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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Fence Row Justice

Apparently, too many petty criminals, white collar thieves, unscrupulous business folks, and some government officials, think a few fines, maybe probation, and possible a few months in jail are not too big of a punishment for their discretions against the vulnerable, and trusting, members of our society.  I have a solution: Fence Row Justice

In my part of the world, an overgrown fence can be a tremendous task to clear. The tallow trees, hackberries, blackberry vines, youpon, honeysuckle, morning glory, strangler vines, and a type of vine with  thorns to rival a bougainvillea, are accented by paper wasps, ground hornets, yellow jackets, bumble bees and the high heat, with humidity. A hot summer day of clearing is nothing anyone wants to try.

Mete out punishment by feet of clearing. For trying to screw Mrs. Flahooty out of her warranty, a few thousand feet. For intentionally misrepresenting a product, about a mile should be enough. For misusing public funds, or stealing from taxpayers, ten miles should be the minimum.

I know many are thinking: "Surely, there aren't enough fences to punish all these folks", I don't think it would take that many miles. After about one year, few would take the chance of being convicted.

I might be wrong, but I think I'm right.


  1. If you run out of fences, send them up my way. I recall many a hot, dusty day following a tractor towing a stone boat, picking up rocks out of the fields and tossing them onto the boat. Or if they were too heavy to lift, rolling them on. A day or so of that work would surely cure me of any criminal intent.

    1. Although it would help your part of the country, I'd rather just shoot them at sunset, and bury them in the back forty, than send any criminal near to where friends live.

      If you don't have enough of your own, count your blessings.

  2. Aw, thanks Jess. We have plenty of our own. Consensus of opinion here was to just take them out behind the barn, put them out of their misery and bury them out in the hog lot. I have no doubt that in times past, that's exactly what happened!


  4. Yes. And also, picking up trash on the highways in the middle of the summers. Instead of getting juvies, drug addicts, and petty thieves to do it, get the crooked politicians and businessmen to do it.

    I've had to clear overgrowth off my own property and it is NOT FUN. I'd love to make some banker busted for embezzlement do it for me.