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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Legacy of Deceit

The blame for the Libya murders has bounced around; it's even stretched out so far as to blame the Romney-Ryan campaign for making it a political issue.

The terrorists are the murderers, but the current administration allowed, if not orchestrated, the situation where U.S. citizens were left unprotected and placed in harm's way. The big question is who made the decisions?

If a subordinate made the decisions, it's tragic, but I think they would have already been exposed. Why protect the faulty decisions? Why keep this person and allow the possibility of more mistakes? Allowing this person, or persons, to stay in a capacity that endangers the safety of U.S. citizens is not acceptable. Even the most incompetent of managers would realize this and immediately terminate the position.

This hasn't happened, so the decisions that led to murders were of someone that is politically sensitive; maybe even the Secretary of State, or President. Even if they were only in charge of the decision makers, they've decided to protect, instead of being honest and admitting their failure to supervise.

We'll know before it's over. The facts will be gathered, the reports will detail the event and someone will become responsible. Even if it's a culmination of errors, some official will be revealed as having the final decision, which led to four deaths.

There's a legacy of deceit being written for this administration and it will involve the entire administration, instead of only one department. I compare it to the legacy of deceit by Nixon and his administration, except the activities resulted in death, instead of just criminal activity and dishonor. It's a terrible legacy, but it's the legacy they created. May they suffer for their actions and may history damn those involved.

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