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Friday, November 1, 2019


I used to click on Drudge every time I started my computer. Over the last few months, I noticed the reports he links were slanted toward the liberal narrative. This led to refusing to go to the site, since it appeared Drudge was just another shill for the Progressive reprobates.

So, has Drudge sold out, or has the media barrage removed any balance to the news? I don't know, but I do know I don't visit the site very often. Regardless of the reason, further attempts to nullify my vote only indicate either collusion, or ignorance; and when more of these tabloid sites disappear, the better the country will be.


  1. It's now a drudge to visit Drudge.
    Has anyone met him?
    Did he get Clintoned and someone suborned his site?

    1. I read that Matt Drudge is basically retired, and changed his advertising partner. Both probably had something to do with the change.

      Drudge used to only link news stories from multiple sources, without any known bias, although he was accused of being a shill for conservatives. The articles were from both sides of the fence, but his headlines could indicate a viewpoint.

  2. Drudge sold out (taken over) to a parent company that definitely leans to the left. I do not visit the site any more.

  3. I still fond myself clicking on Drudge. It has turned left and I am letting it go. No biggy, just another click site.

  4. Like you, I click less and less. His visitor metrics are down, too.