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Sunday, March 19, 2023

Chilly Until Tuesday

We had a cold front arrive on Friday morning. The weather was dicey for about an hour during the frontal passage, but there wasn't enough energy for severe weather. That, and the thin frontal boundary only dropped an inch and a half of rain. 

Yesterday, the clouds stayed all day, and the blustery weather required a light coat. Rain was shown on radar, but the dry air at the lower elevations prevented it from reaching the ground. The unseasonal low temperatures never reached beyond the fifties, but the clouds kept away a frost overnight. 

We're supposed to have cooler weather until Tuesday. We'll get a warm front, maybe some rain, and the temperatures will rise afternoon highs in the seventies. By Thursday, we'll be in the eighties, and Friday forecast is for rain. 

It's our Spring. The fronts can last through April, but their effects are usually strong storms, heavy rain and the start of the uncomfortable heat of Summer. I'm not looking forward to the heat, but can only hide from it when I can. I have plenty of sunscreen, will be looking for long sleeve tee-shirts, and hope for no more skin cancer. 

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

The Demand for Demands

There's enough subterfuge, illegal activities, crooked politicians, crooked officials, outright lying and ignoring of basic human principles to do something other than just demanding results. Results happen when something is accomplished, and from my point of view, requires some severe penalties, honesty, and in some important situations, a public hanging. 

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Silly Imbeciles

When I was working, I had the option to decide working hours. I would, and adjust the hours to take advantage of the amount of daylight. In the summer, we'd go to work an hour earlier than what was considered the normal starting hour. This would allow an extra hour of work in the cooler temperatures, and an hour less in the intense heat. In the winter, I'd adjust them again to take advantage of the lesser hours of daylight. This allowed the maximum amount of working time in the shorter days. 

When you think about it, the concept of Daylight Saving Time is the silly creation of imbeciles. There is no other way to describe the action, and no rational way to explain the work of those that can only cause harm with their stupid ideas. 

Thursday, March 9, 2023

Before and After

Yesterday, I had Moh's surgery on a squamous cell cancer on my right sideburn area. As always, some incisions were made after deadening, an area was removed, an hour wait as they analyzed the tissue, and finally, the incisions was closed. From what I understand, additional skin is removed to make an oblong diamond shaped area, which prevents puckering of the skin after healing. 

My last surgery was about the same, which left a long incision and me wondering if it would leave a Frankenstein appearance to my face. Due to the expertise of my surgeon, it takes some close looking to see where it was, and I expect this one will be the same. 


Saturday, March 4, 2023

Spring Appears

 It's been a remarkable day today. A brisk, clear morning turned into a day with clear skies, a bright sun, and a temperature in the mid seventies. Azaleas are in bloom, trees are budding, and the pine pollen is thick on everything. What was a forest of bare trees is becoming a brilliant green. 

I spent a good part of the day with my herbicide. The edges were treated, the areas around the trees will soon be cleared, and the fences won't need the weeds trimmed. It's much easier than using the trimmer, and makes for a well manicured yard. 

The neighbors are all cutting their yards. We cut earlier in the week in anticipation of heavy rains that were forecast. Instead, we only received a wind shift, and few high clouds, and a strong wind from the north. What little water that's left from previous rain will soon be consumed by the foliage, and without more rain, the stress of drought will appear. 

Still the bird bath is empty, and the blackbirds are wanting their bath. It's time for me to go take care of the task of giving them some water.  

Thursday, March 2, 2023


I was thinking how people have become as domesticated as the animals they keep for food, and as pets. The laziness of being fed, herded as necessary, and slaughtered for gain is no different than how other species are kept by humans. The most proficient, or intelligent have the yoke of secrecy, loyalty or duress. Those that wander from the herd are culled. Independence is frowned upon, and the herdsmen insure those unwilling to their methods  are penned until time for slaughter. Some are kept for amusement, and others kept to be draft animals. Humans are not kept for food as of yet, but to satisfy the size of the herd, I don't doubt the idea has been contemplated.

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Look! Squirrel!

I was reading an article about the student loan forgiveness attempt to buy votes; and the Supreme Court review of the litigation due to the executive order. The comments were revealing, and wandered into the tit-for-tat between the different age group of the commenters. Older retired people would comment on how they worked, never went to college, and don't think it's fair. Younger people would declare Social Security should end, and those that paid for decades into the system deserved the loss because it was all their fault.  

Baby boomers was used often as a derogatory description. At one time, the older generation was respected, but newer generations have many that despise the fact they have to work for a long time to reach the same point that the boomers finally reached. They want to blame the generation for where we are, while never realizing Social Security would be in a very good position, if the government wasn't given it to those that are basically gaming the system, and contributed very little, if any, to the supposed trust fund. They would rather see the generation that paid for their lives for around decades suffer, while never realizing their attitude guarantees their older years will be miserable if they continue their beliefs. 

It was interesting to read the comments, but more than anything else, the comments should have been directed at the huge waste, like Ukraine. Too many don't realize the tactics lead to division, which removes focused citizenry to solve the problems by demanding fiscal responsibility. If everyone would just stop looking for the squirrel, concentrate on the best solutions, and ignore the efforts to divide the country, the results would be astounding. 

Thursday, February 23, 2023

The Ohio Train Wreck

 I've been reading some of the reports on the train derailment in Ohio. At this point, everyone is pointing fingers, but I haven't seen anything about it could have just been an accident. 

I worked for years in, and out, of different rail car repair facilities. It was always interesting, and I learned a few things. One thing that caught my attention was a conversation with an inbound inspector at one of the facilities. They explained how the railroad companies didn't like dangerous cars, paid attention to any that were not incompliance, or needed repair, and would leave any they didn't like on a side track. Worse case situations demanded the cars were either repaired by a "mini shop", or placed on a flat car for a haul to a facility. If they felt a facility wasn't releasing safe cars, they could, and would, spike their switch. This was a serious matter, since no cars were allowed on their tracks until a problem was solved. This included any sections of rail they felt were unsafe. 

Rail cars are owned by a multitude of different companies, and people. Individuals may own only one, and companies, or trusts, may own hundreds. All must meet requirements, and the rail companies don't like to get on the wrong side of AAR standards. The consequences are too expensive, and since all rails are owned by private concerns, there isn't a barrier to litigation like with the government.

So, accidents do happen. Ignoring the consequences, trying to assign blame to put feathers in a cap, trying to punish someone for an act of God, or trying to profit from an accident isn't good. Bearings wear, and fail, on rail cars. The rails can crack, or move, due to expansion and contraction. Nothing is perfect, and accidents can happen. The dangerous materials transported are usually well contained, safely being transported, and are never released during derailments. This one was a terrible one, and if there is any blame to be made, it's in the feckless way state, and federal, officials failed to address the immediate problems. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Carter is in Hospice

I remember the Jimmy Carter years. The economy sucked, the Middle East was sent in turmoil by his actions, we had gas rationing, and the absurd idea of 55 mph was the best speed limit for the Nirvana theorized by the ecofreaks of the time made traveling tedious. It was the culmination of a corrupt media, crooked politics, extreme ignorance, and an experiment in civics that was destined to fail. 

So, he's in hospice. His final time on this planet is now at hand, and while I don't wish him any suffering, I can't think of anything good to write about him. 

Sunday, February 19, 2023

A Touch of Spring

 Yesterday, it was at freezing in the morning. Today, it's pushing 80 degrees, it's forecast to be this way for days, and my nephew is making the first pass with the lawnmower. It won't be long before I'll pull out the weed killer, regain the edges around the yard, and Summer will rear its ugly head. 

This year, I'll spend even more time applying sun block, avoiding the middle of the day heat, and keeping my fingers crossed in the hope I'll need no more Moh's surgeries. 

Saturday, February 18, 2023

Here We Go Again

Officially, the U.S. is accusing Russia of "crimes against humanity". It's the old standby when the military industrial complex needs some revenue to pay off more Pentagon officials and realize a profit. It usually brings the ignorant into thinking we need to spend billions punishing the supposed perpetrators, when the entire problem can be resolved with a few arrests of the U.S. criminals involved in the subterfuge. 

So, here we go again. We send the young off to get their asses blown off, make room for the millions of aliens slinking into the United States, and the costs of everything will become obscene so trillions can be plundered from the private sector. Amazingly enough, the vast majority of U.S. citizens are too ignorant to realize they're being played as dupes, but as P.T. Barnum said: "There's a sucker born every minute".

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

The Way I See It

The Russia/Ukraine conflict is nothing but a big turf war between gangs. The main players, who are never exposed or reported on, understood NATO would be more than insulting Russia by allowing Ukraine to join their gang, but were being leveraged by Russia's independence without their control. They knew the only way to possible keep their control was to stir the pot, cause a war, try to cripple Russia, and hope the all out world war would keep them in power. 

So far, it looks like the turf war is not going as expected. Russia is trudging along, the NATO countries are finding their incompetence is glaringly apparent, and the other gang (China) is out to claim some more turf. So, what happens? In the long run, those in power that are never exposed or reported on, will get richer, the media will continue to report only what they're told to report, millions will die from outright war or poverty, and the world will continue to turn. 

Meanwhile, in the United States, most of the citizens will not even notice how much of their wealth disappeared, their liberties removed, and those in power that are never exposed or reported on are still calling the shots. The highest officials are buffoons, the military leaders are brown nosing traitors, and politicians, as usual, are nothing but word-merchant puppets hoping to get rich while supposedly representing their constituents. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

I Didn't Watch

From what I'm reading, Biden showed the thousands that actually watched the address last night he is a demented, old, lying sack of crap politician. That, and the annual statement by the President still didn't state anything resembling fact, the nation is beyond broke, the invasion is in full force, billions are being wasted daily in foreign countries that spit on our flag, the economy sucks, and our military is being run by those that need to watch for the stop lights on the asses they kiss. Otherwise, it's another day in the United States.


Thursday, February 2, 2023

More of the Same

Today was may biannual trip to my dermatologist. As usual, the "barnacles" (seborrheic keratosis) required cryogenic treatment. He removed about a dozen, which means freezing them with liquid nitrogen, which is applied with a device similar to a pen. For those that have never had this done, it's not pleasant. One or two is bad enough, but when it gets to the dozens, thinking about the next visit isn't a pleasant thought. 

One area required a biopsy, which I'm thinking will probably come back as basil cell; and require another trip to the surgeon for a Moh's Procedure. My original dermatologist (who I basically fired) made a stab at removing the area years ago without the microscopic examination of the area to verify the cancer was removed. Otherwise, he left some cells around the perimeter of the area he removed, and they will continue to slowly spread. 

Other than that, it's been a quiet, dreary day. That required a short nap, which led to me awakening to the wonderful aroma of my wife cooking a spaghetti. It was beyond good, and there's plenty to enjoy tomorrow. Any left after that will be frozen for a future day. 

The news sucks as usual. It could be better if they announced John Kerry, after being convicted of treason, was executed at dawn. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

We'll Dodge The Worst of It

Just a few hundred miles away, the temperature is just right for the rain to freeze, and the forecast accumulations are up to a third of an inch. That's the amount to break huge limbs off pines, destroy live oaks, and bring much of the electric lines to the ground. I feel for those getting the weather, since we've had the same in the past, and it took weeks for things to be repaired. 

We've had temperatures in the low forties, plenty of light rain, or drizzle, and generally miserable weather. It's supposed to last until tomorrow afternoon after a band of heavier showers pass through. If it doesn't last long, our road won't flood, and we won't have to wait for the water to recede. 

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Mistakes Were Made

 At least he takes responsibility for being unaware. We've known that for years. Now we get to find out who they'll crucify for his mistake. A less influential piece of flotsam in politics would be under the jail at this point.

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

How Things Change

At one time, a visit to your doctor (now called a primary care physician) led to an exam, some discussion, and any recommendations they felt was required. It was a one-on-one experience, which, in my opinion, was necessary for the best in healthcare. 

Today, you're more than likely to visit with a nurse practitioner. Many are more than competent, and can offer excellent advise. There is a problem: they may not have any responsibility for the office they use, and if they leave, your prescriptions may require trying to contact the office for refills. That, and you may find no efforts were made to have your healthcare placed into the care of another nurse practitioner. Otherwise, you fall through the cracks, and the doctor that supervises their practice may not even know you exist. 

I've had two nurse practitioners leave the clinic where my doctor practices over the last 8 years. Both left without passing on my information to another practitioner, and during the pandemic, one prescribed antibiotics for Bell's Palsy instead of an antiviral medication that is required. That, and that last visit with the last one that left was a teleconference, since actually visiting the doctor was too far into the future. 

With the current push to inject a dangerous medication for a virus that is only dangerous to a small percentage of people there is more of a danger when going to the doctor. Where in the past risks were not taken lightly, today medical professionals blindly follow procedures created by those that really don't care about your health. Pharmaceutical companies lie about their medications, bureaucrats create hardships for those that are cautious about procedures, and people suffer from what can only be described as evil or ignorance. 

I have no idea where this will all end up, but know being cautious, diligent, and refusing to blindly accept a diagnosis is more than necessary.  Treatments can be deadly, and many of the medications prescribed may create more problems than they cure.

Friday, January 20, 2023

Real Explanation

How do you explain the actions of Joe Biden and his cabinet? It's easy. They are traitors. Treat them as such, and hang those that are convicted.

Saturday, January 14, 2023

Local Pies in the Sky

Two of the larger cities in my area are scrambling to attract business, and from my perspective, will manage to increase the size of the money pits they manage. Both destroyed any willingness for new major business by following the path of accepting government handouts and the subsequent demands of following the madness dictated by accepting the charity. My prediction is the cities will spend money on ridiculous projects, screw the taxpayers in the process, and demand more taxes to finance their folly. 

I'm glad I left the county the two cities are in. Taxes were too high, crime was too high, bureaucracy was the normal way of handling business, and without the petrochemical industry, the county would be completely broke. May they do better in the future, but I won't participate.

Friday, January 13, 2023

Falling on Their Sword

With all the corruption in the capitol, you'd think they reached the point where they couldn't find someone to "fall on their sword" and cover for the reprobates that swear to uphold the law. Maybe we haven't reached that point, but it sure is time. Some of those criminals in D.C. need to be put to the sword.

Thursday, January 5, 2023

Age and Intentions

I was walking about the yard, looking at the things I need to do, and wondering when I'll be able to accomplish the tasks I planned to accomplish during the months without lead-melting temperatures. Soon I hope, but according to my doctor, running a chain saw will just aggravate what already hurts, and wearing a brace on my arm for the determined time is the best way to eventually reach the point where something more is contemplated by the dictates of medicine or insurance dweebs. From my point of view, the brace offers some relief, but the underlying problem is not really responding to the treatment. 

We've had some really nice weather over the last few days. Clear skies, lows in the forties and highs around seventy. Perfect weather for outside projects, but not for me. I'll just walk around, play with the neighbor dogs, and offer profound words of wisdom to anyone that doesn't know me.

I've deliberately avoided much time for observing the current effort to elect a House Speaker. What little I've seen shows the Republican Party is obsolete, the Democratic Party doesn't have nearly enough of their members in jail, and taxpayers should just stay bent over. Meanwhile, the unelected are running amok, too many judges are clearly corrupt, and the problems created by both are increasing. Maybe the best thing is to have all elected officials have a lottery, each picks a number, and the winner is tarred and feathered for public entertainment. I think that would definitely have an impact on their efforts for reelection, and to make things even, their staff has to have a lottery too. Of course, the lottery would have to be held daily, and the television proceeds would be put toward the national debt. 

I won't write about the economy, except there are people that should be hung for what they've done.

Tax season is here, and I'm waiting for the needed paperwork. Hopefully, some obscure new tax law doesn't tax me to death. I'll know in about a month.

Locally, school is back in full force. Most of the local districts are rural and the consequences of straying too far from the herd has dire consequences. Still, I'm suspicious of anyone that claims they're part of the process. Well-trained minions comes to mind as the best description of most, and their administrators would  chain the wheels of a handicap child if new guidelines mandated the practice.

I'm contemplating compiling the essays I've written about my years of work and peddling them to whoever is brave enough to take the chance of publishing what some could find uninteresting. Of course, if I accomplish the task, and the interest is light, it will sadden me to know how many people are missing out on what should be a best seller. 

That's all I have for now. It's time for me to pull out the leftover taco meat and fixings. Later I plan to enjoy an adult beverage and watch the sunset.

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Gen. Flynn Has a Different Opinion

There's been a lot of hype about the Russian and Ukraine war. That, and borrowed money of U.S. taxpayers being thrown at a conflict that is showing signs of an effort to coverup some activities that would lead to jail for some of those throwing the money.  General Michael Flynn has a different opinion. It makes more sense than any of the narratives created by the U.S. government and their lap-dog media.