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Friday, May 12, 2017

New Commission on Voter Fraud

Trump created a commission to investigate voter fraud. The reactions are all over the board, and some groups are demanding refusal to requests from the commission.

I think this is a good idea. While I think there's much more voter errors from incompetence, and manipulation, the commission will expose these problems. That, and probably discover evidence of how failing to demand identification removes the ability of a voting district to verify if voters are qualified to vote.

Time will tell how this turns out, but I have a feeling the results will expose things voters need to know.  Of course, they'll have to veer away from the alphabet networks to find any facts. That is a bigger problem than voter fraud.


  1. They should check out Atlanta if they want to find some evidence of Democratic complicity in voter fraud. It's rampant, from dead people voting to wino's and crack heads voting in exchange for money and booze. But nobody down there wants to prove it, so ......

    Every time we try to do something to address the issue in this state, the federal Justice Department overturns our legislation.

    1. I think all cities with substantial populations have thousands of ineligible votes counted. It's something that can only change with proof of eligibility.

  2. Most are too lazy to dig deeper than Colbert or Samantha Bee. I had a liberal uncle (retired public school teacher) post a comment to one of my FB posts recently that stuck with me, but not the way he intended. I paraphrase, but basically he said I really should become a democrat because it's "so much easier." I liked his comment and imagined it caused him no small amount of confusion.

    1. It is easier to become a Democrat. That, and having an elective lobotomy.