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Sunday, August 31, 2014

I Doubt Anyone Gets a Refund

Pour ice water over your head, or give some money for ALS research......or not. According to this news report, 28% of funds to the ALS Foundation are used for research. The rest go to something else.

Charitable giving is one of the things U.S. folks are known for. It's a good thing, but many give without doing a little research on the organization they're giving their hard money to for support. Considering how huge the ice water challenge has affected the country, I'm thinking many will feel a little betrayed when they realize only 28 cents of every dollar they donated actually is used to find a cure for a horrific illness. If they're like me, that seems like a paltry proportion to use for what the money is actually given to accomplish.

I Really Don't Care

About what? Whether it's the correct time of year to make gumbo.

"It's too hot for gumbo!" is a response I've heard. Following that line of reasoning, nothing should be cooked during hot months. Everything has to be raw or eaten frozen. Hot meals are enjoyed year round and I still haven't determined why gumbo is considered a cold weather food.

I've been told the same thing for chili, which doesn't make sense, because the summer baseball food of hot dogs are commonly covered in the stuff. I like chili in the summer as much as I do in the winter. It tastes good, is relatively inexpensive and easy to make.

So, whether you dislike the idea, or not, I made chicken and sausage gumbo today. For those that think it's a bad idea, it doesn't bother me you feel that way. I have more for me and it's really, really good.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Of Scotsmen and Heritage

The bagpipes are seldom spoken of in a positive way. Still, I like them and the music that's played on the odd instrument once made from the skin of a sheep. It's part of my heritage and I can feel my ancestors calling when I hear the songs.

Enjoy, or not.

I Wonder Sometimes

I was born on an August day. My mother died two days shy of my third month. While I had a loving step-mother that raised me from a child, I still wonder about my mother.

I know she was short. I was told she was about 5 feet tall; tiny was the description of someone that knew her. She was blonde, with blue eyes,and my father adored her. I know that from what I was told by others; my father never talked about her; I think the pain lasted until he passed.

Still, I wonder about her. What was her favorite color? Did she like chocolate cake? Would her smile have healed my broken heart, when life was disappointing? Could I have met her expectations and made her proud?

I wonder most about the end. Melanoma had ravaged; her last days were known to be coming; and the sadness in her heart must have been so deep as to be unbearable.

My father was there until the end. How he survived is beyond me. I don't know if I could have been that strong. Losing the love of your life at such an early age can only be an event that destroys something forever. His perseverance was exceptional and I admire my father more, when I reflect on legacy.

So, I wonder about the person that only brought me to this world; soon to leave for another purpose. The person, and the purpose will never be revealed while I walk the Earth. Time will eventually bring me to the place where I will have the answers. Until then, I can only wait and wonder.

Okay; I'll Admit It

Experience give the opportunity to observe people and events. The cumulative knowledge obtained is worth more than any advanced teachings and degrees. That's why I'm enjoying watching the current administration floundering, losing respect and almost panicking over the public perception of the fecklessness.

It didn't take much thought, or research, to understand the woeful incompetence of the President. He had no experience, was paraded like the entertainer he is, and allowed to ascend into a position that much more qualified men floundered in after acceptance.

To add to my humor is the "sudden" realization by the media their betrayal is starting to hit them in the pocket book. Those that were so willing to sacrifice the honorable path of their profession are finding they're considered inconsequential; or even derelict in their duty and dismissed as shallow, unreasonable people with little moral character.

You reap what you sow. We have a nation that sowed ignorance and is now facing a future where that ignorance will reveal the harm of such an action. Logical thinking was abandoned for momentary enjoyment and the lack of any enjoyment is on the horizon for many. The predator of reality doesn't need to stalk its prey; it's congregating at the pool of ignorance and ready for harvest.

As always, the strong will survive; but even if there's a national calamity, few will be willing to seek the solution found during the Great Depression. Governments create more problems than they solve. It's now obvious no government ever really represents the people that allow it to persist. Only liberty guarantees a healthy society. That's what the founders of the United States realized centuries ago. We were given a map to prosperity and it's now a crumpled mess; stuffed in the glove box; under a pile of napkins from a fast food restaurant.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Night Extreme Music


It's What We Make Of It

There's plenty of terrible news to read every day. We're bombarded with this news because the media outlets discovered it sells; and regardless to the mood it brings, scrambles to find the worst, so they can line their pockets. The result can be doom and gloom.

So, today I refuse to let it influence my thinking. It's good thoughts and an unwillingness to be sucked into the drama.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

So, The Visit is Over

I went to the dermatologist today. He had a look, used his freezing apparatus freely and froze over 15 precancerous spots on my face and ears. The first one wasn't bad, but around the first 5, I really didn't want any more; and the doctor continued counting for his nurse, as he placed liquid nitrogen on the areas he was treating. The nurse said my face should return to normal in a day or two....What? Will I need to hunch over like Quasimodo, scare the people in the elevator, and make the ghost of Charles Laughton proud?

The reason for my visit, which was a lesion on my face, that came and went, concerned him enough to perform a biopsy. When he started, it didn't hurt, although the nurse was expecting it to. With worried apprehension, she warned of a little pain and then asked if it was hurting. I didn't say anything, because a certain sphincter was ready to slam shut. (The last time I was warned of pain was when a dentist finally reached the underlying nerve during a root canal. That was a lifetime of pain that lasted a few moments.) The doctor placed a stitch and put away his cookie cutter. No pain, but it aches a little this evening.

So; now the results will be known in ten days. I don't look like Quasimodo, but it does look like I might have tangled with a few wasps....and they won. My only problem now will be finding someone to remove the stitch. I think it will require drawing straws, because I've already had two volunteers.

My face and ears have taken the brunt of punishment from the sun. Everything else looks fine, except for barnacles. I looked up the term. You can too. I can't even spell what they are and I has them.

They Could Make it the Headline

When you stop and think of how people in Iraq are being brutally murdered by thugs, due to their religious belief, you'd think the likes of CNN would be spending days reporting the horror, instead of spending so much time on Missouri and meddling where they shouldn't.

The murders are horrific. Some are brutally beheaded; others are buried alive. The brutality doesn't end there. Women are raped before they're murdered or kept as sex slaves.

Rachel Maddow criticized the wuss Democrats in Washington. That's a little surprising, but maybe she's so disturbed, she's willing to give up her liberal hack secret decoder ring to help stop what any decent society would describe as barbarians. I can hope. The media is useless to those that are willing to butcher innocent civilians to terrorize.

There's a talk of going to war against ISIS. I don't think that's the proper method. Attack the bankers, suppliers and sympathizers. Conduct covert operations against the leadership and butcher them unmercifully. Call it cutting off the head of the snake, if you will. Without resources, ISIS will be dismantled and those that remain can be eliminated as found; just like the Nazis after WW 2.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Busy, Busy Bots

The bots were busy today. How do I know? A huge amounts of visits to a post from two years ago.

Some I know are from commercial sites, but have the feeling some are up to bad things.

It's No Different Than in the Past

I've watched large corporations and investors moving away from the high tax rates of the United States over the term of the current administration. It's part of business, which I understand. That's how things have always been.

What's changed is the perception. Instead of realizing the reasons, addressing the problem and making business easier in the United States, too many are condemning, demanding higher taxes and wondering why the economy is tanking. That's like shooting yourself in one foot, finding the blood loss unacceptable and then shooting a hole in the other foot, with the hope it will drain into the other.

Sometime Over the Night

My stats show the number of 150,000 was surpassed during the night. Whether it was a human, or spambot is unknown. Regardless, that's an accomplishment, in my opinion.

For those that visit, and even more for those that comment, I'm honored.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Morning Laugh

I was talking to someone about their after work shopping to fill the lists given by teachers to his children. He wasn't happy about the list, the cost, and some of the idiosyncrasies of the teachers. He finally reached the point he used the term "libtard teachers"......I was surprised, and tickled. He usually doesn't have anything to say about politics, but it's now apparent he doesn't care much for the direction schools are following.


I buy dozens of batteries every year at work for equipment. They range from small 12 volt batteries for generators, to 24 volt monsters that can blow the end off a screwdriver; if you happen to ground the positive post to the frame.

The price of the critters has become out of hand. Between the EPA finally closing the last smelter, the fact the market knows it can take advantage of this fact, regulations, and the cost of fuel, the price of a lead/acid storage battery has doubled.

This sucks. My solution is to limit employees of any government entity but one battery every ten years. Private citizens can buy as many as they want. That way, between the cost of jumping cars, and the after retail costs of batteries, private citizens can be reimbursed for some of the exorbitant taxes and punish the pinheaded bureaucrats that make their lives miserable.

"Need a jump?"

"One hundred dollars!!!???"

"So you remember when I told you there was a mistake on my water bill?"

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Visiting the Dermatologist

I have visit this Thursday. I'm apprehensive because of the reason I made the appointment and the fact my mother died of Melanoma a few months after I was born.

I'm guessing the thoughts of the once over by a male doctor is part of it. Then again, maybe he'll have knock dead gorgeous nurse to assist. I'll cross my fingers...and by nurse I mean female nurse.

Melting Ice and Strange Behavior

There's a man that's planning to live on an iceberg for a year to prove that AGW is a danger to the world and to promote the need for climate change action. 

I'm not an expert on climate change, but through my years of school, a little reading after that time, and some mixed drinks, nobody ever doubted ice will melt if the water is warmer than the temperature of the freezing water. In fact, even when humans weren't around, ice melted in water that was warmer than the freezing temperature of ice.

So, I'm thinking somebody has some money, is looking for publicity, has an ego the size of a small city, and needs to bring a few dozen Playboys, plenty of toilet paper and some baby wipes. Unless things have changed, there are few hot shower facilities on icebergs.

I won't call him a dumbass, but I suspect he might be one.

Attrition and Retribution

News reports state it's now known who executed James Foley.  The waiting game begins, but the young, former rapper is now marked for death; and I have the feeling nobody will demand his arrest. Being his executioner will become an approved distinction and the more brutal the death, the happier the world.

He'll be found, whether guilty, or not. The number of fellow jackals eliminated to find the intended prey may be a large number. If so, the world will only find more joy; those that are part of the butchery are just as guilty.

So, the terrorists now wait. More than likely, those that handle the money conveniently placed much of it in accounts only they can access, at a price that even the supposedly most ethical banker can rationalize a "temporary" removal of ethics. Those that believe they're fighting a worthy cause will find their numbers dwindling, conditions becoming more dire, and resources becoming scarce. The wannabes will find they'd rather stay away; a hot morning beverage is more enjoyable in the comfort of peace, instead of as prey for a righteously indignant world.

It's now even more apparent ISIS is not organized, the leadership are opportunistic thugs, and their followers are cannon fodder for their illegal activities. The ideology that drives the movement is avarice and those foolish enough to become involved are now marked for death. May it be soon and brutal. They deserve no mercy.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Looks Like Someone Doesn't Have Your Back Anymore

That's one of my favorite lines. It was from the movie "Constantine", when Gabriel was turned mortal.

With that in mind, read the following article from Maureen Dowd.

"The Golf Address"

Blood Pressure Wonderings

At the first of this Spring, I had my annual checkup and the doctor noted my blood pressure was in the pre-hypertension range. When I had my blood work done a month ago, it was still in that range, so the doctor had me monitor, and record, my blood pressure every morning for two weeks.

The pressure varied from a high of 153/103 to a low of 119/80, with most in the 135/85 range. I know I'd lost 5 pounds of winter fat since the last visit, so I was concerned about my blood pressure being higher than it used to be.

When I gave my doctor the numbers, he said it was acceptable and I should continue with my lifestyle.

I quit monitoring my blood pressure, until yesterday morning. I had an urge and checked it; it was 112/62. Thinking it was a fluke, I checked it again; it was 117/77.

I checked it again this morning. The reading? 108/79. I checked it again: 103/71.

I thought about any difference and only found two. One was I'd returned to some light weight training and exercises. The other was losing another three pounds, which puts me within the weight I'm most comfortable. Still, for some reason, this bothers me. I've always had good blood pressure, wonder why it went up for the time period it did and try to find a cause.

The only thing different about the time it was high was it was the same time I was working where I was exposed to sulfur fumes, hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide. Researching the effects of exposure hasn't led to any conclusion.

I'll keep an eye on it. Changes as such give me a little concern.

Just an Observation

ISIS is now considered a world threat. Whether they realize it, or not, they are now being hunted. Even in strong numbers, they're the target of air strikes and their numbers will dwindle, when those constantly exposed to the violence of war either become even more barbaric, or slip away to return to an existence not marred by brutality.

Although they're considered well organized, it's obvious one of their members crossed a line, murdered an innocent reporter, and recorded the event, with the thought they were promoting their cause. I doubt seriously it was ordered by someone higher in the organization; and the world recoiled in horror. Their chances of attracting anyone but the criminally insane disappeared in a matter of minutes. They're now what everyone with sense knew they were: thugs hiding behind religion.

We probably won't hear much about it, but those that help them with their finances will become targets. Assassinations will happen; local and national governments will turn their heads; those that want their resources will find ways to steal them; and the members sophisticated enough to understand the path they now follow, will cut and run; when given the opportunity.

ISIS succeeded in making the world aware that Muslim fanatics are a threat that can't be allowed to continue. Their success will now be rewarded with a systematic elimination of those that continue with their efforts.

You may doubt me, and I may be wrong, but the majority of the people that inhabit our planet are revolted by horror and violence. Those that practice it for power are never admired, respected or considered valuable members of our species. Their death is never mourned and society breathes a sigh of relief at their demise.

Friday, August 22, 2014

So, You Don't Believe Me?

I write all the time about the foolishness of allowing any government entity to meddle. If you don't believe me, read at the following link and go get a cookie.

No more pink cookies!

I Think You Better Hold On

Now, that's picking.

What If...

...all the good citizens of Ferguson; who far outnumber the media, race baiters,  and thugs; banded together; told them to leave; and beat anyone that refused until they pissed blood for a week?

I think the proper description of such an event would be justice.


I was reading a news article about how an ex-C.I.A. official commented on the monitoring of terrorists that travel around the world. His contention is sleeper cells are in the United States.

Back in WW 2, known enemy operatives were either arrested, or killed. Political boundaries were ignored and the enemy was destroyed, which is how you handle enemies that threaten to kill you.

Personally, I wouldn't be disturbed if there were a few well trained individuals taking care of these terrorists as they roamed about. Them, those that help finance their activities, and those that aid them in any way. In my opinion, they're like rabid animals. The rules of law don't apply to such and the world is a better place when they're eliminated.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Not Much To Write Tonight

Sometimes, after a long day and the heat, the thoughts are of something instead of writing. Tonight is one of those times.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

As Time Goes On

When I was in high school, the Vietnam War was on the downhill slide. A great rift developed in the country and the majority of those most upset didn't know anything of how the U.S. became involved in the first place. It's the same today. An entire generation of young adults were crapping orange from strained carrots when Afghanistan and Iraq started. Their perception is influenced only by what they happen to read on a news report, if they're interested at all. They have no recollection of the event that precipitated the conflicts.

I once had a book that was a historical reference of the Vietnam Conflict. To sum up the book, decades of meddling, political posturing, back door deals and abuse led to decades of meddling, political posturing, back door deals and abuses. When you consider the worst victims of the entire mess wanted only enough rain for their rice crops, maybe a pig or two, a simple house for their family and to be left in peace, the entire mess was a horrible testament to the bumbling, cumbersome power struggle we call international politics.

War sucks, but sooner, or later, some crazy bastard will influence enough ignorant people to follow them until they need to be killed before they kill more innocent people. There sure seems like a better way, but it's damn near impossible to deal with people that are willing to kill innocent people for power. Those type of people are best turned into compost.

The long term crap, like Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan are a huge waste, in my opinion. War is a nasty business and the best outcome involves the ruthless destruction of the enemy's ability to wage war in the shortest time possible. Anything else is a bumbling gesture that never has a good outcome.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Saving The Planet - A Few Birds at a Time

Google, and some California energy companies, own a solar power facility that has the distinction of causing birds to ignite as they fly into the concentrated sunlight. 

The irony is thick with this one. I guess we have to kill them to save them.

It Really Doesn't Exist

I've used the term; so do many others. The term? I-Beam.

While it's commonly used to describe a type of structural steel, there is no designation "I" for describing a steel section shaped like an "I". The descriptions are "W" and "S", with the W shape a designation for wide-flange beams more commonly used for steel construction. S shapes aren't that common, since they don't have the same strength characteristics of W shapes and the inner part of a W shape is not as severely sloped as that of an S shape.

Now you can sleep better at night. I know such things bothered you to the point of restlessness.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

That Ain't The Way to Have Fun...Son

It's strange how some songs job memories. The first time I heard the following song, I wasn't quite old enough to drive legally; I was with my brothers and a cousin;  we were in my grandmother's 1952 mint condition Pontiac and at an A&W in Chickasha, Oklahoma.

Off across the hills, a storm was brewing; flashes of lightning too far away to hear thunder. The storm eventually arrived and chased us to my grandmother's house right before it arrived.

The next morning, I was surprised, since you could still kick dust. Rain didn't do much for the parched land.


The Perils of Leadership

I've been in supervisory position for decades; from a crew foreman to a project manager for the refitting of a shipyard. Never have I spent most days relishing the responsibility. Too many things can go wrong and it's my job to insure the damage is minor.

So, now we have a President that came into that position without any supervisory experience. To aggravate this lack of experience, he had no business and very little legal experience. What political experience he acquired was as a candidate; his time spent doing the muscle work of law making was minimal.

Right, wrong or indifferent, many in the world envision the United States as a leader. Why? I don't really know, but I have the feeling it's because our government is not based on allowing a few dictate to the many. Liberty is the intended goal and liberty is the greatest gift anyone can want.

The world is now feeling insecure, due to the unbridled violence reported on the news and hard economic times helped created by feckless actions by the U.S. government. A void is being created and the opportunity for a leader is apparent. Philosophical musings are not important any longer. It's all about survival and many will accept tyranny instead of death.

I'd say the entire world is living during dangerous times. How dangerous that is will be determined by whether the United States continues to wallow in incompetence, or a good leader emerges to lead us through some tough times.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Well; That Might Change Things.....Not

The newest reports on the alleged murder of a young man in Missouri state the victim was filmed in a convenience store; with the witness that stated he had his hands in the air, while shot; and in the process of stealing cigars, he physically attacked a clerk that tried to stop him form leaving the store.

The information will be ignored by the media, the criminals, and the looting will continue during the rioting. After all, you can't believe the police, when known criminals - with everything to lose - state a different version of the occurrence.  It's important that agitators continue to receive media attention and find new sources of income.

Personally, I'm ready to move far, far away; where the witnesses to criminals that invade my sanctuary only have the coyotes to tell their story. I'm sure they'll listen, while they enjoy their supper.

When Ignorance is Accepted

It's sad to watch how ignorance is now accepted. It's prevalent with the educated, uneducated, the media, with teachers, with professionals and even with the President. The inability to acquire knowledge I can understand; deliberately avoiding learning I can't.

When so many people are ignorant, leadership requirements are sub-standard. That creates more representatives that don't understand the reasons for the Constitution; and worse: they don't want to learn. Everyone suffers due to this and the ultimate result is what we now have as President. He's far from qualified for his position and unwilling to be productive, accept his responsibility and follow the laws he swore to uphold. This problem is exacerbated by journalist too drunk on their power to realize they've contributed to circumstances that aren't good for them either.

At times like this, a strong leader is demanded by society. Whether we have a good one will be seen.  Hopefully we do; and they can lead the U.S. away from the path it now follows.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Song I've Always Enjoyed

I can't find the version I listened to when I was young. The local am D.J. would play the entire number every once and awhile on his show. I'd stop eating breakfast, just to listen.


Monday, August 11, 2014

As Obama Finds He's All Alone

The Middle East can only be described as a tangled, messy battlefield of ideological brutality. Those unwilling to follow the cruel Sharia dictates are being summarily forced to denounce their own faith, or brutally executed. Nobody is safe and even photographs of decapitated young, Christian girls are being circulated by the evil followers of a bizarre, cruel religion to warn of their violence against anyone that refuses their belief.

Meanwhile, the current administration finds it's lost even those that supported the haphazard lack of policies from the beginning. Why? There's now blood on the hands of this administration. Feckless, ideological policy only brought meddling, terrible avoidance of responsibility and the cruel deaths of thousands.

If there's one thing that turns the stomachs of U.S. citizens, it's the ugly, primitive politics of some foreign nations, where the innocent are murdered without qualms and tyranny controls with fear. To think our own government was instrumental in contributing to not only the continuance, but the increase of this violent, abhorrent condition of misery is unconscionable and horrifies anyone with the smallest amount of humanity and compassion.

I can see where the politically motivated would run from this administration. If they don't they become accessories to what is now genocide. Hopefully the media will soon follow. If not, those that refuse to accept their responsibility in this inhumanity will find their legacy will be that of the propaganda mills created by infamous leaders, such as Hitler and Stalin.

May God have mercy on their souls. History won't and shouldn't. A less civilized society would eventually become so sickened by their actions, they'd destroy them like a pestilent population of diseased rodents.    

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Words of a Hollow Man

Obama stated in a press conference yesterday it was not his decision to pull the troops from Iraq. This contradicts his earlier statements, where he patted himself on the back for ending the war in Iraq.

His reason for pulling the troops? A lack of a willingness by the Iraqi government to allow our troops to remain. Otherwise, whether he felt it was a bad idea, could have leveraged a presence until it was certain the usual corrupt politics of Iraq were not contributing to civil strife, he chose to follow an agreement, while he constantly ignored the basic agreements in the United States known as the rules of law.

Obama has no substance. He's as effective as a single scarecrow in a cornfield the size of a section of land. Everything that allows him to temporarily bask in self-adulation is good, while anything that appears bad is the fault of others; regardless of whether a current statement contradicts what he stated in the past; and it's obvious he was willing to claim responsibility for the actions at that time because they made him look good.

A responsible media would take him to task, expose such things and hound him until he either resigned, or the overwhelming wish of the public was to see him impeached. They did it with Nixon, but that caliber of journalism is almost gone. We have few willing to be free of the chains that bind them to politics that ignore liberty and responsibility. It's a sobering thing to watch and nothing good will ever come from the lack of integrity by those that were once trusted to be honest.

The Perils of Religious War

In the Middle East, Christians are being terribly treated. At best, it's dislocation from lifetime homes. At worst, it's horrible deaths at the hands of radical Moslem fanatics.

While the fanatics think they're being supported by God, their exuberance for violence will lead to their own violent deaths. The destruction, murders and removal of the sanctity of peace, which every society yearns for, leads to a visceral response by those that make up the majority of the world. The response will be terrible for them to behold and the retributions will lead to many being hunted down and killed for their actions. You can't destroy so many lives, infrastructures and expect the citizens that abhor such actions to stand idly by forever; wherever the citizens may reside.

Some may think I'm wrong, but I'm not. Attempting to remove the basic beliefs of individuals by force only leads to rebellion; especially when the basic beliefs are of tolerance, acceptance and a genuine effort to improve lives and societies. The rebellion starts small, grows to include those that are sickened by what they see and the leaders find their last days are lonely times, with the knowledge their death may be very unpleasant.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

They Can Run, But They Can't Hide

Congress is taking a recess. Unfortunately, for them, they're going home and they won't like what they find. While the media hides the fact a vast majority of U.S. citizens are pissed by what Washington is doing, the vast majority of pissed off U.S. citizens haven't.

I hope it's a miserable time for those that are ignoring their oaths and responsibility. If they're lucky, the vegetables won't be too rotten and they'll find their families haven't bailed.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Words Aren't Appearing

It's been a brutal last three days at work. Maybe, when I stop passing myself going home on the way to work, I can stop and write something relevant.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Saturday, August 2, 2014

I Love a String Quartet

The Mess

I've read some news reports about Democrats calling Obama, and his administrator, liars for some of the things the administration did; especially Obamacare. Even Barney Frank has pointed out Obama's lies. I find humor in their "sudden" change of opinion and effort to keep their political posture, or dignity.

My message to those folks is:  The vast majority of U.S. citizens know they were betrayed, are angry, and all the words in the dictionary can't absolve you of your participation, deceit, treason and avoidance of doing the right things. Your legacy is that of cowards. Your well being is only allowed because our society is controlled by the rule of law. If the rules of law dissolve - thanks to your actions - you have no safe place to hide and your passing will be terrible to endure.