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Sunday, April 21, 2019

It's a Beautiful Morning

We had a front on Thursday, which brought a band of heavy showers. We missed the severe weather, which is good. Others weren't so lucky, and after dealing with hurricanes, I know how the effects are long lasting.

Friday brought high winds, which pulled the storm door from my wife's hands, bent the closure, and demanded a trip to the box store for a replacement. It was a thirty minute task, and gave me some satisfaction of knowing the door will have a stronger closure for future occasions.

Friday night, while sitting on the porch, the glow in the east soon revealed a full moon rising behind the trees. I sat for a few minutes watching the event, but the chilly air soon chased me into the house.

Yesterday, the roll up shades for the porch was my project. The sun floods the porch with almost blinding light in the evenings, and hot days remove the willingness to visit by family. The shades are a success, and allow the breeze to cool those taking in the evening.

Today, the wind is shifting to the south, but the air is still cool from the front. The sky is cloudless, and the deep blue Spring days can bring. The purple martins are visiting the martin house, and some type of hawk is migrating. They appear on the horizon a few dozen at a time, fly over in a lazy circle, and disappear to the north. The woodpeckers must be raising a brood, since they visit the feeder in the morning, gorge on seed, and soon fly away with a morsel in their beaks. 

Tomorrow, it's work again. I'm not looking forward to it, but I still have a few years before I can put my work clothes away for personal projects only. That will be a good time to stop,  relish the release from the daily grind, and spend more time with my wife.