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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Knowing Your Enemies

It's best to know your enemies. Their goal is to destroy you; regardless of the method. They're found in the media, the bureaucracy of government, your school systems, you neighbors, your family and foreign powers. While many are ignorant followers, those in power are systematically trying to destroy the United States.

So, with all these enemies, why are we still basically free? The Second Amendment explains why. It's the final bulwark against tyranny, and it's the power of a free people to remain free. Without it, we'd all have been as tyrannized by the same governments that murdered millions for personal power.

Do I think we'll ever have another civil war? No. Those trying to destroy the United States are a small minority, running scared, and their current effort is exposed; unlike during the sixties. The media is suspect, and the rot of the deep state in the government is now exposed. Large cities will have problems, but those that can will flee, those that move will find liberal thinking is unacceptable, and those remaining will eventually demand law enforcement to keep the peace.


  1. I do believe we are in a civil war again, but different then the 1860's CW.

    1. It's a civil war, with the Marxist going full attack. They'll lose, and their panic will send them further from what anyone wants.

  2. This is more like the 1960s that it is the 1860s.
    After the 1968 riots the country started voting Republican again.

    1. The out of control protests frightened voters. They could see the slide into anarchy, and hoped to stop the madness.

  3. Replies
    1. That's true. If I only had my rural, and smaller town perception to go by, the Marxist already lost, and rounding them up is next.