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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Idiots and Worms

Supposedly, James Comey wrote down his memory of a meeting with Trump, and the memo indicates Trump was trying to get Comey to stop investigating Michael Flynn. This has some of the media crapping in their pants, and most of the rest repeating the demands of liberal politicians that have no clue of how an impeachment works, or the necessary proof to support articles of impeachment.

This is a can of worms only idiots would open. While it's obvious the New York Times wants Trump out, I doubt they realize revealing Comey supposedly had memos of his conversations with high ranking official leads to the same types of memos for the past administration. These memos will now be the focus of investigations of the past administration that are ongoing. If they exist, they'll reveal things the liberal media doesn't want to reveal. If Comey destroyed the memos, or claims they don't exist, what little credibility he has will be lost forever, and any memo he presents can be claimed to be written after the fact in an attempt to punish the man that fired him. Comey is now as worthless as toilet paper to the Democrats.

This will be interesting, but I have the feeling the liberal press has gone to a gun fight with a knife. They can't win, and become more irrelevant daily.


  1. Agreed. Bring all the memos out about obama and hillary. I didn't consider the possibility of them not existing (or vanishing) but that would be telling with this political hack.

    1. By the time this is over, about half of the Capitol denizens will need Prozac to function.

      Meanwhile, Comey will become personally familiar with the term "pariah".