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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Heinous Crime

 I can't think of any better word to describe the effort to sway an election by illegal means. The outcome is never for good, since the odious act of stealing the will of an individual is a crime only perpetrated by the most evil, and the outcome can lead to more terrible crimes. The punishment should be the harshest allowed by law, and the law should isolate society from those involved as long as they live.

Friday, November 27, 2020


 A family of Eastern Bluebirds stays in the yard. The number varies, but it appears after the breeding season, the youngsters are chased away, and only one pair claims the yard. This has changed in the last few days.

Eastern Bluebirds stay year round in my area. In fact, they stay year round as far as the northern Mid-West, with those above that area moving south, or to the southwest. That, from past observations, didn't change the amount in my yard this time of the year, until this year.

I counted 21 Eastern Bluebirds on the power line this morning. That's a huge number, which made me do some research. Since my research only confirmed my past observations, this anomaly must mean some severe weather event forced large numbers to my area. Whether it's an isolated event, or a portent of a severe Winter is to be seen. Regardless, I have a feeling it's a rare occurrence, and a treat for the Winter. They're beautiful, and fun to watch.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

It's Thanksgiving

 It really doesn't matter the origin of Thanksgiving. What matters is it is a time to stop, reflect, and understand even the smallest of God's bounties shouldn't be expected, or ignored. The blessings of life, regardless of size, deserve appreciation.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

A Four Year Summary

 It took four years for the Democrats to overcome their inaccurate voting scheme to corrupt the last election, but they accomplished their task. Of course, they had to double-down, stop voting to accumulate enough fake ballots, and ignore state election laws. If the Supreme Court does the job required, the election will be invalidated, and go to the House for a vote by each state. 

Sunday, November 22, 2020

I Don't Think They Thought About This

 At one time, the Democratic Party was the working folk's party. Unions always backed it, including the rank and file. Over the last three decades, with those working finding the whining college dweebs as annoying twits, they realized their supposed party abandoned them, and the conservative politicians were helping them to keep their jobs. It's made a difference.

If you think about it, those that turn the nuts and bolts are more than necessary. They made sure things are built, maintained, and goods arrive with few problems. They know their purpose, understand liberty is what keeps their wages high, and they're now angry. The Democrats, with their ignorant media, higher education minions, wussy followers, and known as willing to sacrifice the working folks to follow their Marxist agenda, probably never realized they alienated the only faction of society that has them by the short hairs. This will lead to their downfall, and may the downfall be magnificent to witness. 

So, What's The Right Thing To Do?

 I'm a little amazed at the lack of character, outright fraud, and too much of the media ignoring the evidence that voting irregularities substantially affected the election. Where were these people raised? Where are their morals, and indignation? Are they that complacent toward criminal acts? It makes me wonder, but if something as sacred as a fair election is ignored by too many, anarchy can only be the description of the country, and the weak will eventually be the prey of the strongest thugs.

If you stop and think of the predator nations, such as China, and Russia, you can see how they ruthlessly destroyed their own citizens to gain power. They had now qualms about their genocide, and to believe their descendants would have qualms about destroying foreign citizens is foolish. I think that's where we are. Foreign meddling, indoctrination through unions, and effective Marxist techniques led us to the point where an obvious fraudulent election is being touted by the Marxist media as correct. 

So what is the right thing to do? If the current administration fails in the courts, there is no other recourse except to fight back. The patriots will, but the Democrats, and their indoctrinated minions will expect law enforcement, the military, and their guerilla forces (Antifa) to squash any rebellion against their takeover of power. How it turns out will be for future historians to either record, or hide from history. 

Friday, November 20, 2020

They Are Not Your Friends

 Regardless of what they say on television, all the supposed champions for conservatism are under contract, know they probably won't do well without their income, and will ultimately fold to the pressure of their masters. It's the nature of people, and the past is littered with the hand-wringers that couldn't grow a pair, and fight for liberty. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Easier Tasks

 With all the tyrannical mandates by government officials, and the unwillingness by people to put up with their shenanigans, it would be easier for a few hundred "concerned" citizens to grab a few of these two-bit dictators, hog-tie them, dip them in roofing tar, and cover them with a dusting of feathers. After that, they can tie them to a rail and deposit them into the nearest ditch full of muck. With what will probably be the lack of effort by police to stop the event, I have a feeling a message would be sent. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

The National Concentration Camp

 They don't need to build camps. They isolate everyone, use the media to indoctrinate, limit social site content, and demand we follow the rules. If we don't they use force to throw people in jail for refusing to wear a mask, or opening their business.

Meanwhile, they use illegal methods to corrupt election results, the media tries to hide the evidence, and those hired to enforce the laws of the Constitution sit on their hands, or promote more tyranny. 

Welcome to the United States Gulag. They didn't have to take it by force. They only had to put their wants on television.  

Monday, November 16, 2020

Simple Truths

 I blame ignorance as the cause, but the election can never be considered honest. Lies were told, thieves were busy, the media censored the news, and a huge segment of the United State's population sat on their hands; oblivious of the truth. An honest person would feel upset, a person with integrity would demand accuracy, and wise person would know history is always repeated. 

Saturday, November 14, 2020

A Good Start

 Fox ratings suck. They deserve this, but it's only a good start. All the alphabet networks need to be defunded by honest citizens that don't believe the media should be unaccountable. Next should be the rest, and this can be accomplished by ignoring the urge to see what any of the networks are showing, and only relying on honest outlets for information. They can't survive without participation of the public, and they need to go.  

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Crooked Judges and Crooked Voting

 Considering the amount of crooked voting being exposed, some judges may find all their opinions are negated by the fact a known crooked system placed them in office. To me, that should be an immediate cause for an appeal, and the appellate court should understand the reason. 

Somebody Probably Stole My Vote

 I was thinking about the number of mailed-in ballots, dead voters, created voters, corrupt software.... and realized somebody probably stole my vote. That makes me angry, but what makes me more angry is the "oh well" attitude, and obvious efforts by Democrats to discount how egregious this is. This is the work of traitors, and those found to be guilty should be hung. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2020


 Fox was a respected news source for a long time, but now has managed to shoot itself in the foot. Regardless of the reason, I can't fathom what nonsense would lead them to this point. That, and how they can expect their investors to want to keep their stock with ratings that are shrinking daily. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Check the Code

 Computers require code to operate, and simple commands, such as adding a line that places data after the program determines a certain action was completed, can change an output. Otherwise, simple code could place a set vote for a candidate every 5000 votes, and it would probably never be noticed. Regardless of the vote, the computer counts the vote for the preferred candidate. 

It should be simple to examine the code in the voting computers. That, and questioning the programmers on what they programmed. Considering the simplicity of this task, I wonder if there are some programmers being grilled at this point. 

Saturday, November 7, 2020

It's Really Absurd

My years of construction work revealed many things the polite masses don't know. I can understand their ignorance, since these people spent their lives in comfort, isolated from any real conflict, and refuse to understand the world is a place where there are people that will boil you alive to watch you squirm. It's folly on their part to ignore this, and even more foolish to believe any political party that constantly lies will tell you they will take care of you. 

This voting debacle won't fade away. Those willing to throw all in to cheat don't realize the American workers voted for the man they think is like them, and willing to fight for their ability to prosper. These workers are exposed to harsh climate, brutal hours of labor, and most have a gun tucked away somewhere. They're mad, realize their hard labor compensation is in jeopardy, and really, really don't like cheating, lying, thieves. 

How this works out is yet to be seen, but if you realize the absurdity of messing with a President that controls the armed forces, and and armed majority of citizens willing to fight for this President, you realize how desperate they are. They've already lost, and the rest is just cleaning up the mess. 

Adhering to Enemies

 The Democratic Party lost any loyalty to the United States a long time ago. Members allow criminal activity, promote judges to subvert the Constitution, and legislatures sell influence in disregard for the destructive effects that result from legislation. This not only makes them wealthy, it allows foreign powers to achieve financial leverage against private citizens. With their strong effort to destroy the accuracy of votes by refusing to demand identification, allowing ballot harvesting, and ignoring laws that restrict illegal voting, there is no other way to describe their efforts other than treason. 

Those that turned their backs on this treason, voted for the party that is adhering to enemies of the United States, and avoided their duties to protect the citizens are just as guilty by association. Regardless of their morals, their acceptance without protest is as harmful as the organized effort.

Monday, November 2, 2020

I Think They Want Us To Be Frightened.

 I think there's an effort to frighten Trump voters. With all the corruption, spying, violence, and doom predicting, "frightening" is too often used to describe what's happening. From my perspective, people aren't frightened; they're angry, and the anger is focused on those willing to ignore the sorry state our government is in. Regardless of the election, the anger won't go away, until the likes of Hillary Clinton are thrown under the jail.