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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Lack of Something

I've been keeping up with the Presidential Race...if you want to call it that. There's something lacking in the Presidential bearing of too many of the candidates.

On the Democratic side:

There's an idealistic, unrealistic Socialist, that doesn't have a clue, or is unwilling to admit Socialism is a Democracy without liberty. History shows it ends in ruin, and the fact anyone accepts Bernie Sanders as a candidate is a  sign of an unhealthy ignorance.

Hillary can only be described as reprobate. Her quest for power has no bounds, and the litter of her ascension to power is filled with criminal acts that once demanded long terms in prison.

On the Republican side:

Trump says what many want to hear, but his past shows he plays the game of political corruption to buy favors. Otherwise, if it's advantageous to grease the palms of one party, that's the path to take. If the other party shows signs of power, that's where the money goes. If both parties show signs of an advantage, then both parties receive funds to keep the possibility of favors in the future.

There is no integrity in paying for favors. In the end, the price is too high to buy back your integrity. Trump, in my opinion, can't be trusted. His goals are for Trump.

Cruz is a Constitutional Conservative. If you could bring back the founders of the United States, I think you'd find they would be attracted to Ted Cruz's message. That's a good thing, but the evil of our society don't like the mandate of individual responsibility. There is nothing to gain, if those you wish to control have the power to destroy your quest for power. Cruz, if he becomes the Republican candidate, will find the barrels of both sides of the power in Washington D.C. are aimed to insure his destruction.

Rubio is a passing fancy. He is a proven politician; a word merchant if you will. Considering his avoidance of the job he was hired to do - while spending millions with the goal of the Presidency - how can he be trusted to be President, if he's willing to avoid his job for personal gain?

Kasich is a paid hack. He could care less about being President, but knows he might have a lucrative future if he continues to dance to the music of the Republican establishment.

So, here we're at another crossroads for the nation, and it looks as though the souls of many are ready for sell to the highest bidder. How it all turns out will only be found in the future. I'll sit and let my feet hang down, while I watch.


  1. The number of people in this country willing to ignore the criminality of Clinton and the immorality (and low level of discourse) of Trump is depressing.

    1. Depressing, and appalling. They become unglued on the tiniest supposed transgressions towards them, yet ignore the terrible crimes of their chosen candidate.

  2. It's a reflection of the majority of souls now living within our borders. That's why I hang out with you select few of like-minds. misery meet company.

    1. Some days, it seems there are few that understand the basics of liberty.

  3. Interesting, thanks!

  4. Absolutely every candidate has his "dark history". I do not believe that any of them is going to be a good president.

    1. Even if we get a fair President, and they fill key positions with people with integrity, things will be better.