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Monday, July 31, 2017

Silence of the News Readers

Debbie Shultz is in a world of trouble. Of course, the news readers for the alphabet networks aren't saying much, so it's probably safe to assume she's guilty of something; and there's a good possibility her immediate future is not very rosy. She knows too much, the crimes she might be involved with are very serious, and the crowd she's been running with really don't care much about the rules of law, or the moral consequences of harming your fellow humans.

I think her best move is to come clean, turn over a few of the rotten reprobates she dealt with, and hope they give her a slot in the witness protection program. She'll need that. Regardless of her stature, she's fish bait to those willing to do just about anything to assume, and keep their power. I doubt she follows this advise, and expect just about anything to happen.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

As the Leaks are Stopped

It's looking as though the leaks from the current administration are dwindling. As they stop, the liberal media is becoming upset. This I like, since it exposes more of the arrogant stupidity of the media. While they scramble to continue their narrative, Trump shows he's in control by tweeting something they know is his way of poking them with a stick.

I like this; too much of the media is run by those willing to commit sedition to continue their power. They deserve to be punished, and their power needs to be returned to the media willing to publish only verifiable facts.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

No More Potato Salad

Those occupying, and working in the lofty towers of Washington, D.C. enjoyed a picnic for too long. It's been a grand picnic, with all they could eat, fun games, days without worry, and what they perceived as a never ending source for their enjoyment. After all, with just a few words written on paper, they could demand more, and the picnic continued.

There's no more potato salad. It's gone, and all the written demands won't produce any more potatoes. They're limited in supply, and the unwashed masses they robbed to continue their picnic not only are almost out of the potatoes they need, they're angry because they know their dire straits, and know those that always had free potatoes will want more, without doing anything, except demanding. They're preparing for what they know will not be pleasant.

So, the picnic continues, but the sun is low in the West, the food is running out, and the night is approaching.

Friday, July 28, 2017

If You Had Any Doubts

John McCain is not good for the United States. Many thought that for years, including fellow P.O.W.'s that were in the Hanoi Hilton. While this opinion wasn't shared by many, it was mostly due to doubts, and ignorance; until last night's vote.

After McCain's vote of no on starting the process of ridding the U.S. of Obamacare, it's more than clear he's only a worn-out, has-been, lying word merchant. He never intended to do what he proclaimed he would in the past.

May his days in the Senate be numbered. He's useless, as far as I'm concerned, and a traitor to the constituents he supposedly represents, and a danger to the safety of the United States.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

So, When Will They Arrest Him?

John Brennan, former CIA director is calling for sedition. That, and he did so on CNN. When will Sessions bring charges to a grand jury?

Monday, July 24, 2017

Lining Up the Goats

While the media, and many in the nation's capitol, have tried to ignore a certain prosecution, it's coming, and I'm wondering who will be the goats, when the charges are filed.

It will be interesting to watch, but Hillary Clinton's campaign, and the candidate, have more spare baggage than they can carry. How far the lower echelon will go to protect those above is yet to be determined, but I have the feeling it won't be much. They're vermin, and vermin will devour their own to survive.

Now I Know

I was driving home, when I saw van with a "Jesus Locksmith" on the side. It went by too fast to get the phone number, but still know how to reach him....or not.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

GMO Nonsense

Regardless of religious beliefs, professional knowledge, and whatever you're told, all food is genetically modified. That's a fact, and that can't be changed.

Scientifically modified food is a different thing, although the constant attack on such things is usually a strong effort to line the pockets of those that can make money by placing "Non GMO" on their label.

So, although they don't use the the term "Non Scientist Modified" to explain food modified by modern scientific techniques, that's what they mean. Whe they don't use that explanation is beyond me, but I have the feeling political correctness, and typical obfuscation of facts is in play. Maybe it's because scientists, politicians, and mass marketers are not willing to confess their strong effort to mislead the general public. I can understand that, if enough people were more aware of the efforts of all three above, the bounty on all would be substantial, and filled daily.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Something to Think About

The boob tube had a show with windmills, and my wife commented on how she never realized how big they were. I told her of seeing miles of them during a trip to South Texas, and explained how they're basically a money pit, since they wouldn't exist, if our tax dollars weren't wasted on hucksters with the ability to influence the pool of ass clowns we call Congress.

She continued with the conversation and explained how she always found the phrase "save energy" odd. I agreed. After all, what are we saving it for? Tomorrow? Next week? A special Christmas event? We laughed about it, I thought more about it, and decided to write in my blog.

If the truth was known, the energy the government wastes would probably make those with the propensity to cry bawl for long periods of time. That, and how much is wasted on paying for what I call "criminal enterprises" funded by tax dollars.

So, what are we saving energy for? That's easy to answer: We're saving it so some criminal ass-wipe, with the help of the dumbasses we pay to run our government, can have another opportunity to steal our labor, and laugh all the way to the bank.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Laws and Legislation

I'm tired of the garbage created by courts, attorneys, and legislators who are attorneys. The tedious obfuscation created by court documents removes the expeditious reason for good laws. Otherwise, legislation from the bench not only causes harm, it removes the checks, and balances, demanded by the Constitution.

What's the solution? Removing the ability of attorneys from serving in the legislative branch of any government entity for a period of five years after surrendering their license to practice law. That, and the penalty of jail time, fines, and forever unable to practice law by anyone that doesn't follow this rule.

Attorneys are useful, but not nearly as necessary as they think they are. Obfuscation, corruption, and ridiculous methods to address the courts, and to write effective legislation,  made the profession as seedy as that of unethical used car sales people. We have too many, and they need to be culled.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Airline Rep Goes To the Fast Food Restaurant

AR: "I want a large hamburger, with fries, and a medium drink.

Clerk: "That will be $7.45"

After giving change, the clerk hands the rep a small cup,

AR:  "I paid for a medium drink"

Clerk: " I know, but we gave another customer your cup."

AR:  "That's not right."

Clerk: "I'm sorry, but that's all the cups we had, and the other customers ordered medium drinks, so we gave them your cup. That, and we're out of large buns, so we're giving you a small bun"

AR: "Look, I paid a large hamburger, and a medium drink. If you didn't have either, you shouldn't have taken my money as though you did."

Clerk:  "'I'm sorry, but we never know exactly how many people will order large hamburgers, with medium drinks, so to handle the problem, we sell too many, even though we don't have the items."

AR: "That makes no sense at all."

Clerk: "If you think that doesn't make sense, you should try booking a flight on an airline."

Monday, July 17, 2017

How to Solve the Argument

According to some scientists, human influenced global warming is happening, we should spend trillions to slow the process, and if we don't, we will all die.

Other scientists, skeptical of the theory, found evidence of data manipulation; if they could get the data used by the scientists that claim AGW.

I think there's only one way to solve this problem. Scientists need to put their lives on the line. Those that say there is definite proof, should show us the proof, and if it's not true, they have to jump into a tank of 33 deg. Fahrenheit tub of water, and remain for thirty minutes. If they can be revived, they will never again be eligible for funding from any source for research.

Of course, those that corrupted data, and used that data to support their theory can always just say they were wrong, and all will be good....after they spend 10 minutes in 33 deg. Fahrenheit water on live television.

After it's all settled, and it's proved wrong, Al Gore, and all of his sycophants, will be rounded up, and dropped into an active volcano.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Starfish Cactus...or Not

My wife had a cactus for years. It's a cactus that is known to have a large flower, even if it's a small cactus, and the flower is beautiful.The cactus never bloomed, until today.

It's beautiful, isn't it? There is one problem: it smells like roadkill. It smells like an armadillo, baked on the shoulder of a hot asphalt highway for three day. Not only will it nauseate you, the green carrion flies gather on the flower as though it was rotten meat.

Still, I like it. It's one of those unique things that gives pause, and appreciation.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Fried Chicken, and the Alphabet Networks

Years ago, a local fried chicken restaurant opened. I visited right after the opening, and was impressed with the dinner.

About three months later, I decided to return, so I did, but things were different. The chicken was still good, but not impressive. The same could be said for the side dishes. I chalked it off to a bad night for the restaurant, and didn't visit again for about another three months.

When I walked into the door, the smell of burned grease was apparent. My initial reaction was to turn around, and go back out the door. Instead, I gave them the benefit of the doubt, and decided someone overheated a smaller fryer, and the chicken would still be good. I was wrong.

The chicken was far from tasty. The taste of burnt oil was strong, and the chicken was overcooked. I didn't eat much, and decided I would never return.

As it turned out, even if I wanted to return, I only had a few days to do so. The restaurant closed soon after my last visit, and it was obvious to me why it wasn't successful.

My experience with the restaurant is the same as my experience with the alphabet networks. While they may have offered something worthwhile in the past, they now offer very little, and any news is corrupted by personal opinion, fabricated stories, and outright personal attacks to promote a liberal agenda. So, I don't watch them.

The networks shouldn't be surviving, but they do. Enough know their agenda to make a huge difference in their revenue. The only reason I can see for this is the willingness of people to continue their daily meals of burned, fried chicken  Whether it's from ignorance, or some foolish desire to have access to one favorite item doesn't really matter. It's ridiculous, and they'll continue to be fed crap, until they decide to change their behavior.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Municipal Foot Shooting

A local community, which grew like a weed, is having growing pains. With a money pit local larger city just across a bayou - and in a different county - the smaller community was a haven for those wishing to leave the problems associated with the larger city.

Thirty years ago, the municipal area was only a wide spot in the road. With two highways running through the area, and much old money, or timber land, for sale, developers jumped at the opportunity to build crappy streets, throw some tract house in place, and leave, while the leaving was good. Drainage problems developed, water and sewer, was a constant new demand, traffic increases outran the local highway system, and the schools were forced to spend their windfall taxes on new schools.

With the growth now reaching further out than many want to drive, and the loss of willingness by many due to the easily observed problems, the community is reaching out for more growth, but the fact they're reaching out means they're becoming worried about the beast. They thought they moved far enough away, but the beast they ran from is getting close.

Problems are rampant, but the biggest problem - in my opinion - is the almost complete lack of future planning. This problem doesn't any have single source for blame, but with the rapid development, there are drainage problems, infrastructure problems, access problems, and the erroneous belief by many: they were moving away from the problems of the larger city. Shrewd minds, smart development, and harsh decisions are demanded, but it's a municipality; such things rarely have people with those qualifications.

Most people won't face it, but municipalities are rarely run by those most competent. With restrictive laws, and restrictive regulations, an incorporated geographical area has mandates that few are willing to tackle. Any elected official probably is only a fair word merchant, with some money behind them, and their ability to find qualified help for the city is not only limited, it's almost a guarantee they'll hire a favorite over a qualified person. That, or follow silly equal opportunity regulations and place a person that's not only not qualified, they're arrogant with their ignorance, since their career only advanced because they fit some hypothetical model of diversity.

I'll watch this community, but from my perspective, the future will only be more urban sprawl, haphazard growth, infrastructure problems, and increasing crime. Otherwise, the same problems most of the citizens ran from, except the higher taxes, which are sure to come. Running a community costs money, and since they're usually run by mostly mediocre people, the costs can only go up, and the increase in taxes demanded, until everybody runs again.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Hamster Wheel

I guess I shouldn't be so amazed, but too much of the news is now like hamsters in their wheel. They're trying hard to go somewhere with fictional leads, with the hope hope their fabrications will influence a substantial amount of people demand to Trump resign,  yet their effort don't lead them anywhere.

The fascination of watching the media running in their wheel is fading fast. People are not paying attention like they were, and the constant squeak is getting annoying.

So, When Do They Call it Sedition?

There are scores of people in the United States fomenting rebelling against the Trump Administration. Included are high ranking government officials, and many in the media. To make things worse, many of these people are quiet when individuals violently destroy personal property, or attack people that don't agree with their politics.

When will this be called what it is? When will the Attorney General do his job, and prosecute individuals obviously involved with seditious behavior? While political discourse is necessary, this isn't political discourse. Using the media to promote fictional news, allowing politicians to promote violent behavior, ignoring the rule of law, and harboring illegal aliens are sedition, which is not only against the law, it's against the United States as a country.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Strange Behavior

George Lopez, the comedian, is now another member of the group that committed attempted career suicide. I won't link to the story, but it's all over the internet, and I have a feeling his ass pocket will be bruised badly by his behavior. Of course, he'll be the darling of the liberal crowd, which if there's any justice, will have to attend any performance without any security, or police presence. Time will tell, but if he appears on anything I'm watching, including commercials, I'm changing the channel, and telling anyone that's around what a sorry piece of puke crap George Lopez became.

For those in Houston, George is coming to Houston in September. I recommend you don't go to his show. You probably can't change his politics, but you sure don't have to finance his strange behavior.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

A Different Perspective

I was emailed a link about a month ago. I hadn't checked that account, so it's a little dated.

The email was from a journalist, that seems to understand the demands of their profession, and how they operate in an environment that is hostile from many sources.

I leave you with your own opinion, but I think it will be different, after reading.

Here's the link.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Light Show

We had some unique weather today. I awoke to a north wind, which is unusual in Southeast, Texas this time of the year. Usually, the breeze indicates a very dry spell, with low humidity. The land cools enough at night for the air to migrate to the south, and the cooler air causes thunderstorms to form in the Gulf. After daylight, the cooler air on the Gulf will migrate to the north, and a sea breeze front will form. This will lead to a line of thunderstorms that can make it a few hundred miles onshore.

This weather pattern is different. The north breeze continued all day, and a line of thunderstorms formed to the north. These storms, if they don't dissipate, will eventually travel to the coast. Usually, this happens near nightfall, and the lightning is something to behold.

Radar shows I might have a spectacular light show around dusk. I'll enjoy the show, and sip some scotch...if the mosquitoes don't carry me away.

Mockingbird Annoyance

This is a good year for Mockingbirds. It appears they've had successful breeding, and the youngsters perch around the house to sing....and make noises that sound like back-up alarms...and electronic noises that start to become annoying after I realize they never shut up.

I'm thinking the parents will eventually chase them away, and the parents will be as before, and not sing to the point of me thinking of going for my air rifle.

I did notice the other types of birds will sing more, when the mockingbirds pause for a few moments. I think they probably feel the same way I do, and wish the children would be more seen, than heard.

Off the subject, but something I found interesting, I had visitors from two dot edu sites. While I may have missed them before, this is a first, as far as I know.

I wonder if it's by coincidence, or I've been found by a research group attempting to study the habits of a neanderthal, southern man with opinions not typically shared by those that inhabit the ivory towers of education. Maybe they'll learn something. I sure hope they do, and they realize the lofty heights they inhabit cause them problems with logic, due to the lack of oxygen.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Corrupted Journalism

I Googled "journalism societies". There are many, yet journalism is slipping daily into the quagmire of disrespected professions. There are even noble codes of ethics with these societies, but without any method for punishing journalists for unethical practices, it's just words on a sheet of paper.

I don't know a solution to improving the perception of journalists, but I do know it will never improve without those in the profession condemning those without integrity, and public disbarring of those members from their society that fail to follow the mandates of good journalism.

One thing I did note in my little research is a feeling the First Amendment is under attack. It's not, unless you categorize the fabrication of "facts", misleading reports, and outright personal attacks by journalists as an attack. Freedom of the press doesn't include character assassination, the deliberate presenting of lies, or sedition.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Gone Too Far

CNN threatened someone that created a video that ridiculed the network, which they found to be offensive. Their threat included "doxing" the individual, which is making public information that is not available without express permission. To a casual observer, unaware of such things, CNN crossed the line from insulted, to criminal behavior, which is a felony in every state, and at the federal level. Considering the report the person they're verbally assualting is only 15 years old only makes it worse.

At this time, enough feel CNN went to far, and the clamoring for retaliation against the network, and their sponsors, is appearing all over the internet. While CNN may recover from their action, the network will never be the same. Revenue will fall, viewership will tumble, and their staff will find they are not welcome in enough places to severely reduce their ability to report the news.

Personally, I haven't watched CNN, or any of the alphabet networks for decades, so my distaste for their brand of "news" hasn't had much of an effect on a network that misrepresents facts, or creates what they call facts, to promote an agenda.

Maybe it's time for more people to boycott the network, and its advertisers. While this seems like a terrible thing to many, the past reveals this is just more of the same unethical, corrupt brand of journalism practiced by the supposed journalists at CNN. This isn't the first time the network crossed the line, and it won't stop until they're made accountable.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Work Ahead

The signers of the Declaration of Independence placed their signatures, and then the work began. England was not about to let their cash cow leave, and the repercussions were sometimes brutal.

Many died during the war, and some lost every world possession they had. Times were tough, the English were far from kind, and the final defeat of the English came at terrible costs.

I look at the current United States, and realize how many are willing to trade liberty for supposed security. Money can be found without effort, many in the government are willing to subjugate citizens to keep their power, and the "educators" are becoming propagandists for ideas foreign to the founders. It's easier to allow the removal of freedoms, than to demand the government follow the wishes of the founders.

Celebrate the Fourth of July. It's a day to be remembered, but it's a day to understand those that created this great country did so at great peril, cost more than just worldly possessions, and the goal was to demand a sometimes ethereal condition called liberty.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Subsidized Madness

Health insurance is subsidized, so are many farmers, the same goes for some corporations, many supposed green energy products, and foreign countries. According to those that steal the money through taxes, it's for the common long as it's not me. Somebody needs to pay for this crap, and most people are too stupid to realize the actual taxpayers are not endless supplies of money.

Meanwhile, the Progressive/Socialist/Communist/murdering sacks of crap crowd continue to dance to their puppet masters, recruit more through a corrupt education system, and ignore that logic dictates their plans for Nirvana not only failed miserably in the past, Venezuela is a glaring example of a current failure.

Things always change, and I'm seeing some changes happening, but not enough. The demand for accountability was branded on the American system, with the election of Trump. If things don't change enough, I don't think the next demand will be nearly as polite.