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Monday, February 28, 2022

New Computer and Some Questions

My laptop is having problems, needs a new battery, the ten keys stopped working, and is warning me that it's time for a new one. I purchased a new laptop with Windows 11, want to transfer everything I can from the old Windows 10 machine to the new machine, and being the cheapskate I am, want to do so at no cost, or at a minimal cost.

Any experts, or suggestions?

Thursday, February 24, 2022

So, What Did He Get?

With Russia's control of Ukraine, it now has a substantial amount of control over the rich farmland, the mineral resources, southern ports, and most of all: All the information needed to extort U.S. politicians, including the President. Considering Europe won't dare interfere, China will only want to congratulate Putin, and the U.S. government now will turn the other way to prevent exposure to corrupt politics, Putin played his hand well. Meanwhile, the big money managers will make billions on currency diddling, and everyone else will suffer higher prices.  

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Sad News

 I like his blog, been reading it for long time, found his humor beyond good, and watched as his wife had multiple procedures for her cancer. It's been a tough road, and his latest post is to inform that hospice is the next part of their life. It's a terrible thing to deal with, and it tears at his heart. All I can say is "damn just damn."

Logic Says

 Logically, there are only two reasons for the current situation of the country.

1. The method of voting is corrupted, and easily manipulated by criminals.

2. The majority of the people in the United States can be best described as: "Dumb as a bag of hammers."

I suppose I could think of another reason, but logic dictates I don't waste may time. It's apparent there are only two reasons.

Like Father Like Son

 Hunter Biden's taxes are being investigated by a grand jury. It's no surprise, but considering his father is the President, doesn't look good to anyone with any integrity. If Joe was honest, he'd demand more scrutiny of his son's indiscretions, which is the right thing to do. He doesn't, covers for his son's apparent crimes, and from some that know, appears to profit from the illegal transactions. That shows Hunter is a chip off the old block of crony slush fund operators. The United States deserves better, and if we had honest elections, would never have been exposed to having members of a crime family being in high positions.

Friday, February 18, 2022

It's Different

I abandoned city life in the mid-eighties. The crime was one thing that chased me away, and the fact nobody batted an eye at young teens wandering the streets at midnight on a school night. With having an exhaust system stolen of my motorcycle in the middle of the day, I knew my neighbors ( that would look out their curtains if I came home late) were useless. It's been interesting since then. 

Living in a rural area isn't something they prepare you for, if you were raised in the city. There are things you take for granted that become a new responsibility. You don't realize this, until what is sometimes a major problem occurs in the middle of the night. 

Water wells demand knowledge, or a contingency fund that has enough money to pay someone else to repair. I've had to replace pressure switches, pump assemblies, air volume controls, pump motors, pump seals and well head seals. That, repair a broken well head, and replace an underground power cable. Usually, the problem developed on a weekend, or at night, when everyone was closed.  I don't know how much money I saved over the years, but from what I know, it's been thousands of dollars.

Troubleshooting water wells develops over years, and listening to the pump run becomes an important task. Fast cycling means draining the tank to prevent waterlogging the tank, and lengthens the time between changing the pressure switch, which always seems to fail in the middle of the night. Waking without water is a unique way to start the day, but unlike in the city, having water again is usually a few minutes of work, and never having to wait days for a city crew. After a few years of this, the best solution is investing in a water tank that has a bladder. The bladder keeps the air pocket from saturating, and a waterlogged tank never happens.

Septic systems are another unique problem. They aren't fail-safe, and understanding they might have to be pumped every now and then prevents them backing into the yard. That and fill lines may need to be cleaned, or replaced. It's not a pleasant task, but if you're willing to take it on, it can save thousands of dollars. 

Having a chain saw is a necessity. If it's not just for cutting things around the house, it's more than useful, if you have to cut your way in after a hurricane. That, and removing an errant tree that falls in the yard. Since it's outside the burning restrictions of the city, piling the cuttings around the stump leads to a nice fire for a cold night. If you have good neighbors, they might come to share a few moments. If not, they know you have a shotgun handy for critters, and two legged critters are still critters.

Country life allows chickens, horses, goats, and other farm animals. It doesn't allow all to roam freely. Your neighbors garden isn't there for grazing, and your dog that kills chickens is on borrowed time. Keeping them all at bay requires the knowledge of using post hole diggers, fence stretchers, and the fastener to hold it all in place. Of course, you can hire this out, but that sometimes defeats the reason most people leave the city. There's a feeling of satisfaction knowing you can build fence, coops, and keep them all clear with a chainsaw and weed killer.

It's probably easier in the city. There are so many things you don't have to worry about, but it comes at a cost, with the worst cost having to deal with the people that want your stuff.  We do have crime, but nothing like what's in the city. Usually, those known to be criminals find they're not welcome any longer, and leave on their own. Those that don't may find being arrested was the best part of their day.

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Overpriced and Paying Too Much

 New cars are expensive, but too many people are keeping the prices up by paying too much for their new vehicles. I have a feeling many people will find themselves underwater, not happy with their notes, and repossessions will rise. That, or more insurance fraud. Time will tell, but the current car market is something to avoid.  

Sunday, February 13, 2022

The Grand Experiment

 There are multiple reasons Covid 19 wasn't a rogue variation of a virus from a host animal. That brings up two questions:

- Was it a mistake this virus escaped?

- Was a fairly benign virus, but easily diagnosed, intentionally released to determine patterns of transmission, and areas least likely to become infected?

The first scenario, if that's the cause, shows an alarming disregard of safety, and a form of research most of the world intentionally avoids to prevent dangerous variants from causing a pandemic that basically wipes out modern society. 

If the virus was released to determine patterns of transmission, was China only involved? If so, are there diabolical reasons for the release, and if more than China was involved, who else could be so callous to endanger so many for that reason. 

Whatever the answer, one thing is for sure: People are easily manipulated by those they trust, and their lives are in constant danger from that trust.

Friday, February 11, 2022

Chicken or the Egg?

 With the huge number of people that took the jab out of fear, or duress, how are they going to determine what caused long term symptoms?  My guess is we won't know for awhile, and the lies will continue to be created to shield those involved in what is looking like mass malpractice.

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

One Small Piece of Legislation

 The District of Columbia exists only because Congress created it. Just as easily, the real estate could be returned to the states, the city would be bound by the laws of each state, and the corruption protected by the legislators eliminated. It's time this happened. D.C. is run by criminals, and many need prosecution.

Sunday, February 6, 2022

Fraud, and Tolerance

The major group funding site, with a name becoming synonymous with the practice, cut off the funds for the truckers in Canada protesting the Covid hysteria of their government officials. If their action was repeated by a local charity, the result would be fraud charges, when the evidence was presented to a grand jury. To add insult to injury, the same company provides evidence from past actions that shows their attempt to prevent support for a peaceful organization is a deliberate effort to use a charitable organization for political purposes, and to promote violence against those that don't share their political beliefs. 

So what will happen? Nothing but tooth gnashing and complaining. This type of fraud is obviously tolerated by the crooked administration that considers the actions as another way to acquire power. It's like the Covid lies, decimation of the military, illegal mandates and insider trading by federal elected officials. They do most of their dirty work in D.C., where they get a free pass from state laws, and their chosen minions turn their backs on federal laws. 

Thursday, February 3, 2022

More Than Expected

Cancer cases are rising, which in a society that wants facts for reference would lead to hard questions, and honest discussion. What caused this? Is there something we should be addressing? How can we avoid this in the future? 

With all the questions about the jab, the misdirection by authorities, censoring by the media, and unwillingness by to many to look further than propaganda, a possible large scale mortality event may be just starting. Hopefully not, but with all the other strange deaths, and the abnormal blood found by coroners, something introduced into the bodies of millions is showing undesirable results. Those that took the "vaccine" may need to get their documents in order, and write an advance medical directive to insure the experimentation doesn't carry on with their corpse. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

This May Be a Deal Breaker

 Air conditioning components may be hard to find due to the supply chain debacle. Place "air conditioner shortage" in a search engine, and you'll find information about the shortage in 2021, which if the supply chain problem is only getting worse, may mean some uncomfortable days for many. 

That's what's needed. Angry people, a lack of air conditioning, and a mid-term election in the Fall. I have a feeling this won't go well for those that either contributed, or ignored the problem. Of course, the finger pointing will never be toward the cause. Hopefully, enough people pull their heads from the sand to understand where the problem arose.