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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Needing to Write

I haven't felt much like writing. Mostly because I'm busy, but there's a frustration in watching the idiocy we call government continue to trip over the simplest tasks and not have a clue on how feckless they appear.

Still, there's a huge dissatisfaction with most folks with more brain cells than a sand flea. All the hype about how things are better is lost on those that know they aren't, who is at fault, and how the ignoring of their plight is only because they allow such things.

The socialistic B.S. isn't working. People like to be free and Uncle Sugar is removing those liberties. Even those that supposedly like such things are finding the restriction are becoming more than an annoyance.

So, how will this work out? If a leader comes along that doesn't try to sugar coat the problems, makes an effort to expose the horseshit the government serves, and instills the fear of God in the media, things will get much better.

I'll let my feet hang down and watch. I have a feeling most people are tired of being told it's raining, while those that abuse the taxpayers are pissing on them. I might be wrong, but I might be right. Time will tell.

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