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Sunday, June 23, 2013

I Have a Question

I think the government spends too much money. One expenditure I find unnecessary is that used for National Parks. This position leads to some interesting conversations.

So, other than liking the idea of huge sections of land you can't buy, use, and being responsible for upkeep, why is it such a good idea?


  1. One more Walmart...or two, or three.

  2. A National Trust. Granted it was TRs idea and he a progressive, but it does keep property in the public domain that if privatized, we may never have access to.

  3. If you think the government is spending too much money on questionable things, check this one out...

  4. I agree National Parks are beautiful, and can be considered a national treasure, but it's like all the other waste to me. After awhile, observing any of it reminds me they pissed on my leg and wanted me to think it was raining.