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Saturday, December 30, 2023

Perceptions Count

 Maine has a Secretary of State that arbitrarily decided to remove Trump from the ballot. This gives me the impression Maine backs someone that should be charged for the crime of using their office, or color of law, to deprive citizens of their rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Personally, I feel that when they don't publicly put her in stocks, pelt her with rotten vegetables, and then throw her in jail, she hasn't been punished as necessary.

My Suggestion for Sustainability

In the spirit of preserving our resources, I suggest all mailed advertisements, solicitations, catalogs, and anything best described as "junk mail" be printed on septic safe toilet paper. Considering what I throw away almost every day, it would help with my budget, and maybe give me some enjoyment when using a politicians effort to put a feather in their cap during my morning sabbatical. 

Finding the Correct Words

 I usually use "fed up" to describe my feeling about current affairs. It doesn't seem to correctly describe my frustration, furious anger, loathing, amazement, angst, vindictiveness, and wanting severe punishment for the evil people that are ruining the United States. There are plenty of curse words that help, but my wife doesn't like me to use them. So, to the puss-gut, pieces of puke, low life, reprobates that are part of the current fiasco, may your crotches catch on fire, and your hands be tied.

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

I Have to Share This Picture

Dogs have a tendency to choose where they want to be. They respond to attention, and my great nephew's dog decided to move in. Being retired, having time to spend with him, letting him in when it's cold out, and keeping food around for when he's hungry led to him staying most of the day. That, and he started not going home at night and ignoring their calls to come home. We'd bring him home after dark, but late one night, after we thought he was home, I was awakened by a bark outside. I opened the door to find him standing at the door with a pitiful look on his face. He'd ignored the calls of his master, or his master thought he was in. Regardless he stayed that night, my wife would ask my niece if he could stay on some nights, and it's now official he has a new home. 

I've had dogs, and a menagerie of different pets over time; including monkeys. All take a piece of your heart, and some are a lifetime of responsibility. My divorce years ago led to no pets, and my new wife was hesitant to have any pets, except fish. I was the same, since the loss when they pass is something I don't relish, but this little dog has found a place in our heart. He's a ball of energy during the day, but when the day is done, he rests all night. 

Sunday, December 24, 2023

Christmas Along the Path

If age brings only one thing, it brings the realization the path of life is never a boring trip with little scenery. People are met, new places are seen, vistas amaze, and you never return to a place you've been before. It's a journey that ends eventually, but only what we call here, and beyond is only a new journey.

If I had only one piece of advice to offer anyone, it would be to cherish the moment in time we call Christmas. It's so powerful of an event, even wars have stopped to allow the day to be unblemished by greed and hate. It symbolizes all that's good. It demands hope that the evils of the world can eventually end; and the message of Christ is embraced as a lifestyle, instead of a hollow, patronizing effort to control with fear. 

So, tomorrow we have another day where time stands still for many, and their effort for a peaceful day should be respected. It stands as a shining example of what can be achieved, and embracing the moment can only bring good.

Merry Christmas to all that visit. May the day be one that is cast into a happy memory so vivid it lasts for a lifetime.

Friday, December 22, 2023

It's Amazing

 Everything wrong is finally arbitrated at the Supreme Court. When you look at some of the justices, realize they're as ignorant as a bag full of hammers, and realize they vote on something that is ruled by something they've never read, it's apparent the creek is full, and the paddle is missing.

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

It Was Stopped...

...but you have to consider the desecrating, low life, pieces of puke-shit are still up to their efforts. Regardless of a temporary injunction, they won't stop until all commission members are lined up, shot at sunrise, and their treason is ended. That, and the Army officers that neglected their duty are court-martialed for their involvement, given twenty public lashes and dishonorably discharged. 

Saturday, December 16, 2023

Christmas Bots are Busy

 I was looking at my stats. Usually, I might get around a hundred, to maybe a few hundred visits a day. Yesterday thousands came to visit. While it would be a little flattering for so many humans to come visit my site, I'm not so vain to believe some astounding event led to the sudden popularity. So, logic says the bots are busy. It's the Christmas season, and some cash is needed by those that scrounge the internet for revenue. Unfortunately, they are probably wasting time, but their tenacity is admirable.

Thursday, December 14, 2023

Vultures Roosting

 Behind a neighbor's, black vultures would accumulate a few years ago, when one of his goats died in the back of his land. They made short work of it, but over time, I've noticed they found a roosting spot in the trees, and will stay for long periods of time. They'll leave in the morning, circle high over the surrounding area, and come back at night. 

Yesterday, in the early afternoon, I noticed many had landed by the pond in the back, and were foraging for the clams exposed by the shrinking pond. The drought exposed many, and over time, those that don't go for deeper water will eventually die in the shallower water. Wading in the shallow edge, a vulture would find one, and soon have to defend the small meal from the other vultures. 

I counted over thirty by the pond, in the trees, and on the fence. Many were just preening, and others sleeping with their heads tucked under their wings. I'd wondered where vultures went at night, and now have an answer. They've found a place to roost, and in the next nesting season, they'll probably lay eggs on the ground and raise more vultures. Since they mate for life, I have a feeling they'll stay for years, unless something, or someone, disturbs their nesting site. They're interesting to watch, and have a purpose to dispose of what most people have no desire to dispose of. 

Monday, December 11, 2023

They Must Have a Lot of Money

 Harvard has lost 1 billion according to one alumni. Any private venture would have tanked due to the error of choosing a president from whatever the EEO fairy tossed out as a choice. We'll see what happens, but I envision firings, law suits, plenty of racial hype, and what was once a noted university looking as incompetent as a third grade class of handicapped children.

Here's the url if the link doesn't work.

Thursday, December 7, 2023

I Think They Got What They Wanted

It doesn't take a lot of thinking to realize the Palestinians are not welcome in most of the Middle East. As a problem, and with the atrocities committed by Hamas, it appears the entire Middle East now has an avenue to take care of a problem created almost 80 years ago. Hamas fighters are surrendering in large numbers, and what Israel does with these prisoners is unknown. I have a feeling many will ultimately be executed, when they appear in the numerous videos of those that were involved. What happens to the rest is unknown, but they chose their path, and Israel is not known for mercy to those that are considered a danger. 

How this turns out is yet to be seen, but after the brutal attack of Israel, brutality won't end with surrendering. Other countries in the Middle East will probably condemn Israel, but breathe a sigh of relief a problem is being solved.

Friday, December 1, 2023

They're All Criminals

 If I walk into someone's home without permission, I decided at that moment I might be a criminal. If I walk into someone's home, knowing I didn't have permission, and knew I was  unwelcome, I committed a criminal act, and would have no defense for my actions, regardless of who told me I could. If I paid someone to smuggle me into someone's home, with the full knowledge that my action was forbidden, I've now become part of criminal enterprise, which adds another criminal charge. 

Illegal aliens are criminals; every last one of them, and they should be charged, deported, and their handlers jailed to prevent more criminal actions. Border law enforcement officials that turn their head, or allow the criminals to enter, should be charged with sedition, criminal conspiracy, and immediately removed from their job until their trial. The same charges should be applied to those that house, lease, rent or harbor criminals that entered the U.S. illegally. 

This is all so simple, and if it requires shutting down the borders completely to stop this madness, then do so. I'm sure it will affect the economy, but it couldn't be any worse of an effect than Bidenomics.