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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bolide or Satellite?

I was outside and something caught my attention. Looking to the south, I saw what looked like a fireworks rocket about 15 degrees above the southern horizon. Within a few seconds, it grew larger; it now appeared to be the size of about 1/10 of the size of a full moon. It was a bright orange, and lasted about two seconds longer. I figured a thin band of cirrostratus clouds were obscuring the object, or it went back into space. It was small, either due to distance, size, or both.

I continued watching. Looking overhead, it reappeared and it was now obvious it was falling apart. Several pieces broke away and continued streaking across the sky. The colors of the objects ranged from orange to white. Some almost immediately burned out and the speeds were random.

Eventually, only one object was left, which continued to the north and eventually disappeared; a bright orange; about 20 degrees above the northern horizon. After a long time, I heard some dim thuds, which were the objects breaking the sound barrier.

Bolide? I don't think so. I'm thinking a satellite; probably military or foreign, considering the polar orbit and various colors of objects burning up in the atmosphere. I'm betting we'll never know.

This happened at a little after 3:00 am on 2-28-2013, in case someone is interested.

update:  It was a Chinese rocket. My suspicion of a man made object was confirmed. If you've never seen such a thing, it's damn interesting to watch.

Today Will Be Busy....

...and it's already started.

I usually don't write words of encouragement, or impart happy advice, but today I'll make an exception:

"Don't be so open minded your brains fall out"

There you go; words of wisdom for your Wednesday.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

No Big Soda Delivery on Pizza Night

The new law to take effect on March 12 in New York City means that a 2 liter bottle of soda can't be delivered with a take-out pizza.  Can you say ridiculous? Good, I knew you could.

Diplomacy and Condiments

John Kerry is the new Secretary of State, which means he's at the top of the list for replacement of the President if things really get out of hand.

I don't like John Kerry. He's a career politician and, as far as I can see, is in it for the power and money. Even worse, he's supposed to be the biggest ambassador for the U.S. and I don't feel he's even close to being an example of the majority of the citizens in this country. That's bad. His views are from a lifetime of wealth, which doesn't coincide with the experience of most people that make this country work. His thoughts, and actions, will not be for something he doesn't understand and his being in a position of representation will lead foreign leaders, with a life of hardship, to not respect someone that had few moments where daily survival was a constant reminder of how tenuous life can be.

Personally, I don't think this will end well. At a time when the U.S. needs to be respected, we've sent another person to be derided and insulted. The perception will be that the U.S. is weak, and the perception will be accurate. Our politicians, and bureaucrats,  have given up what makes this country great for a pittance and a life in a place that is destined to be changed by an unhappy citizenry. While they clamber for something that only exists by the will of the people, the people they ignore are becoming more angry.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Meanwhile, At The Oscars

Michelle Obama appeared at the Oscars and presented the award for "Best Picture:. I wouldn't really care, because I don't give a rodent's fanny about Hollywood, but I'm thinking some of my tax dollars paid for the plane ride. That's a pet peeve I've held for years. Taxpayers dollars are not for personal use and that includes everyone, President and family included. If they want to pay for their trip out of their own pocket, get after it. Just don't insult me by living a lavish lifestyle on my dime. I've worked too hard and the insult is taken to heart.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Like Pulling Teeth

I've been writing a book for over a year. It's reached a point where the characters and events have left me at a loss.

Today, I started working on the next chapter, which may pan out, or be thrown away like a few before. It's a daunting task, for some reason, but I'm determined to finish, since I've written the last chapter in my mind at least a half dozen times. Getting there is the challenge, but I won't be defeated.

Sequester Politics

The sequester is scheduled to happen on March, 1 this year. After all the hype, tooth gnashing and posturing, the actual cut in spending is a little less than 3%, which equates to spending 97 cents of every planned dollar of expenditure.

I don't know about you, but inflation, increased prices and the lack of a raise in years makes that cut look puny and inconsequential. I've had to cut a tremendously larger amount in percentage, just to survive.

So, while the politicians want to play with nonsense, real people are suffering and will suffer more due to the fact that the bosses in Washington rarely, if never, cut their own personal favorite expenses. They'll continue with their perks and live in a city that no more represents the rest of the country than a broomstick represents an oak tree. Most of them, and the President, have no idea how angry the taxpayers have become. I think they better start paying attention.

Friday, February 22, 2013

I'm Flabbergasted

Last week, Aewl wrote a post about a writing contest that was soon to not accept submissions. For some reason, I had a strong urge to write a short story, so I did, and was the last entry at number thirteen.

I now have an award to post on my blog, which is an honor.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Been Working Hard

I've been busy working hard in Galveston, Texas the last two days. I might post something about it later, but I'm too tired at the moment.

I've noticed the spammers have been concentrating heavily on my post titled "Cantaloupe" the last few days. At the rate their going, it will be the most clicked on post before it's all over. So, if you're trying to get hits for revenue, just type "Cantaloupe" in the title box and wait fro results.

Monday, February 18, 2013

When It All Becomes Unbearable

Mindy McCready took her own life over the weekend. Call it the culmination of years of anguish and the final release of pain.

If you've never had a family member attempt, or succeed with suicide, you'll never understand the devastation that's involved. Beside the deep sadness, there's the guilt of thinking you could have done more and the constant nagging thoughts of how you failed them in their worst moments of need. These feelings never completely go away and the lifetime of changes are never good.

So, my sympathy for the family. I have no advice. You're not alone with what you're dealing with and I share your sorrow.

Free Training

While many complain and demand the removal of private ownership, many teachers are taking advantage of free training and going for their concealed permit. That's a good thing. Considering that criminals ignore most laws and all politics, the best chance of survival is being armed. We need good teachers and I have the feeling it's the good teachers that are taking care of acquiring a concealed carry permit.

I'm not going to link an article. Use a search engine and you'll find this is happening all over the United States and there are lots of articles.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Caliche, Cactus, Snakes and Tarantulas

I spent the first three days of the week either on the road or at a project site in South Texas. The "on the road" part was tough. Over 1200 miles is a lot of time staring through a windshield.

The project site is in the boonies near the Mexican border. From conversations with the crew and others, the problem of illegal aliens is big in this area, since it's so close to the border. It's no uncommon on any day to hear of a half dozen that were caught during the day.

The terrain is brutal. The soil is a combination of caliche, with hardpan and numerous boulders of sandstone. Very little grows in this soil and what does is a type of cactus, or brush with thorns. Wandering in this tough terrain are deer, coyotes, bobcats, deer, snakes and tarantulas. The wildlife lives on what it can find and the water is scarce.

This photo is looking south toward the border, which is less than ten miles away. To understand the distance, look at the backhoe in the top left corner. There are rolling hills and the view on the tops of the taller hills allows viewing to the horizon. That's prickly pear in the foreground, which is so thick in places it creates an impenetrable barrier that can cover acres.

At night, the only light is from the stars, or in the distance on the numerous drilling rigs that dot the landscape.Walking without any light can lead to numerous encounters with the cactus or a bite. Rattlesnakes get big and the tarantulas are found everywhere. Making a mistake can lead to death.

Travelling across this area must be a nightmare for those trying to seek refuge in the United States.  Beside the terrible terrain, the dangers from the fauna, or flora, guarantee a need for medical care, which isn't available. Border Patrol agents find many that are willing to be caught, just for a drink of water and a ride from the hell they encountered.

This trip gave me mixed feelings about the illegals trying to get to the United States. Their efforts can only be commended. Raw determination is the only description for attempting a trip across the miles of hostile terrain. What lead to the attempt, whether through hope, or desperation, can only be described as beyond compelling. I have the feeling it's the last chance for something other than a certain life of misery for many. They're willing to risk death to prevent death.

Meanwhile, in the United States, millions flourish on the forced philanthropy by the government. They breed, get paid to breed, live a life that compares to luxury in many countries and make no effort to improve their life. We created them with "The Great Society".

So, I think those that are willing to try so hard for a chance should get that chance and we should exchange them for those unwilling to try. Maybe we can have a race. Those that win get to stay. Those that don't go to Mexico. I have the feeling those racing to the north will win every time; especially if the race is across the harsh, vast terrain of the southern border.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Back But Busy

I'm too busy for a long post, but will eventually have some time.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Friday, February 8, 2013

Where The Hell are the Unicorns?

The carrier, USS Abraham Lincoln, will not be refueled as planned, due to the budget problems facing the Navy. It's the halfway point of the career, which is when they perform major maintenance items and refuel.

So, one of our super carriers is basically on standby at the pumps. You'd think with all that deck space, they could keep a herd of unicorns on deck to supply fuel as needed.

Oh yeah. Biden got a raise. I wonder how they could afford that?

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Just Thinking Out Loud

I've had three comments on my blog today, which is okay, I guess, but one was mine and I had to delete one from an anonymous spammer trying to sell something. At least it wasn't a porn site.

Anyway, I can take the hint. It's all in my mind, but I haven't finished all the details. Hopefully, I can write it this weekend.

Liberty, Freedom and It's None of Your Damn Business

Liberty means I have freedom and I'm free from you. You can do what you want, as long as it doesn't directly affect my freedom from being involved with whatever that is.

Do you like loud music? Do you like playing it so loud your ears ring? Good, but I may not want to hear it. You have the freedom to do so, but you need to build a sound proof room and avoid interrupting my thoughts at a traffic light.

Do you like to say things that other people find objectionable? Good, as long as you don't say them where I don't have to hear them, or demand I allow you to say them in places where it's not appropriate. Otherwise, if you want to chant profanities to a deity that breathes fire, go ahead, but don't interrupt the Sunday service at the Methodist church by wearing a strange costume and shouting at the top of your lungs.

Do you think people should pay more taxes so social programs? Good, but I don't and your demand that I should affects my liberty. I pay too much in taxes and there are too many people that slush money from public coffers that have no right to do so.

Do you want to own a firearm? Good. That's a right and usually necessary, but if you like to train your dog at 6:00 am, do so away from my house, so I can sleep a little longer.

Do I own a firearm? That's none of your damn business, and if I do, why do you want to know?

So, if you don't like liberty, go soak your head. Your ignorance is yours alone and I shouldn't have to change my life to accommodate your ignorance.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Okay. So Lets Just Call and Go Visit

Earth-like planets may be next door. That's according to a news story. There might be one as close as 13 light years away.

For those that don't understand that distance: light travels at 186,000 miles per second. A light year is the distance light travels in a year. That's roughly 186,000 x 60 x 60 x 24 x 365.24, which is a large sum and when you multiply that times 13, it get's even larger. Considering current technology, the amount of time to cover that distance at our snail like 11 miles per second, which is the speed of Voyager 1, after some gravitational assists, the trip will only take about 220,000 years. We'll probably have to bring a lunch and some spare oxygen.

That's not next door, although in astronomical distances, it's like the tip of your nose.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pushing Back

There are numerous videos floating around the internet of people promoting their rights. They're angry because politicians decided to ignore the Constitution and enact strict gun laws. Not only is the United States Constitution being ignored, similar Constitutions in states are also being ignored.

People are pushing back. They're watching politicians skating around laws, breaking laws, and ignoring the people that pay their salary, who are becoming more determined to change what they consider a direct attack against their liberty. Even the President is promoting restricting the rights of people to protect themselves and their property. He stands in front of hired policemen in an effort to bully, but doesn't realize he's outnumbered by the majority of the citizens; including law enforcement officials that are part of the community they represent. His opinion is in the minority.

Things change due to things of this nature. The bully pushes, and is pushed back. This emboldens the perceived weak person and they push back again, and again, until the bully is put in their place, knows they've crossed the line and is now forced to accept they are perceived as weak and cowardly.

Nobody likes a bully and governments that bully are the least liked.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Irritated Monday

I'm irritated this morning. There's a lot of things irritating me, but mostly I'm irritated because of the economy.

The media, depending on your source, is reporting it's good, but bad, however it should get better - or not. Otherwise, they're dancing around the fact unemployment is as high as it was years ago, the value of the dollar is shrinking and the only real thing to be learned from Washington politics is that they're clambering to insulate their ivory tower from the rest of the U.S. so they can keep their family business of profiting off taxpayers in the black.

Meanwhile, to add insult to injury, there's a tremendous waste of resources to enact new gun laws, when those on the books aren't enforced, only apply to honest people and the criminals have the resources to find guns in spite of the laws. They don't care. They know they deal with other criminals, so they need to be as well armed as their adversaries. Citizens who always follow the law are now being forced to decide if their ability of protection is worth the possibility of being thrown in jail for something as ridiculous as having a clip that holds more bullets than the amount dictated by a bureaucrat in Washington. Of course, criminals will have clips that hold as many bullets as they want. Their concern for the law is far less than their concern for survival.

More illegal workers are to be found daily. They've brought their families, since there's little effort to stop the activity. They're here to do the jobs that Americans refuse to do. Of course, they're usually paid in cash, by people that only perpetuate the problem, and no taxes are collected to pay for those that can live quite comfortably on government handouts, with long term unemployment checks.

So, I have a lot to be irritated about. I'm getting close to retirement age and there's no doubt in my mind that my retirement will most likely involve a pine box and a plot of ground, surrounded by oak trees. I've worked as hard in the last few years as ever in my life and I'm getting tired. I refuse to be quiet and I refuse to give up. We're getting robbed by our government and they're doing it with a pencil, which has the power of guns to force us to follow their demands.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Oppressive is defined as "unreasonably burdensome or severe". Tyranny is defined as: "oppressive power". So, it's reasonable to describe any form of government that forces some individuals to pay for the needs of another individual as tyrannical. Regardless of your opinion, or unwillingness to allow the continuance of a societal problem, you have only have two choices: comply, or face the wrath of the government.

So, when you go to work tomorrow, and realize there are people that have no intention of doing so, and the government will ruin your life - maybe even kill you - if you fail to give them the money they demand to support this type of system, remember it's not tyranny if you don't say something, or write those that sit in expensive offices in Washington, D.C. and ignore your plight.

Some Thoughts for Today

The Affordable Healthcare Law has a lot of opponents. Some have received exemption, or compromises on some sections, yet there are no real compromises. Most people have to pay for insurance, or pay a fine, which I'm guessing will be thrown into the public coffers, like Social Security payments, and the government will continue to borrow more money for foolish decisions; even if the expenditures have nothing to do with my health; including wasted jet fuel so an arrogant President can piss off public money for personal reasons.

From my vantage point, there are no compromises. I follow the rules, regardless of how much I disagree and face economic ruin, or imprisonment, if I fail to give the government the money. Now, I could refuse to work, become indigent and I'll have all the substandard care I can accumulate. I can become emotionally detached, find a doctor to agree that I'm disabled by my disorder and a good attorney will eventually get me a disability, with all the substandard medical care available, plus a monthly check.

So, there's no compromise. I pay, or give up my liberty. I can't disagree by withholding funds to what I consider tyranny. I'm forced to adjust my life, reduce the funds I need to survive and go along with a law that was signed by foolish Congress members that didn't even read the act. Even worse, I'll be forced to accept the lowering of health care standards, while those that write the laws are exempt, amass huge fortunes due to their office and will have the best healthcare money can buy. My insurance costs, or fines will increase, yet I will continue to pay all increases through laws they enact to prolong their lifestyle.

So, if you have any idea what I'm writing about, I hope you understand how your life, and the life of your descendants, is now less important to those that accrued power. When the money becomes less available, the cuts will start with the few that are obese, or substance abusers. Eventually, the old will be faced with the hard fact their ailments are secondary to those of somebody younger. Their importance is removed; all of their experiences in life will be expendable so those that could benefit from the knowledge can survive in a country with dwindling resources, except for the ruling class of people that are supposedly elected to represent their constituents.

Meanwhile, the general public wanders through life in ignorance. They'll watch the Super Bowl today, eat some chips, drink some beer and never realize they could change the entire direction of the United States by refusing to participate, turning off the television and writing a letter to their Congressional representatives. They control the media, yet the're willing to let the media control them.

So, this country is getting what it deserves. I'll look for other ways to make my life better, continue to write and constantly shake my head at the woeful lack of consideration by most people in this country. It sucks because you allowed it to get this way. You're being punished for your silence and can only blame yourself for your misery.  

Friday, February 1, 2013

Irony For Today

I find it ironic the man Obama choose to be in charge of defending the entire nation, couldn't defend himself in a Senate hearing.