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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

It's Halloween

The forecast for the local folks is not good for tricks and treats. Not only may there be rain, some may come from severe thunderstorms So, the children will miss a late evening moon; rising over the trees; tendrils of high clouds making the moon appear as sailing on a wispy sea; swirling leaves in the dark shadows leaving thoughts of scurrying, tiny night creatures;  the damp, cool breeze inspiring pulling up a collar; and the trek home, with bags of treats to protect from the hidden ghosts behind the wide trunk of the old oak tree.

Oh well, there's always next year.  Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 29, 2018

Eyes Wide Shut

Pollster, and odds makers, are either in collusion, or ridiculously naive on the majority of U.S. voters. Whatever the reason, the early voting turnout is not what they expected.

From my vantage point, it appears those unwilling to return to the Obama economy, and the liberal beliefs that squelch personal liberty, are voting Republican in droves. If so, the projections of a "blue wave" may be as imaginary as the anticipated results of the last election for President.

We'll see, but I'm only finding a few die hard, ignorant, booger eating liberals willing to throw away their brain to continue the madness promoted by the Democratic Party.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Dueling Roosters

I woke early. After the Keurig spat me out a fresh cup of coffee, I eased onto the porch to enjoy the time before sunrise.

It was quiet. The crisp air was heavy with dew, and the dark sky was filled with the constellations soon to be seen in the early evening. I sat, and sipped my coffee.

As I sat, I listened for the usual distant dog bark. There was none to be heard, and even the night creatures were silent in the cold air. It was unusually quiet, even for mid Fall, which added a deeper calm to an already calm morning.

I sat for a few minutes before a rooster crowed in the distance. The crow was almost immediately answered by another crow in another direction. Soon another followed, and another, and finally a high pitched crow; like a distant squeak from a juvenile banty; an answer, or maybe a direct reaction to what the rooster considered a threat.

The duel went on for a few minutes. One would crow, then the answers would soon follow. The crows came from all directions, and pinpointed which neighbors had chickens.

I counted six separate crows before the dueling roosters finally settled down; obviously content in their greeting of the morning. It was something to hear, and made the early morning even more special.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Pin The Tail on the Donkey

According to every damn news outlet, the person that sent the bombs over the last few days was caught. He's a Republican, according to what's being reported, and a huge Trump fan. This will be the focus of speculation for weeks, and the tiniest things to be found will be talked about until listeners have nausea.

I think the bomb maker will be found to be a kook. That, and either he's very inept, or his intention was to cause panic, and give him some face time on television. The bombs were not really bombs, and there was no real danger. His efforts were not as successful as the crazed gunman that shot Steve Scalise, and the media will be silent on the difference.

I think some will think this will cause people to pause to reflect on their affiliation with the Republican Party, as was attempted before the last election. It won't work, and the barrage of speculation will lead many to think the entire event was staged. Trying to portray a deranged individual as a representative example of the Republican Party is as futile as trying to portray Maxine Waters as a clear thinking representative of the Democratic Party.

So, the horde of illegals coming to the United States are now sent to the back pages, and the lack of coverage will cause many to turn back. That, and the crazed Democrats disrupting the lives of Republican officials will be ignored as usual. The real problem with the United States will continue, as the media abuses the power of the free press for propaganda.

What He Missed

My father died in 1989. With his deteriorating health, it's not hard to assume most of the year was lost. He missed many things, but technology would be the greatest.

My father was trained in the economy of the Great Depression. His father had a repair shop attached to the musical store of my grandmother. My father, probably like most at that time, was involved with the repair shop, and helped my grandfather.

I don't know exactly what my father did, but snippets of the few stories I was blessed with indicated he did just about everything, from repairing small appliances, to refrigeration; which was onerous due to the anhydrous ammonia refrigerant. He was good, even at an early age. After the initial worry about his age, his expertise was requested.

He had a Harley 34, which my grandmother hated. An ice covered road led to a nasty tumble, and it was downhill after the accident. As soon as he joined the service, my grandmother sold the bike without his permission.

The Second World War was wrapping up, when my father joined the Coast Guard. My grandmother wouldn't sign for him to enlist early, so he had to wait until he was eighteen. His training ended after the war, so his first venture into the world was in occupied Japan.

I have a few photographs of my father's time in the Coast Guard. The ones I really wanted to keep were destroyed in a house fire, when I was twelve. The were of his visit to Nagasaki, which was in the early stages of rebuilding. I saw them once, and if I knew what I now know, I would have secreted them away. The historical value would have been of great worth. The personal value would have been priceless.

The Coast Guard gave my father training in radios, which probably was important when he returned to service with the Navy in the Korean War as a radio operator. He served that time on a destroyer, and if he'd lived, I would have made a strong effort to have him detail his experiences in a typhoon, and sailing up and down the Korean Coast.

Somewhere in my father's training, he was trained on radars. With his electronics training, it was probably just a lateral move, but with the huge jumps in technology, it was necessary. The career he finally settled on was marine electronics, which he did, until his death from cancer. He was good. I still run across people that know of his good reputation.

So, I've wandered along without elaborating on what my father missed. I had to give a little background to accentuate what's happened in the last 29 years.

My father missed the huge advancements in computers. When he died, the 80386 architecture was in an earlier stage. Computers with that architecture were at the top end of pricing. While they were fantastic at the time, those of today make them look like cumbersome antiques. Considering the software now available, what was available then was primitive with limited memory available, and slow processing.

Cellular telephones were just making a strong appearance in 1989. They were bag phones, and mostly useless in many areas. They were only used for calls, and the cost demanded being aware of the time spent in conversation.

Televisions, and computers mostly still used cathode ray tubes for screens. The technology was there for what are now flat screens, but the cost was beyond most consumers. Today, what was once inconceivably expensive, is hung on the walls of most homes.

I could go on, but if there was one thing that really makes the point, it's the watch that has a screen, allows people to communicate remotely, and has access to an advanced computer. When my father was a child, it was the fantasy of a comic called "Dick Tracy".  Even as an adult, it was still a fantasy. Now, it's a reality, and one of the many things my father missed. There's even a fully functional Dick Tracy watch available for the consumer.

If my father had lived, I'd make sure he had a Dick Tracy watch. It's fitting, since his love of technology was apparent in his interests, which included building a computer from a kit, and repairing electronics that people said couldn't be repaired. Knowing him, if I bought him one, it would only be a spare. He would have had one as soon as they were available.

Thursday, October 25, 2018


According to the latest reports, the bombs mailed to Democrat leaders were fake. Otherwise, nobody would have been harmed. That's suspicious, especially with the Democrats realizing they have nothing left but subterfuge, and deceit.

I don't think the person, or persons, that sent the fake bombs will ever be caught. In fact, I'd suspect member of the deep state as perpetrators. Up to this point, it's become obvious there's a concerted effort to defeat Trump, and fake bombs would be another method to undercut the President.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Caravan of Fools

The media, and liberal ass clowns, would like you to think the supposed mob of invaders is filled with those seeking refuge from terrible conditions. Some probably are, but most are just those that foolishly decided to become part of a political game.

It's apparent there's money, and food, for those in the mob. The sources of this? Venezuela is one suspect, but I'm willing to bet a substantial amount is being laundered through U.S. groups that are trying to destroy the United States. Regardless of the source, those providing the funds are not friends of the United States.

How will this end? Many will just drop out during the trip, but some will make it to the border. There, they will seek asylum, but asylum is not guaranteed any longer. They'll linger on the border, but find the border is a cesspool of criminals. Their life further south may have been without many opportunities, but at the border, their life will be a daily effort for food, shelter, and trying to not be a victim of criminals. Some might be allowed in, but they'll be interred in camps, and eventually deported.

This problem is a direct result of the criminal efforts of the past administration. Those involved should be prosecuted for sedition. There is absolutely no gain from allowing immigrants to entire the U.S. without vetting. Promoting such a thing only shows an intention of continuing the effort to destroy the United States.

Friday, October 19, 2018

The Effort is Obvious

The news has been full of reports, with speculation, about the disappearance of Jamaii Khashoggi. According to the latest information, he was murdered after he entered the Saudi Arabia consulate in Istanbul, Turkey.

There are some gory detail emerging, but all in all, the narrative doesn't fit. Why would an accomplished hit squad do their dirty work in a consulate? That alone makes me wonder how this event was ever such a newsworthy item, until I thought about how the subterfuge of international politics can be a nasty effort to use conjecture to influence opinions.

None of this makes much sense, and the U.S. media coverage makes me think they're complicit in a deliberate effort to harm the Saudis. While I don't trust the Saudis, I trust the media, and the government of Turkey even less.

Different Than Perceived

According to multiple sources, NOAA is forecasting a warmer, and wetter, Winter. That's interesting, because there are probably only a handful of people that can see the raw data, which may be correct, but not really that much of a difference.

If I had to guess, I'd guess "warmer and wetter" is something most people wouldn't even notice. Warmer can mean 1% above the average temperature, and wetter may be a partial inch above the average precipitation.

While the information is correct, those anticipating balmy, spring like conditions may be a little disappointed. Twenty six degrees, with 3 inches of snow is warmer, and wetter, than 25.3 degrees with 2.7 inches of snow,  but humans just can't tell the difference. It's still miserable, and statistically, the irritation the reports cause is much more intense than just not reporting.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

More Corruption

As time goes on, more of this will be found. 

"...Before the judge handed down four year prison sentence, former FBI agent Terry Albury made a final statement: “I sincerely wanted to make a difference and never meant to put anyone in danger.” He accepted full responsibility..."

Make a difference? By breaking the law you swore to uphold? Your sentence should include breaking big rocks into small rocks. 

A Judge is Shocked

Apparently, Benghazi isn't lost in the past. The linked article is interesting, but as all things to this point, where are the indictments? Why hasn't someone been arrested, thrown in jail, and allowed to spill their guts about the subterfuge and criminal activity?

The judge is shocked? Most of the honest citizens are shocked to know the likes of Mills, Clinton, Rice, Holder, Lynch, Jarrett and their lackeys were allowed to operate unchecked for so many years. They're criminals, traitors and should never be allowed to walk the streets again.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Midterm Law Enforcement

It's reported, by anonymous sources as usual, Muellor will release the findings of the collusion investigation after the midterms.  Opinions abound, but nobody will know, until the findings are released...or not.

If I had to guess, I'd guess the findings will not incriminate the President, but will show an intentional effort by the Hillary Campaign, and federal officials, to destroy the election, and term, of Donald Trump. That, in my opinion, is the reason for waiting until after the midterm election. The Democrats have holes in both feet, and a finding showing their corruption will only make things worse.

This is another intentional effort to protect the Democratic Party, and never Trumpers, from being held accountable before an election. Otherwise, another effort to increase the power of the Democrats, and continuing the elitist country club in the capitol. They've done this before, and too many of the U.S. voters are woefully ignorant of how their vote is influenced by criminal actions.

"...But it appears that the delivery of the findings won’t be the end of Mueller and the probe will continue in some form, according to Bloomberg...."

Isn't that convenient? More of the same, and more time to hide, or clean up the mess made by the FBI and the DOJ. Trump can shut it down, and fire those that created this abortion of justice. It's time he did, and it's time some people are indicted for their criminal activities. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Lack Of Viewers

Alec Baldwin's new show didn't do so well on the first showing.  While I can see how he, and the other condescending, arrogant participants can't understand why, I have no sympathy. They can all pound sand as far as I'm concerned. That, or go jump into an active volcano.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Annual Inoculation for Influenza

I received my inoculation this morning for two reasons:

1  - I don't ever want to have the flu again.

2 -  I don't want to be another statistic, like the 80,000 that died from Influenza last year in the United States.

I know some people don't receive the vaccine. That's fine. When you get the flu, be sure to stay away from me for the next to weeks at the least.

When Will it Turn?

Hollywood, and much of the entertainment industry, promote liberalism, which is now as corrupt as Communism. While they won't admit problems, and the media will ignore any as they happen, there is probably a concern about the loss of revenue.  I don't know when this pattern will change, but the entertainment industry is a business, and any loss of revenue chases away investors. Even those with deep pockets will eventually remove financing; regardless of political beliefs.

The U.S. is polarized, but the majority of citizens are decent people. They observe more than the media reports, and I have a feeling they are not happy with what is available for entertainment. They'll vote with their pocketbook, and entertainment will adapt to survive. 

Friday, October 12, 2018

Getting Googled

Early in the week, I was receiving an unnatural amount of hits from Google. I was trying to determine what created the visits, but without any results. Whatever the reason, it was a little unnerving. Such things create a feeling of apprehension, since it made me wonder if the Google Mafia was in the process of electronically breaking my leg. That, and creating the hope of it becoming an ordinary occurrence. If that happened, I could monetize my blog, retire to the mountains, and throw empty beer cans at pesky squirrels.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

What Will Eventually Happen

Civility, and the protection of citizens against rioters is apparently over with in Portland Oregon.  This is not a common occurrence in most cities, but with liberals running the show, it's accepted in Portland.

What will eventually happen is a loss of taxpayers, the avoidance of tourists, and the loss of credibility with possible investors. I know they can't understand the final outcome, but it will happen. The city will lose too much revenue, taxpayers will have to take matters in their own hands, and the streets will be no different than the the worst of ghettos.

It's now a rallying cry by Democrats to lose civility, and inflict the most damage possible on those that resist their agenda. This includes civil unrest, illegal acts, and violence. Otherwise, a seditious uprising to destroy the United States. That's treason, and they aren't going to like their future. May they find justice swift, and terrible to endure.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018


My wife, and I, are in the process of downsizing, moving, making our life less complicated, and preparing for retiring within a few years. Part of this procedure may make posting a little sparse, due to a new method of throwing patterned electrons into the heavens. I hope not, but if it does, go pop some more popcorn, and intermission will be over shortly.....don't forget to go pee.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Supreme Court Addition

We have a new justice. The liberals are hurling the usual insults, and they're spending money of the likes of Soros as soon as it's passed out. Some are even foaming at the mouth, but most are just fuming because they've lost another battle in the war for liberty.

Liberals try to hide their evil while proclaiming their effort is to help everyone. They know that's crap, and they know the more power they give the government helps to turn the United States into something that resembles the former USSR. They have plenty of dumbasses to help with this effort, but will eventually fail. The typical U.S. citizens hates tyranny, and even the supposed followers of liberal logic eventually find their ignorance can't overcome the basic needs of humans.

So, there won't be the ties of the near past, and the conservative justices will have more influence on the effort to return the United States to a country bound by the restrictions of the Constitution. Future majority opinions won't be tainted by liberal justices, that ignored their oath to the country, and tainted the court with liberal madness.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Something That's Missing

The New York Times is reporting Trump committed massive tax fraud. According to the report, they acquired tax documents illegally, and have pored over the documents for a year. There are many in the media salivating over this story, while missing out what Rush Limbaugh pointed out yesterday: No collusion with the Russians.

I would think there would be all kinds of financial actions, if Trump was in bed with Russia. I'd also think if the New York Times had any shred of something they could link to the Russians, they would have it in the headlines for weeks. 

So, there is now more evidence of how the Muellor investigation is a sham. That, and the New York Times is criminally tied to an illegal act. That's criminal conspiracy, and I have a feeling the F.B.I. will be knocking on someone's door.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018


I'm looking for a mobile wifi data plan for my laptop. Looking at all the usual sites, with bells, whistles, redirecting links, bullshit by the pound, and an obvious strong effort to sell me a new cell phone, leads to frustration. This will demand I go into one of the usual stores to talk with a "qualified" representative who will show me all the bells, whistles, bullshit by the pound, and make a strong effort to sell me a new cell phone, which I don't need....I'm content with my old flip-top.

So, over the next few days, my patience will be tried before the court of public opinion, and I hope it doesn't lead to arrest.


If bureaucrats were cockroaches, the only cure for the infestation would be burning down the house,  bringing the ashes to a landfill, and hoping none escaped.


According to a witness, Christine Ford coached a close friend on how to fool a lie detector test.  The witness, a former boyfriend, also stated contradictory details to Ford's sworn statement.

The prosecutor questioning Ford during her testimony specifically asked if she ever coached someone about preparing for a lie detector test. The answer was no. That makes me wonder if she already knew the answer. If so, it was an excellent example of a perjury trap.

If we go by the Democratic Party's method of arriving at the truth, this letter contradicting Ford's allegations is enough. They should automatically assume it's the complete truth, and apologize for delaying the vote on Kavanaugh.

Will they do this? Of course not. They're reprobates, just like many in the media, and will continue their efforts to destroy the Trump administration.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018


Watching the news is a constant event of ridiculousness. I think it's because most of he media is not reporting news any longer, so they really don't need critical thinkers. Crappy scrapbook writers are good enough; and if it sells, it doesn't matter if it's false, or that someone is hurt by the lies.

 When you add the abysmal ignorance of too many of the general population, the ridiculousness is only increased. The number of potential voters that have no idea who the Vice President is, or how many houses there are in Congress, or how many Supreme Court Justices are required for a full court, seems to increase daily. How they make a decision on who they vote for is beyond me, but I guarantee is can be called ridiculous.

Bleh.  I think we have found the enemy, and it is us.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Thorough Investigation

The Kavanaugh investigation is supposed to be thorough. Really? How thorough? Are they going to investigate Ford for accuracy, and honesty? Will they investigate Feinstein  to determine possible collusion is fraud? Will they investigate the media about the leak of the letter that was never produced?

I read one of those internet jokes that stated Trump should replace Sessions with Kavanaugh, if he isn't voted into the Supreme Court. I think that's a good idea. Maybe he can find Hillary's emails, Fusion GPS documents, and do a thorough investigation of Muellor's debacle of justice. Sessions is sitting on his hands, and allowing too many criminals to run free.