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Monday, November 14, 2016

No Rest for......

.....I have no idea the proper description.

I'm back in Galveston for a project. It's not big, but it will take a few weeks...if not longer.

I won't complain about the difficulties of dealing with the customer, but there are some, and they can cost money, if not addressed.

Still, Galveston is a wonderful place during off-season. The Gulf is beautiful; the beach is less crowded; the citizens seem to take a sigh of relief; and there's a quaint, comforting feeling, when sitting on the seawall, and feeding the birds. The cooler, drier Autumn air has a feeling of anticipation. Winter will arrive, and it can be a harsh, bitter, damp cold. A strong north win will penetrate light clothes and chill to the bone.

I'll write when I can. As time flies, and I age, I realize these are the moments when the season of life offers strong memories tempered by experience. If I don't share them, they'll leave forever; tenuous filaments of smoke in a light breeze.