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Sunday, June 7, 2020

Pushing the Limit

Regardless of personal opinion, the limit is pushed, when violence is used to promote an agenda. That's where we are, and those willing to riot are now at the position they'll have to face the fact they're tremendously outnumbered. Not only that, but those they've frightened will not hesitate to meet their violence with deadly force. They've already lost, and they'll be hunted. I have no sympathy. May they suffer the consequences for their actions.


  1. After Trump declared Antifa a terrorist organization, they joined the ranks of the rest of the terrorists. As enemy combatants, they face the military, and the federal law enforcement agencies. The weaker members of the organization will find cooperating is better than jail time. The stronger members will find they're vulnerable to those they coerced into joining. In the end, Antifa, like all criminal organizations, will be weakened, if not destroyed.

  2. Jess - I dunno - CONgress has not been weakened and likely will never be destroyed.

  3. I see the riots as a show of force. The fact that it hasn't been put down almost took me to a 9 out of 10 this month. The authorities in those towns already want the same agenda, and are tacitly supporting them.

    1. Yes they are, and guilty of sedition. They probably don't realize their best outcome will only be they're fired.