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Sunday, June 23, 2019

The Humidity is Terrible

For about two weeks, the humidity has been in the intolerable level. When the temperatures in the nineties is added, the days outdoors are miserable. That's why the thought of working the next week in this steam bath is not a welcome thought. It's too early in the summer to dread the summer this much.



  1. When we lived in Houston, we had a wonderful spring day - the kind that was crisp as the north blew in a cool, dry air. It was entirely not the experience we were used to. To tell the truth, we never did acclimatize to Houston.

    Excited by a Saturday morning as beautiful as a summer day in Fairbanks, I burst into the house, and proclaimed to The Mrs.: "Honey, you've got to come see this, the weather is PERFECT outside."

    Her unimpressed response (for real): "I have only your word for that."

    1. Winter can be nasty, but there are days when the temperature stays between 40 and 60. If clear, they're far from unbearable.

      Your description of a good spring day is spot on. They are the days when I relish the moment, and try to not think of the brutal summer to come.