't want to spend a decade painting their house will go buy a roller frame, some rollers, and a pan. 

Another fine product is a small circular saw that can cut up to 1/2 inch material....if you have the rest of your life to cut. Not only is it slow, it's terribly expensive for how little it can do. I'm sure there are a few thousand of these things sitting on a shelf, or sitting on a table at a yard sale. Anyone that want's to get something accomplished would have abandoned what is basically a toy a long time ago. 

My favorite is the air brush for putting on makeup. The results are spectacular, but I wonder how long the results would last in our 70% humidity. I can imagine the embarrassment when the powder starts running, and the user is out on a date.

Exercise machines make me scratch my head. They're expensive, and usually end up cluttering a room. Everyone I know that has one stopped using the machine after only a short period of time. Many can be found at garage sales, and and observation of the seller tells me that weren't really that serious about getting into shape.

There are other things: special cooking devices, air fryers, pasta machines....the list goes on. All have free shipping, if you're one of the first fifty people to make a purchase. Considering how this part of the deal is always available, I wonder if they'll ever sell their first fifty. Operators are waiting for your call...and probably bored.

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Class Action

Trump is lead representative in class action suits against some tech giants. The reaction is across the board, including those clamoring to become part of the suits, and those discounting the suits as a waste of time. It's interesting, but may be a tremendous lesson in civics. 

Discovery will take time, but considering the years of censorship, Trump has a treasure trove of evidence that shows the censorship, which is legal by constitutional standards, unless the censorship can directly be shown as collusion between government officials and the tech giants. Then there's not only civil penalties, there are criminal penalties for using the color of law, or public position, to deny constitutional rights. The discovery might be more than enlightening, and if the evidence is indefensible, the smoke and mirrors of the defendants will only be more support of the suits. 

Trump has an advantage, since he filed suit in Florida, which isn't a bastion of liberal judges like in Washington D.C., and New York. Not only are the judges more conservative, the jurors are too. The path of appeals is also to his advantage. The Fifth Circuit is the federal appeals court, and it's far from liberal. with the path to the Supreme Court to his advantage, and compelling evidence to support his suits, the tech giants might find the civil penalties are more than severe. 

When you add the fact the tech giants are totally dependent on those that use their services, a large amount of people stopping to use their services will add to the financial burden of defending what could become a destructive law suit. That, and if the suit is lost, those that supported them over the years might find a financial bonus. 

This will be interesting to watch. From my perspective, the effort to silence Trump over the years proved an effort to prevent information from being available for a thoughtful vote. That's not healthy for a good society, and those involved with the subterfuge should be exposed, and punished.