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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Summer Appears

Summer may not be officially here, but when it's above 70 degrees before the sun rises, and it's pushing 90 in the afternoon, it's summer enough; especially when you add high humidity from the weekly rains.

I don't know what the next few months will bring, but I have a feeling the uncomfortable threshold will be reached way before noon each day. I'll need plenty of water, supplements, and patience. The first two demands are easy. The last is yet to be seen.


  1. Often times when I am tempted to complain about the summer heat here in the north, I think about what you endure in the south and I thank my lucky stars that even though I am not thrilled with being old, at least I now have the option of staying indoors where it is cool. And I understand about the patience. Not my long suit either. :)

    1. With high humidity, and 90 degree heat, yesterday's heat index was over 100. I postponed a concrete pour, since the crew was exhausted from the heat.

  2. I need to get boat worthy.
    Got hot too soon.

    1. The heat is a little too soon, but the overall pattern for the next few months could be cooler due to rain.

      Time will tell.