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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

This I Find Irritating

A local construction project, involving Federal funds, a local city, and the Texas Department of Transportation finds the contractor in default. The payroll checks are bouncing, with knowledge by the company of the checks being written on a closed account; suppliers cut the contractor off months ago; the project is way behind schedule; and the stories coming out are of a contractor that not only refused to complete quality work, the principal administrators have a bizarre way of doing business.

I won't write the contractors name, but it's owned by a large Mexican company, and the news stories about the company indicate either terrible management, or criminal activities. Accounts have been seized by the feds in other states, and it's apparent those most affected by the lack of revenue are not the owners. Locals took the hit and so did the larger suppliers left with unpaid invoices.

I'm pissed. Not only for the crappy way of doing business, but for the attitudes of those even down to the superintendent level. It's obvious they don't care to run an ethical business, or follow the law. Hopefully, some jail time is in the future for some, but I don't have much faith in that happening. All they have to do is cross the border, and live on the money they slushed from public funds. They were paid for the work performed, neglected to pay suppliers, and the employees that took them for their word are now three weeks into being screwed out of their wages.

The bonding company will ultimately complete the project, if it's solvent, and not another group of crooks that figured out how to game the system. Time will tell.


  1. I know. It always amazes me how much they know, but how ignorant they are. For instance: they know how to work the system, how to sign up for every freebie known to man, but none of them can add 2 and 2 or spell correctly. I would have NO idea where to go for free handouts or even how to sign up for them if I needed them.

    1. With the company headquarters in Mexico, there is very little that can be done if they ignore U.S. laws. By the time anything is accomplished - if at all - the costs to finish the project an honest contractor intended to complete as required will be higher. That sucks!

    2. That a foreign company gets to bid is irritating.

    3. I think the event proves low bids are not always the best bid.

  2. Way to go A-holes. I've heard there's equipment just sitting over there chilling. How in the hell do you close your payroll account and ask places cashing checks not to deposit checks to get their money back? That's how you get your head put on a stick around these parts... I do believe that Concord is the worst road in BMT.

    1. Concord, before it was Concord, was Voth road, which connected Beaumont to a ferry at Pine Island Bayou. Since it was originally the typical winding road the followed natural terrain, and allowed the higher ground, it was never a road for modern traffic.

      At one time, one of the best feed stores around was named after the road that hadn't existed for decades. I had one helluva time finding it.