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Friday, August 31, 2018

Played Like a Cheap Violin

According to Bruce Ohr, Christopher Steele told him the Russians had Trump over a barrel.  This is interesting, since Steele was working for a muck-racking firm, which specialized on digging up dirt for hire.

When you connect the dots, and assume Russia didn't really want Trump to be President, the entire scheme to derail Trump was a calculated effort. Otherwise, not only did Russia play the former UK agent, they played member of the FBI, and the Department of Justice. If the effort was successful in the early stages, they'd get their old time good buddy Hillary Clinton (who paid for the Steel dossier) to sell more of the US to the Russians. Even if the scheme didn't work in the beginning, the long term effect would be political turmoil, and cause problems with the United States. It was a win-win for Russia, and they had plenty of political hacks to use like toilet paper.

Muellor is probably analyzing this new information, and wondering how he'll worm his way out of what Ohr's testimony revealed. After all, Muellor was kept in the loop with Ohr's contacts with Steele, even after he was fired by the FBI and Trump was elected. That points to criminal collusion, if he was intending to use the information against Trump.

Meanwhile, with the new information that Hillary's closet server was sending all her emails in real time, there is a suspicion classified information was used by the Chinese to root out U.S. agents, and the agents were murdered. If this is true, Hillary not only compromised classified information, she was instrumental in the murders of friends of the United States. In my book, that's treason, and demands that she is charged. 

There's a lot of things that need to be addressed, and the first is the ending of the Muellor probe. After that, charges need to be brought against all involved in the FBI, the DOJ, Fusion GPS, and anyone in the Clinton Campaign part of the effort to destroy Trump. Even Muellor might be dirty in all of these dealings. If so, he needs to be held accountable for his involvement.

Number Crunching

According to this site, U.S. taxpayers spend a tremendous amount of money on illegal aliens. Considering how tax payers are hounded for their money, are given no investing opportunity for the 15% taken for social security, and are threatened by the criminals slipping across the border, the anger is well founded for what is called "illegal immigration".

This needs to stop, and those that support the invasion of the United States exposed as the traitors they are. This isn't philanthropy; it's theft, treason and a direct threat to the sovereignty of the United States. 

Thursday, August 30, 2018


Sarah Palin, according to this article, was excluded from the funeral services of John McCain. If correct, I can only wonder on the reason, or the pettiness. Palin was McCain's Vice President pick, when he ran against Barack Obama.

McCain's tarnished legacy just took another hit. Whether he left directions to exclude Palin, or his family decided this, isn't important. It's a petty, vindictive effort to insult someone that may have been second in command, or eventually President. That's low class, and an insult to the country. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

It's Called Betting

Chicago has pension woes. The city government, over time, accrued 36 billion dollars of unfunded pensions. With the ability to pay 21 cents on the dollar, the city is looking for another way to continue the madness.

After reading the article linked above, anyone with a little acuity will realize this is not different than borrowing money to use at the casino, where the gambling debt is already more than the money borrowed, and the outcome will only partially pay the debt. If the roll of dice is successful, everything gets better. If not, the knees might become a little sore.

Chicago is only one of the major cities in the U.S. with pension problems. For those that think they'll have the pension as planned, they might want to look at other sources of retirement income.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Meanwhile on the Ship

It's obvious there was a strong desire by high officials in the criminal justice part of the government weren't happy about Trump. The campaign was harassed, and the presidency a constant barrage by detractors, the press, and officials with an agenda. The efforts led to some revelations that don't look good for those involved.

I'm beginning to wonder if the rats are about to leave the ship. At this point, Muellor can close the investigation, show there wasn't any evidence to support election tampering, and move away from the constant scrutiny by the public. By doing so, I doubt the investigation into those involved with criminal conspiracy will go far into the past, when Muellor was director. Even if it does, doing the right thing will be much better than being investigated as part of a conspiracy, while as an independent council.

Many things are in play, but the Democrats have only one avenue to continue their agenda, and that is easily closed with a strong Republican turnout in the mid-terms. They can't close investigations if they don't control Congress.

This one is interesting to watch, since the corruption makes Nixon's problems look small. The criminals involved with the current effort to destroy Trump are not small players. Instead of just trying to cover up the activities of a few, those involved were organized, had tremendous power, and attempted to destroy an election. If the trail leads back to the last President, the nation will discover how rotten politics have become. Hopefully, the reaction will be an effort by voters to do a better job of vetting those they place in office.

A Possible Solution

I'm thinking that if they took one of those involved with the known efforts to sabotage the Trump presidency, and keelhaul them under an aircraft carrier, the others might get so rattled, they make mistakes, or rat out their co-conspirators.

It's worth a try. Who do we start with?

Lack of Checking

Lanny Davis, and CNN colluded to spread a lie to further the intentional effort to destroy the Trump presidency. That's unconscionable to anyone with morals, but it's obvious neither have morals. Considering the magnitude of their action, they've possibly broken laws, and completely removed any credibility in the future.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Now That He Is Gone

John McCain passed away. Brain cancer took its toll and his fight ended. Regardless of how he was perceived, the main thing is that one Republican vote in the Senate is gone, and there's no guarantee the future will bring another. That's important. The battle to bring the U.S. back to a Constitutional Republic continues and every member in Congress is important.

I'm hoping this won't turn into weeks of around the clock coverage of McCain. That's always irritating and not important.

Friday, August 24, 2018

What's the Holdup?

I don't know why there is so much hesitation to take care of some important business by the current administration. Known crimes were committed by members of the former administration, sweetheart deals are being made by current officials, taxpayers are still getting soaked, and all anyone is worried about is a two-bit prosecutor playing sheriff.

Fire somebody. Fire them now. If anyone else has a problem, fire them too. Rid the government of those that cause problems, break laws, steal, misuse their position, or just have a bad attitude. That's the only way things will change, and the media be damned. All they can do is continue their daily pile of manure, and play to the church of their sycophants that hope they'll get a minute on television. 

For those that want to sue, or approach a judge: Get after it. I'm betting you don't want discovery to delve into your past dealings, and I doubt your arguments will convince a judge for an injunction.

Start with Sessions. After he recused himself from the Russia Probe, he cut off his balls. Not only did that make him useless, it made all his other efforts look petty. Even with a new administration, the FBI and Department of Justice are still playing "cover my ass" and appearing more like organized crime, instead of law enforcement agencies.

Years of management taught me avoiding firing someone is always worse than the firing. Those you don't fire continue with the things causing a problem. In the end, things become worse, and the morale goes to crap. Doing it show those who is in charge, the parameters of their responsibilities, and if you're a good boss, they appreciate your efforts to keep the organization from chaos.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Land of Opportunity

The South Africa current government made it legal to take the land of white landowners.  The landowners were offered ten percent of the farm's worth, but they refused. So, the government is taking it.

South Africa has resources, but at the start of this year, the economy was tumbling, which probably helped in this effort to nationalize the wealth of the nation for corrupt public use. After all, all governments think they're much better qualified to run what they don't understand, or lack in experience.

If I had to venture a guess about what's really happening in South Africa, I'd guess some really large players are attempting to control the important resources with the help of corrupt officials. With that help, resources can be harvested, taxes ignored, profits marginalized with cooked books, and everyone involved suffers all the way to the bank. The large players have more control of strategic resources, the government officials get to play god, and the citizens are led to believe all their misery is the blame of the racist people they think stole their land.

I don't see much good coming from all of this, and believe South Africa will suffer some serious problems over a long time.

Public Servants?

If you use a search engine to examine the financial status of the last two FBI directors, you find they're worth millions. According to the author of this book:

"If you ask most Americans what they thing about the FBI, they would tell you it's far and away the government agency they trust the most. The Bureau has, for decades, sold an image of itself as efficient, professional, unbiased, and untouchable by corruption. 

That portrait is a sham.

Seamus Bruner and the Government Accountability Institute have spent years cataloging the widespread conflict-of-interests of the D.C. political class. The have found massive self-enrichment and political bias the highest levels of government - including the Justice Department and the FBI. Indeed, the nation's most important law enforcement agency has become so compromised that every major investigation should face intense scrutiny from the public, the media, and from Congress. 

James Comey, Robert Mueller, Andrew McCabe, and the rest of the recent FBI leadership should be forced to answer for the way the Bureau has abused the public trust under their watch..

The FBI is a law enforcement agency. Somehow, it became a country club for attorneys, and they use that power for lucrative deals, while helping others in the agency. I don't know if all they do is illegal, but do know it's unethical. U.S. citizens deserve better, and those involved need to be held accountable.  

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Do You Feel Sorry for Her?

April Ryan, a CNN reporter, thinks Sarah Sanders should pay for her bodyguard.  According to her line of reasoning, Sarah stirred up threats against her, which is her reason for her demand.

From my point of view, Ryan is suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, lost her focus, and is now nothing but a mouthpiece for the Communist News Network. So, I don't feel sorry for her, and think her mouth is the reason for the threats. As my grandmother used to say: "She burned her butt, so now she can sit on the blister."

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

It's What They Don't Know

Brennan is starting look like a loose cannon. I can see how this would happen, since he's now out of the loop, and has no access to the tremendous amount of information he once had. Not only is he in the dark, his ability to misuse his security clearance for a lucrative future is now gone.

Considering the number of people either getting the ax, or resigning in the FBI, and the DOJ, those involved with the effort to derail Trump are now in the dark, and can't plan their actions by using the inside connections they once had.  Communicating with such people, even if they have a security clearance, can lead to some nasty things for those still working for the government. Unless there's a really strong friendship, I doubt many will want to do any favors, and anyone caught revealing classified information may find punishment more severe than just being fired. This also affects the media connections, since the hostile media is now shunned by the current administration.

NBC lost a valuable inside source, when Brennan lost his security clearance, and I doubt they keep him much longer. His conjecture is useless, and his bitterness will only lead to a loss in ratings. Finding someone as valuable will be very hard, since it's now known Trump doesn't play softball, and those that caused so many problems are being removed.

It's what they don't know that leads to the outlandish media reports. Where they once had unfettered access to the government in the past, they are now finding doors closing, and their actions being closely monitored. Their attacks against the present administration had to have hurt ratings, and further efforts to cause problems will only lead to more losses. For the media, that's what leads to massive turnovers, loss of stock value, panicked efforts to find qualified management, and the realization their membership in the Washington "country club" may soon end.

It's a terrible thing, when many in the media are complicit in trying to overthrow the government, and helping foment anarchy. Some might be acting completely out of ignorance, but others obviously know the dangerous path they ventured. Regardless of the reason, those involved need to have their wings clipped, and responsible people need to remove their revenue by refusing to watch, link, or subscribe to the outlets participating in trying to change the U.S. by ignoring the avenues for change offered by the Constitution. 

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Power Corrupts

With all the hullabaloo about John Brennan's loss of his security clearance, many in the media are ignoring how high ranking government officials with security clearances think they are somehow better than those lower in the food chain.  Why should they continue with a security clearance, when most lose the clearance, unless it's reinstated after they join a private sector concern that requires the clearance?

Personally, I feel those making the biggest stink about the security clearance are those that either abuse their clearance, or know of someone that does. To me, that's beyond criminal, since the safety of the nation depends on their actions. I think too many have clearances that they don't need, use it for personal gain, and have the ability to hide their actions through the bureaucracy.

Double Standard

Why do you think Antifa is given a free pass? I know there appears to be a concern about their activities, but they seem to show up at any peaceful event that promotes ideas they don't like. To make things worse, they use intimidation, violence, and vandalism to create fear - just like the KKK once did. Why is there a double standard?

Personally, I think Antifa wouldn't exist, if powerful people in the media, political power, and foreign countries didn't finance the band of derelicts shown in arrest photographs. It's the same as the powerful Democrats, like Robert Byrd, that were members of the KKK. Until those involved are exposed, punished for their terrorism, and it becomes too dangerous to be a supporter, the terror won't stop, and Antifa will continue to create havoc with impunity. 

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Best Solution

The Manafort jury, and the judge, were threatened. I won't link any articles. They're out there with any political flavor you choose.

None of the articles elaborated on the threats, which I think is the right thing to do. Never give a terrorist the satisfaction of knowing their effort might work. Terrorist? Yes. People that threaten juries are terrorists, that need severe punishment.

The best solution for such things is the anonymity of the jury, the ability of the judge to keep their identities from public records, and harsh punishment for attempting to destroy the life of someone that is performing a civic duty most avoid.

I've served on a criminal jury. From my perspective, the defendant was guilty. Others disagreed. Since I was foreman, I told the judge we'd never agree, so it was mistrial. I didn't relish the task, realized the enormity of our decision, and avoided the family of the defendant, when I left.( Being on a jury was enough of a inconvenience in my life. Possibly being confronted by the family, if I'd met with them, and given my opinion, would have made the experience even more unpleasant).

Regardless of the verdict, both parties have further legal avenues, and the jury that performed their civic duty needs the peace of knowing it's all over; and they can go home in peace. For those that threatened the judge, and jury, they need to be found. If convicted, they should spend a long, long time away from the society they endangered.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Plugging Holes

Trump removed John Brennan's security clearance. Apparently, Brennan is a little peeved. According to the article linked,

"...I do believe that Mr. Trump decided to take this action, as he's done with others, to try to intimidate and suppress any criticism of him or his administration," he said. "And revoking my security clearances is his way of trying to get back at me.
"This is not going to deter me at all. I'm going to continue to speak out...."

Brennan is now completely out of the loop. He has no access to any classified information, is forbidden to attempt to acquire information, and now a leper to the intelligence community.  All his complaining will only lead to more scrutiny by those still involved with protecting the United States, and his actions will now be closely monitored to guarantee he's not a loose hinge about to break. To a former head of the CIA, that's one step from a permanent solution. I think he knows this, and will eventually make a mistake while attempting to stay in the public eye.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Never Ending Pit

Hurricane Harvey caused a tremendous amount of damage last year. With rainfall amounts over 4 feet, and some over 5 feet, the flooding left property devalued, and some worthless. That's a loss some people can't ever recover from, and those that did are now facing something else: higher taxes.

Some local communities, since they are dealing with devalued property value, are contemplating tax increases to keep their revenue at the point they wish. Meanwhile, those that don't need another cost increase, are still dealing with damage, are waiting for new flood plain rules, and maybe on a fixed income, may be forced to accept another hit to their income.

Disasters are always bad news. Adding the disaster of higher taxes is unconscionable. Those willing to add harm to those that pay their salaries are useless pukes, in my opinion. There are too many taxes, too many moochers, too many bureaucrats and too small of a crowd to gather some of them up for a tar and feather party. If they keep this up, that will probably change.

It's Not Real

When you think of how many huge companies are really only electronic bits, it's a little amazing how fragile these companies are. With a substantial loss of revenue, an unwillingness of people to use their sites, and a short period of time, the facade of wealth can disappear. When you add that these companies really don't have much, except servers, the tech people, and the buildings they need to run their service, investors don't have much of anything with value. A bankruptcy would probably yield very little for vendors, and investors would only have a memory of their investment at worst. Those selling before a total loss would still be hurt financially, and would be soured on future investments in something without any real value.

These are strange times. The illusion is more attractive than the real. The nuts and bolts required are dismissed, while the intangibles are sought.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Economic Boost

According to Chelsea Clinton, Roe Vs. Wade helped add three and one half trillion dollars to the economy.  Her reasoning? The boost happened because the women that received an abortion were more inclined to join the the workforce.

There are no statistical references in the article, although it does explain Chelsea's bizarre line of reasoning. What is most amazing is she's so ignorant to place an economic value on the destruction of human fetuses, and then promote the idea as something good for the country.

I shouldn't be surprised, although I am wondering how depraved society will become before the likes of Clinton are censored, and prevented from any public exposure due to their appalling decay of morals.

Bad Juju

Omarosa Manigault-Newman was fired from the Trump staff. During her firing, while in the Situation Room, she recorded the conversation. Not only did she tape that, she claims to have other tapes.

I don't know if she realizes such things can, and will, lead to legal problems that the proceeds of her book deal will never cover. As possible recordings of classified information, a motion to a judge might lead to an injunction, a demand for the recording, and and end to the selling of her book. If classified information is found, the criminal problems may lead to some time at the cross-bar hotel.

How this all ends up will only be known in the future, but I'm thinking she completed the final destruction of her reputation, and guaranteed a future of closed doors.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

This Morning at Work

It was hot at work this morning, with the usual high humidity and morning showers. Although it was uncomfortable, it was a beautiful sunrise.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Which Path Will He Take?

After over a year of investigation, and the possibility Muellor was snooping for dirt on Trump in 2013, the path Muellor will take is a toss-up, but the paths will not look good toward his legacy.

With the the numerous leaks over the investigation, if there was something behind the suspicion, logic says something would have leaked, and Muellor would be pushing for his slam-dunk. This hasn't happened, and with the Manafort trial showing the star witness is a thief, with nothing to lose by lying, that path toward impeaching Trump is closed. If Muellor was thinking this might lead somewhere, it may only lead to embarrassment, and make him appear as a fumbling idealist with an agenda.

Judicial Watch uncovered many things Muellor is supposed to be investigating. In fact, known criminal acts by important people demand accountability, yet Muellor is spending his resources chasing gossip. If he thinks this is not being noticed, he's wrong. The majority of people with knowledge of his investigation are wondering why he's ignoring the low hanging fruit.

Muellor can stop this investigation, present his information to the Attorney General, and leave his position with some dignity. It's not appearing this is the path he will take, and this path seems to be leading to exposing a deliberate effort by Muellor to railroad Trump. The further he travels down this path, the further he destroys his legacy, and he may find ignoring his duties has criminal consequences. Trying to destroy a legitimate President, with the help of others, is a seditious conspiracy.

Stacking the Deck

Most people don't realize, or care, that a federal judge is a public official that operates with very little oversight. That, and the removal of someone in this position is so onerous, the effort to do so is mostly not attempted. In the entire history of the United States, only 15 were ever impeached, and only 8 were convicted. 

After the recent obvious efforts to subvert the rules of law, it's apparent federal judges have assumed a power that was never envisioned. Instead of being the referee in litigation, they've now dismissed the law as written, ignored the intent, and interjected their personal opinion to promote their cause.

There is a benefit of appointing judges, and making it hard to remove them from their position. Theoretically, it allows an unbiased person to apply laws to justice, without allowing subversion of the laws due to politics. Otherwise, regardless of the current political party in power, laws will be followed, and criminals will be punished as the law dictates.  After some of the efforts of current judges, it's apparent theory crapped its pants.

The problem with judges is that it's assumed they're wise, and impartial enough to not allow personal opinions to conflict with their duty. While I don't think that's ever been the situation, I do feel there was a time honor dictated recusal, or stepping down from the bench. Since honor left many liberals years ago, such things don't happen, when it's most necessary.

The only solution may be term limits. The turn over would remove activist judges; but considering the ignorance of the supposedly well educated, the solution might bring a bigger problem.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

I'd Tell Him to Pound Sand

A federal judge ordered DACA to be restored. He doesn't have that power. While he can stop an executive order with an injunction, he can't make a law. That's the job of Congress, and DACA was never voted on by Congress.

Trump needs to ignore the judge's ruling, since it violated law. In fact, following the order is allowing a judge to make law, which the Constitution doesn't allow.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Mid-Term on the Horizon

The mid-term election is only a few months away. The usual hype is cranking up, and the media is showing obvious efforts to obfuscate. The election is important, and the reprobates are out in numbers to slander.

If I was Trump, and Sessions was my Attorney General, I'd tell him to wait until September to start producing indictments. Call it a strong offense to discredit the party that used illegal methods to influence the last election.

We'll see, but the opportunity is here, and patience is necessary to insure flanking maneuvers cause the most casualties.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The Truth is Somewhere Out There

It's reported countries other than the United States pay less for healthcare. The lower prices are attributed to higher costs for goods, and services, which sounds like a Mr. Obvious statement, until you add how other governments aggressively negotiate prices.

This is interesting, when you think of how easy it is to have really low profit margin in other countries, which can be made up with an exorbitant profit margin in the United States. When you add how easy it is for large pharmaceutical, and medical device companies, to manipulate Congress, and regulators (remember the $400 dollar epi pens) we pay way too much, and other countries may pay too little.

The truth is somewhere out there, but the government, medical industry, and the media will never seek the answer. They're all milking the taxpayer, and if they can't get it outright with taxes, they'll slush it from profits they help produce.