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Saturday, August 20, 2016


Society purges those that conflict with those that want supreme power. In the past, the rulers banished, or murdered those they felt were a threat. In present times, one great purge of recent history was when the Marxisst took over Russia, and those in power purged millions from society. They were a threat, and considered unnecessary.

The Muslims are doing this today, and the current Democrats are making every attempt to remove firearms from private citizens, so they can start their complete purge.

One purge of note was the purge that ended with the creation of the United States. As opposed to others in the past, individual freedom was the reason for the purge, and those that attempted to prevent this freedom were purged from power.

The United States is due for a purge. Who is purged is the question. Those in power obviously want it to be those that question their abuse of power. The citizens feel otherwise. Time will tell how this ends. .

Friday, August 5, 2016

Where Does it Stop?

The government is laundering money, allowing high ranking officials to break laws with impunity, distorting the Constitution for "feel good" results, raising the debt at alarming rates, wasting money to the tune of billions per day, harassing citizens to keep the bureaucracy intact, and ignoring those that furnish the money.

Where does it stop?

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Not Paying Attention

I check my blog, but time restraints prevent much posting Many will still take a peak, which leads to the reason for this post:

Over a quarter of a million visitors perused this site. I know some by name, but not many, and have the feeling many visits are by aliens, or internet spiders. Still it's a tremendous number, and I'm grateful for the visits.

Thanks to all that visit, whether human, or not.