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Friday, September 9, 2016

So, I Learned Something Today

I was reading a news report about those having a hard time returning to New York City society, after going to "Burning Man". Many are depressed, which - to me - means somewhat of a traumatic return.

I never heard of "Burning Man". I had no idea the event existed, until I looked it up on the internet, After reading, I realized the event, which started as a bonfire with friends on a beach in California, now involves thousands in the Nevada desert. A "radical form of self expression", as described by the creators of the event, which involved burning a man, and his dog, in effigy, is now an annual event in a pseudo-city built for the event. After the even the city disappears, without a trace; a requirement demanded by those that volunteer, and the Bureau of Land Management.

From what I've read, the conditions are rather primitive (many only bathing with wipes for the week), and the Woodstock atmosphere of free expression allows for the attendees to throw away their daily lifestyle for an alternative lifestyle reminiscent of the days of the flower children.

So, now what was once just a few friends gathering on the beach, is a worldwide network of similar events, which promote an alternative lifestyle for one week. I guess that's good, but in a way, it reminds me of a cult, and cults can be disasters.


  1. I had to look it up, too. Sometimes I would like to escape but doubt that escaping into a crowd of smelly people pretending to be something they aren't would hold any appeal for me.

    1. Escaping is a good thing, but so much nicer, when there's a comfortable motel nearby. While the desert is beautiful, I can't fathom spending a week in it, without a shower.

  2. I'd rather go to "RENO" next week for the National Championship AIR RACES!! It is the wind blown Desert but with airplanes going 500 mPH around pylons 20 feet off the deck!! And ya' can get a motel or hotel room complete with HOT @ COLD RUNNING WATER!!!!!

    1. That makes much more sense than wandering around a carnival, which lasts a week, and the spectators may shock you with their apparel.