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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Setting the Bar

A former CIA officer was sentenced for selling state secrets for $25,000. The link describes the sentence, which is harsh, which it should be. It was a crime that deserves such punishment, and should set the bar for the results of Hillary's shenanigans. In my opinion, her punishment should be life in prison, or a harsher punishment.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Probably a Stupid Thing to Do

The mayor of London, who I personally feel is nothing but an ISIS sympathizer, doesn't think the President deserves a state visit.  That's he personal opinion, and since he's the mayor, it can only be determined that the city shares the same feeling.

I don't know how this will affect tourism, but there will be some repercussions. That, and more feelings of disgust for the United Kingdom. 

Friday, May 10, 2019

Newspaper Lightning

It all started around 10:30 last night. The power went off, which woke me, so I went outside to observe the weather.

I call it "newspaper lightning". The flashes are so often, you can read a newspaper. It happens rarely here, but it always signifies a weather event with strong thunderstorms.

There were storms all around, but we weren't having any rain. Radar showed a severe storm to the west, which was moving to the northeast. This meant it would miss us, so I went back to bed.

Thunder, heavy rain, and strong winds woke me at 12:30. Looking out the window only revealed heavy rain between the flashes of lightning. I rose, and started pacing the floor, while my wife did the same.

My wife used her flashlight to see out on the front porch. She commented about the roll up shade being in tatters, and soon exclaimed: "It's all over the yard." The wind picked at the shade ( which was rolled up and tied) and spread it like confetti into the yard.

It took about an hour for the storms to move on. With the end of the strong wind, I ventured onto the porch.

The rain gauge was at the top, so I knew at least five inches fell in the brief heavy rain. That meant the road to my house might be flooded, and going to work might be a problem.

I eventually went back to bed, only to be wakened at 5:00 am by the power returning. Looking out the window revealed a steady rain, so I prepared to leave for work.

I drove to the point where the road floods, and decided to return home. The half mile stretch was like a lake, and I couldn't see the depth.

So, now I'll wait until daylight to see how bad the road is flooded, and start reading the local news about storm damage. Hopefully, the weather forecasters are wrong about this all happening again this evening. I think we've had enough.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Enough of the Kid Gloves

You'd think the seditionists that attempted a coup had only jaywalked. Mainstream media avoids the crimes, those that can prosecute haven't frog-walked one of them to the nearest jail, and those most involved are allowed all the publicity they want for nothing.

It's time for this to end. Laws were broken, criminals with government authority went rogue, and many in the media used disinformation to aid in  the coup attempt.

What should happen? Start with Comey. He's admitted breaking the law, and should be prosecuted immediately. Then go after Nellie Orr. She'll sing like a canary - even it means giving up her husband. Those two will spill the beans on others, and the media will be forced to report - even if they try to spin it as something else.

Sedition is back-door treason in this situation. Those involved were part of the criminal activities of the last administration, and there was no honorable effort to remove tyranny. They were part of the tyranny, trying to cover up their activities, and making an effort to remove the will of citizens.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Theory and Realism

Theoretically, the attempted coup of the President could yield terrible punishments - even a firing squad. Realistically, those most involved will probably skate. It shouldn't be that way, but things could change....we can only hope.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Watching the Birds

It's a banner Spring morning. The temperature is in the upper sixties, the azure sky is tarnished by a few wispy cirrus, and the quiet is only shattered by the occasional bird song or call.

The starlings have appeared. The bluebirds, and purple martins, are not happy about their appearance. They chase them away, when they get to close to their nests. Both are probably far along with raising their young, and don't welcome the intrusion.

The ducks have changed their behavior. The four Mallard drakes were constantly with the pair of Pekings, but now roam separately. They can fly, which makes me wonder if they'll leave. The two Muscovy hens are still usually together, but will spend times alone as they constantly hunt for more morsels to eat.

We have woodpeckers. A mated pair of red belly woodpeckers are frequent visitors to the bird feeder. They'll do this, until their young are on their own. Eventually, when the young start becoming a threat to their parents territory, they'll chase them away to start their own life. The parents will return to their foraging, and avoid the feeder until next year.

I'll occasionally see a pileated woodpecker fly over. I think they like the heavier woods, as do the red-headed woodpeckers.

A murder of three crows are always present. They'll sneak to the feeder, but not when anyone is present. They usually stay within sight during the day, as they look for opportunities, and steal the eggs of other birds.

The brown headed cow birds are a constant drain on the feeder. The school is small, but they're voracious eaters. I don't care for them, and will chase them away from the feeder. They're like the squirrels; nuisances that I'd rather go elsewhere.

The red-tailed hawks have moved on. There is a cooper's hawk that seems to have settled on a territory here. I've only seen the bald eagles fly over at a distance. I'm guessing they have a nest locally, but it's not close.

We have more. Blue Jays, chipping sparrows, pine buntings (they've moved on for the season), vultures, snipe, kildeers (their eggs don't last a week in their ground nests) mourning doves, Inca doves, great herons, green herons, hummingbirds, and some that don't light long enough for me to identify.

The birds are like a fish tank for me. I can spend long periods of time just watching them, and the peace it offers takes away the edge of dealing with the modern world. It's my catharsis.

So, this morning offered some good moments; just like the cinnamon rolls I can smell are about ready. They'll be a tasty treat with the fried bacon. Life is good, and this morning proves it is.

Friday, May 3, 2019

Guessing the Goat

With the current perceived push by the Trump Administration to go after the criminals who attempted an overthrow of power, those with the most to lose are probably scrambling for a goat. From my perspective, it's looking like the first sacrificial goat will be Nellie Ohr. Of course, this will probably involve her husband too, unless he finds a way to weasel out a deal. Both are dirty, directly linked to the last administration, and probably to the Clinton machine. Both are just the right level in the food chain to maybe insulate bigger players from criminal indictments.

Both need to make sure their life insurance is up to date. The evil bastards of the last administration proved they will stop at nothing.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Playing With Fire

It appears Barr is losing patience. To the Democrats, they think they may be backing him into a corner, and they'll either force his impeachment, or he'll resign. Both may be the actual outcome, but they might not have considered Barr knows way more than they think, he's working hard on criminal charges for some of their favored people, and the final outcome may reveal a huge seditious effort to change the government outside the rules of law. If the entire effort to destroy Trump is as illegal as it appears, the final outcome may be the dismantling of the main structure of the Democratic Party.

Personally, I hope Barr comes out with both guns blazing, and payback on his mind.