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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Thousand Things Crossed My Mind Today

They all passed, disappeared over the horizon and I can't remember as little as one.

It's Time For Some Layoffs In Washington D.C.

It is. They've busted their britches as far as I'm concerned. The slushing of public funds for personal favorites, votes and perks needs to stop immediately.

Washington isn't supposed to pick winners. If they don't realize this, the taxpayers will determine the losers and it won't be those that produce nothing but flatulence and waste.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Simpler Times

I was standing in my mother's front yard a while ago, when I noticed the squirrels in the trees. In hers alone where 6 squirrels. There were at least that many across the street.

In the past, a few 22 rounds, a little time, a few cups of rice, some onions, some seasoning and a little flour would have yielded a few days worth of food for a family. The gumbo would have been simple, but nourishing food.

Things aren't so simple now. People work too hard to gain things that only leave memories and messes when it's all over. We leave this world as broke and naked as we arrived. Maybe we should embrace the simple things more and realize the world is much more interesting when it's not viewed from the windshield of a car on a freeway.

Friday, July 26, 2013

New Neighbor

The next door neighbor to my mother's house had a strange dog sleeping under his truck the other day. I categorized it as one of those things and didn't think much of it until the day before yesterday.

He stopped me to offer condolences, so we had a short conversation. As we were talking, he pointed the dog out and called him tripod.

Long story short: the dog was owned by some transients on the next block. They abandoned the dog and a neighbor put him in a small pen, from which he escaped. He wandered over to the neighbor's house, which offered a big heart and the care of someone that loves and respects animals.

Nobody knows how he lost a leg, which is why he's called tripod. The neighbor learned of the history from a friend.

Anyway, the neighbor is providing food and water. He's planning on building a fence soon, so Tripod could end up with a permanent home. He needs that; people can be so damned cruel and how they can be so to a small, mix breed is beyond me.

I've tried to get him to come to me, but he's weary of the species that caused him so much suffering. I won't give up. At worst, he'll never come to me. At best, I'll get to scratch his head and he'll know all humans aren't worthless pieces of crap.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Little Brain Fatigued

We've been working on a highway patch job. It's tedious at best and downright brutal at worst.

Due to temperatures, night is the best time to patch concrete. For sawing, it's required. Hot, expanding pavement can trap a concrete saw blade when the patch is finally near completely sawed. It's called a blade slam. I've felt where the slam is like somebody hitting next to your foot with a sledge hammer. The blade seizes and the only thing to do is remove the blade, saw multiple slices and relieve enough pressure to retrieve the blade. If that doesn't work, a concrete breaker is required.

As far as removing the concrete, the day works but the summer heat is brutal. Temperatures can reach over 100 degrees on any given day and there is no shade. That's why most of the work is at night and the patch is finally poured in the early morning. The increasing heat help cure the concrete quicker and getting off the highway is sooner.

So, that's where I've been. The shifts run up to 14 hours and there's little time to do much of anything except work, eat, shower and sleep.

I have some thoughts about the process of taking care of a relative that's passed. Some thoughts will require tact on my part, or a disclaimer. I don't want to offend, although the process leads to some harsh thoughts on what it takes to finally put a loved one to rest.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I'm Tired....

...and too tired to elaborate.

Maybe tomorrow, if I'm not too tired.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

I'm Confused, But Not Surprised

Look on the net and find Hollywood is not finding what makes people enjoy their films.

Hollywood is a business and it can't be explained any other way. The movies, the stars and all supporting staff are trying to make money, which I think is part of the process.

So, what's the problem? Hollywood is finding their investments are not bringing a return; much less a profit. They are scratching their heads; wondering what to do.

Here's are the solutions, if you're not so far gone you can't relate:

- Stop the graphic violence. People are horrified enough by what the real world brings. Graphic violence only reminds of the horror of reality.

-Stop the graphic sex. People that want graphic sex can find it on the internet. It doesn't embellish the story line.

- Remember that reality doesn't allow happy endings as often as wanted. The stories need to be of contentment, happiness and the hope that life can turn out "happily ever after."

- Advise your stars that their political beliefs destroy their career. Most people are not liberal, believe that the world owes them anything and find such behavior repugnant. We don't need a conscience. We need an escape to gentle reminders of the tremendous good of the human species.

I remember when "True Grit" was released. It was a grand story, with a grand conclusion. Life can be cruel, but people are not willing to accept it always needs to be that way. That's what Hollywood needs to embrace. We need entertainment without evil. Good needs to conquer and it shouldn't be the "good" of the failed efforts of socialism, or any other political ideology that cause more harm than good.

This Is Bothering Me

It's pretty well disappeared from the media outlets, but President Obama made a comment about Trevon could have been him 35 years ago. That's enlightening and troubling.

First, if he knew all that was known about Trevon Martin, he knew that Trevon was known to use illegal drugs, suspected of criminal activities and belligerently anti-social. While everyone has the options to choose their own life, the choice - at best - leads to an unproductive life and a possible long time in prison. Is that what he was trying to relate as similar?

If he was ignorant of Trevon Martin's history, and still decided to remark, without any foresight of the ramifications of pointing out his similarities, that too is very disturbing.  The President is responsible for all that happens due to his words, or actions. Just uttering that short sentence led to unfruitful commentary and criminal actions.

We have an amateur President and an amateur administration. That's a major concern during times when exceptional leadership and administrative actions are mandated. In this environment, only an exceptional legislative branch can reduce the harm. As of this point, I'm not seeing enough exceptional leadership in Congress. Hopefully, the mid-terms will bring more of what's required to return the United States to the role of leadership.That leadership is only continued by example. The example we now portray is of bumbling incompetence.

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Legalities of Dying

I'm beginning to think you can't officially be dead until the weight of the paperwork matches the body.

The next phase of taking care of my mother will be interesting, to say the least. For those that contemplate dying in the future, it might be best to be like my mother and take care of a durable power of attorney, a medical power of attorney, an advanced directive and a last will and testament. They can ease the burdens of your love ones substantially and make the process of taking care of an estate much less stressful.

Detroit is Bankrupt

Detroit is one of many taxing entities that are bankrupt. They have too many obligations and not nearly enough revenue to cover the bills.

How did this happen? They - like too many cities - continuously increased wages, retirement benefits and marginalized the reason they were created to continue their incompetent agenda. When the blight, crime, taxes and lack of jobs in the private sector caused businesses to close, or move, property values plummeted, tax revenue disappeared and the costs continued to climb.

The outcome of the bankruptcy - if they are not allowed to reorganize - will leave no options but to liquidate assets and the dispersing of what funds are available to creditors. If they're allowed to reorganize, all creditors will be offered a plan, which usually means around a 10% recovery of their losses at best. It may be worse, with creditors allowed substantially less.

How about the pensions? That's where people will really get screwed. If the funds weren't secured, some may find their pensions don't exist. That's sobering to an older person living on a fixed income. Regardless of how they reached that point, the pain of losing money in this economy will be substantial. People will be hurt and those that caused this pain are probably long gone. Their legacy of waste will only be a talking point. There will be no accountability.

Meanwhile, other cities will follow. Corrupt, incompetent government entities abound in the United States. How this all ends up will only be known after it's all over. I have the feeling many cities will be turned into landscapes of empty decay; a testament to the folly of progressive thought, poor federal monetary policy, deficit spending and the corruption of ethics.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Evil of Entitlement

Expecting something for nothing, a special consideration or using the government, or media, for personal gain is an evil that pollutes society. It's time for it to stop and people to demand honor - with integrity - from the government and all citizens.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A New Beginning

I don't believe your existence ends when you die. There's too much power to the force we call life and all that would be left would be pure energy, which exists in a different time reference than ours.

With that written, I wish my mom a safe journey for her new beginning. God rest her soul.

I'll miss her forever.

Monday, July 15, 2013

When The Options Run Out

I'm meeting with a hospice nurse for an assessment of my mother this afternoon. After a downhill run, a weekend of barely responding and watching how the prospect of even moving is a terrible experience, I'm faced with a decision that is mine alone. It's been on my mind for a week and it won't be any easier than when I first contemplated the decision.

I can't describe the importance of now, when it comes to loved ones. There is only this moment and something that seems insignificant, such as a quick phone call, may be the last. You never know and you don't get second chances.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Some Advice for George Zimmerman

You probably don't read my blog, but here's some advice:

Don't stop. Put your legal team to work on suing the pants off the media outlets, professional agitators and even the U.S. government for circumventing your rights for a fair trial and attempting to ruin your life for their personal gain. Play rough. Go for the gonads and show only as much mercy as they showed you. Damned good attorneys will stand in line for the opportunity to represent you on contingency.

Allow someone to write your official biography. People are interested, will buy your book and you'll need the money to remain anonymous, or afford security in your now public life.

Go on television. Be truthful, humble and cry every now and then so the ladies realize they were wrong in judging you as a ruthless vigilante.

You have a short window to take advantage of what there is to be had. Use it, or you'll never have the chance again.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Jury Reached a Verdict

George Zimmerman is now free....somewhat. The media attention, threats against his life and constant future threats now mean he is not free; and never will be.

CNN published Zimmerman's social security number, so he now faces identity theft and all the problems associated with the crime. I doubt the government will help him. In fact, I think they'll persecute him until another political power is in office.

Zimmerman won't be able to get into his car, drive to the store and buy a loaf of bread. His life is ruined and there's nobody to blame, except the media, the government and the thugs that make up the race-baiters that make millions from perpetuating race hatred.

I've written before of how the alphabet networks are one of the biggest problems this nations faces. Do your part and don't watch. They can't exist without your participation and you're the only one that can make that difference.


The last few days have brought a lot of memories of summer. For a few seconds yesterday, everything fell into place and I was returned to 40 years ago, when I was much younger.

The event that brought back the memories was driving along, the windows rolled down, the smells of hot asphalt, fresh cut grass, the older houses, the color of the sky and the lack of reference to the present. I was pulled back to a time where life was almost completely in front of me. The same wonder, new experiences and feeling of contentment returned for a few brief minutes.

It's hard to explain memories. They're so much more than what was seen, or heard. They're the entire moment; every sense was involved and there are few words to describe the changes of temperature on the skin, the certain blue of the sky, the faint odor of food cooking, or the dim noises heard in the background. It's too intense to relate with only words.

Life is such a precious experience and too easy to live without taking note of every moment. I need to focus more on every moment and remember all I can. They're all I was, I am and ever will be.

Friday, July 12, 2013

There's a Real World Out There

There is. In spite of the media, politicians and all the minions of irrelevance, real people wake up, go to work, have lives, don't care about any Hollywood asshole and are determined to succeed; in spite of what anyone thinks.

They're not happy and the parasites need to realize they're not on the endangered species list.

A Quick Post

I've been so busy, I haven't had time to write much. I have lot's on my mind and plan to write something as soon as possible, but for now, I'm only going to post a short thanks to all that visit my blog and spend some of the their time making the effort.

If your time is like my time, it's very precious and not to be considered of little value. Thanks for stopping by. Maybe things will slow down and I'll have more time to write.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Heat, Sweat and Lot's Of Water

We've been starting work around 4:00 am to beat the sun, but we can't beat the heat. Eighty degrees with eighty percent humidity means you sweat profusely before the sunrise and the overall effect is almost as bad as the heat with the sun and lower humidity.

I did a rough estimate of how much liquid I drink each day. From my rough calculations, it's somewhere around 160 ounces, which is only what's needed for replacement.

My clothes stay soaked. Sweat literally runs out of my hard hat like a slow faucet. If I don't take pills to replace the minerals I lose, I will cramp so bad I can't function.

For those that love the summer, I don't think you'd have such a fondness for the season if you worked in it for up to 12 hours each day, with the same conditions I face daily.

Monday, July 8, 2013

What a Huge Uh-Oh

Everything is starting to point to pilot error in the crash of the 777. From watching a home video of the crash, the plane was so slow, it was barely flying when it hit the ground, skidded in a cloud of dust and eventually damn near flipped over.

The reports say the stall warning came on before the crash, which usually means things are fixing to get really bad, especially when only a few dozen feet above the ground.

I don't think either pilot has a real promising future and the engineers of the 777 get an attaboy. Something hitting the ground at over 100 mph, staying together and then allowing almost all the passengers to escape is a marvel.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

When It Comes Right Down To It

Very few people give a shit, when it comes right down to it. Friends have stipulations, family is a big maybe and you might find a total stranger does more for you than anyone else.

That's part of life. You learn to be self-sufficient, roll with the punches, throw a few of your own and eventually find your old ass is laying in a bed damned near helpless.

Be kind to people. You might have to depend on them one day.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Some Things Are Only Learned By Experience

I woke this morning, looked at the sky; looked at the atmosphere; felt the temperature and determined which the direction the wind was blowing.

The atmosphere was very clear.The sky had occasional low scud clouds and the temperature was in the mid 70's. The wind was from the east.

What does this mean? The clearing atmosphere means the air is rising. The temperature means somewhere rain is cooling the air. The scud clouds mean the weather is changing and the east wind is not a good sign. We call this hurricane weather down in this part of the country.

I checked the weather service. Way down in the Gulf of Mexico, near the Bay of Campeche is the center of low pressure area. The winds are rising and the convection around the center is becoming pronounced.

We have a storm brewing. The forecasters don't think it will develop, due to the upper level winds. They do think it will drift northward and eventually cross the lower Texas coast or into Mexico. This will bring rain, which we need, but not all at once.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Floating Around My Mind.... a short story. The plot is definite, but, at this moment, my mind is too full of other things.

If it rains, I think I'll spend some time working it out.

Well, The News Report Was Wrong

Last week a news report stated that one of the victims in a video showing Syrian rebels beheading three men was a priest. The report was wrong. The priest wasn't beheaded, he was shot eight times,

As Hillary would say: "What difference does it make?"

Dear God

You can let the smiting begin any time you like. I'd write a list of my candidates, but I think you probably already know. I know you'll be busy in Washington D.C., but I think your aim is good enough to not hit any of the really important buildings. A lot of people gave much of their lives, if not their lives so those buildings can be a shining example of what's good and fair. ( I'm pretty sure you already know that, also)


The Wounded Leviathan

The current administration arbitrarily decided to not enforce the employer part of the Affordable Care Act for one year after the time stated by the law. Otherwise, for whatever reason, they've decided to not enforce laws they swore to follow, until a time when it's more convenient, or for political gain.

Since they've decided to do this - and it might not happen - a tremendous amount of projected revenue from employers will not arrive to help finance the gluttonous bureaucracy and add to the abysmal debt we already face.

To add insult to injury, the individual mandate will remain. Otherwise, some people will be really, really surprised when they have a tax deficiency, or find their anticipated refund won't happen in early 2015. To make this worse, with the extra time, employers will have time to pare their workforce to part time, or eliminate as many jobs necessary to survive.

What could go wrong? More debt? More economic burdens on employers? Less hours and jobs for individuals? Less income, since even the youngest of workers will now pay for insurance, whether they want to, or not?

Hang on. The leviathan is thrashing, struggling to survive and mortally wounded. I doubt it succumbs quietly.

I Didn't Lose a Finger

After reading all the firework mishap stories, and this post at "An Ordinary Life", I reflected on a few occurrences of my youth.

I stepped on quite a few sparkler rods. You avoid them when they're red hot, but invariably step on one that is not visibly glowing.

While trying to hold a roman candle, due to my grip, it fired into my hand. It hurt like hell and took a long time to heal.

I had a substantial amount of bottle rocket misfires, including those that were from the pipe we were using as a launcher. (We didn't think it was pointed that way. Dammit, we were having a war and the fury of battle is confusing.)

While riding in a friend's 55 Chevy, his effort to throw a firecracker from the window led to it sailing through mine, into my bag of fireworks and it seemed to take forever for us to stop.

I had a firecracker go off in my hand. If you've never had this happen, the explosion immediately opens your hand, make it numb for a few moments and the eventual pain is like when you hit your finger with a hammer.

I didn't lose a finger, so everything was good.

Fireworks are part of growing up. So if you're concerned, get over it. Even if you outlaw firecrackers, young folks will figure out a way to blow things up without your guidance. Buy them, teach safe handling and a keep  a first aid kit handy.

Over 60,000 Visits

I haven't commented on the amount of visits to my site in awhile. Currently, that number is over 60,000, which may be a small number for a commercial site. For a site by an individual, with an opinion and some fiction thrown in now and then, that's a really, really big number.

Thanks to all that visit (even the bots). I appreciate it. Just wipe your feet before coming in....and leave a quarter on the toilet.

The Head of the Tick

D.C. is the head of a huge tick; a parasite swollen on the lifeblood of the nation.

We need an enormous flea and tick collar.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Liberty and Determination

I've been paying a little attention to the happenings in Egypt. When I really analyze what there is to be found, the hoopla, obfuscation and general crap is not what's really happening. They've decided their chief executive is a crook, willing to sacrifice liberty and allowing religious thugs to terrorize and they've had enough.

I think they're brave, should be congratulated and never allow the likes of Obama in their country again. He was instrumental in this snafu and they seem to know it. Good for them.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

If I Had My Druthers

Military families and service personnel will not have their usual 4th of July celebrations.  It's due to the budget cuts, which are always necessary....however those wouldn't be my choices.

I'd rather see the air conditioning turned off in all D.C. buildings, the removal of any vacation perks for any member of our government, the end of all junkets for any reason and the layoff of 1/2 the staffs of all members of Congress.

After that, the removal of all members of the First Lady's entourage, the downsizing of Air Force One to what is essential for the President and Secret Service members only,  and elimination of collective bargaining by Federal employees.(They work for me, not some pogue that benefits from the agreements.)

I think we need a new law. While I'm no fan of new laws, since we have too damned many, this law is more than important: A law that proportions the salaries of all federal employees to inflation.

This law will mandate that compensation will reflect inflation rates. If the value of the dollar drops, so do salaries. Otherwise, if they want to allow the Fed to print money, which reduces the value of the dollar by 10%, their compensation drops by 10%. That would be fair and make them think twice about who they allow to dick around with our economy.

Slippery Slope

I've been watching the Texas Legislature with the current process to change abortion laws. It's been a battle between ideologies, but the majority vote will probably go to the passage of the changed laws.

One of the biggest contention points is the lowering of the current acceptable weeks of pregnancy where abortion is legal. Currently, the cutoff point is 24 weeks. The proposed cutoff point is 20 weeks,  which is an accepted point where a premature baby will not survive. Otherwise, it's an arbitrary point in reality, since the time of conception can be subjective. Otherwise, the actual time of pregnancy can be a longer, or shorter period of time.

So, what does this mean? It means that a human with a chance of survival with proper medical care might end up being killed with chemicals, and eventually expelled from the body of the pregnant woman.

I don't know about you, but I find this horrifying. Even more horrifying is the willingness of any medical professional to perform such a procedure for monetary gain. To add to this horror, people will stand in the public square and support this procedure.

What the hell has happened to our society? If you don't realize how complete a human is at 20 weeks, type in "20 week old baby" in a search engine and peruse the pictures. Take special note of those that were aborted. If you can honestly say you find nothing disturbing about this, you're a sick bastard. We don't need you in our society. Find the nearest tall bridge and jump off as soon as possible.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

So, You're Thinking About Getting a Tattoo?

The debate seems to go on and on about whether to get a tattoo, or not. Like all things, there's the risk you won't be 100% satisfied with your "tat".

I don't remember where I downloaded the photo above, but it originally brought coffee to my nasal cavities and strange looks from coworkers. It's on of my favorites and a good reason to be cautious.

Pessimism and Crap

I'm getting tired of the pessimism. "We're doomed!".... "Everything will end!".

Things always change. Sometimes they changes are rough, but the good people, which are the vast majority in this country, triumph. If there's a mess, it's cleaned up. If there's a group of people that need to be reminded they're assholes and they WILL change, it happens.

I'm going to be more positive. Assholes beware. I'm motivated.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Project Plans

I've seen many sets of project plans. Usually, my first experience with the plans is during the bidding process. Looking through the plans reveals what's there and what they want to be there....if the engineer is worth their salt.

I'm looking through some plans that should require an engineer to be flogged in public at 12:00 noon. He should be ashamed. While I know he had underlings perform the actual preparation, he stamped the damn things. That makes him responsible.