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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Media Honesty

If the majority of the media was honest, the illegal activities of the last administration would be headlines demanding justice, the mob mentality of Democrats would be portrayed as a terrible affront to society, and the attack on the Constitution described as sedition. Unfortunately, that's not what the media wants to report, even though it will eventually lead to their destruction.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Down and Out

I was speaking to a relative yesterday, when she asked if I'd heard anything about a commercial airplane that crashed in a local tidal bay. The "commercial" aspect caught my attention, since that usually is something rarely heard about. 

A few more remarks, and questions, revealed the commercial aircraft was a Boeing 767, which is a commercial aircraft, but also used to transport hundreds of passengers. This large beast is something that rarely falls from the sky, and when one crashes, it's a huge tragedy.

This is a link to one of the numerous local reports. The bay the plane crashed into is at the far north end of Galveston Bay, and is very shallow, except where the local streams, and rivers, cut deeper channels. The crash site is easily accessible, so the black boxes will probably be recovered.

Two things that caught my attention was the location of the jet and the weather. The jet was bound for George Bush Intercontinental, but seems to have been too far south for the typical approach. That, and there was a mostly dry frontal passage ongoing at the time. If I had to guess, there were many things that contributed to the crash, but time will be required for the investigation. Many are thinking mechanical failure, but such things are sometimes the result of human actions. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Time and Disappointment

After listening to the news, absorbing the information, I realized there is a huge disconnect between honesty and the government. Too many are allowed to ignore laws for long periods of time, and those trusted with protecting law abiding citizens ignore the terrible affront to the decency required to keep a society healthy.

Who knows where this will finally end up, but it's obvious the atrocities of the past are becoming realities of today. History is full of similar occurrences, which never ended well for those that made a mistake that is all too obvious. The mistake? Trusting humans to follow a creed that demands integrity.