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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Work Ahead

The signers of the Declaration of Independence placed their signatures, and then the work began. England was not about to let their cash cow leave, and the repercussions were sometimes brutal.

Many died during the war, and some lost every world possession they had. Times were tough, the English were far from kind, and the final defeat of the English came at terrible costs.

I look at the current United States, and realize how many are willing to trade liberty for supposed security. Money can be found without effort, many in the government are willing to subjugate citizens to keep their power, and the "educators" are becoming propagandists for ideas foreign to the founders. It's easier to allow the removal of freedoms, than to demand the government follow the wishes of the founders.

Celebrate the Fourth of July. It's a day to be remembered, but it's a day to understand those that created this great country did so at great peril, cost more than just worldly possessions, and the goal was to demand a sometimes ethereal condition called liberty.

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