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Sunday, February 9, 2020

Necessary Justice

If you really think about it, those so willing to remove firearms from the public know this gives them tremendous power. Not only is the individual helpless against criminals, they're helpless against a rogue faction of government. Considering the rogue elements that tried to take out a sitting President without any consideration of law, the danger of the removal of all rights is is a common goal of those that embrace the subjugation or citizens with Socialism.

The criminal bureaucrats, and the politicians involved with the impeachment fiasco need to be dealt  the harshest punishments allowed by law. They are traitors and should be made examples for those that contemplate the destruction of the United States through subterfuge. Their ultimate goal was subjugation of United States citizens and the criminal activities only prove their only intention was the acquisition of personal power at the cost of removing liberty. If the citizens were not allowed to have firearms, their goal would have easily been achieved after removing the President. The final bulwark against tyranny would have been removed.


  1. The rights framed in the Constitution are portrayed as fundamental human rights.
    Bestowed by our Creator and inalienable.
    Trying to remove our second amendment human rights should be punished as severely as any attempt to enslave or rob us of any other rights.

    1. I agree. The Bill of Rights was created for a good reason, and that reason prevents outright tyranny, as long as all of them are kept sacred.

  2. Violation of civil rights under the color of law is . . . a crime.