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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Dancing Around the Obvious

The governor of Texas is demanding masks in counties with a certain number of covid cases. People are following this order. They wear masks made out of bandannas, or knitted, place them below their noses, wear them for days, and the gaps around the nose would allow a small bird to fly up their nostrils. Otherwise, it's a foolish effort by foolish people to entice fools to believe the mask order is something more than a political fart in a political outhouse.

Dumbasses. We're surrounded by them, and they breed.


  1. The "New Normal" used to be called fascism.

    1. I think most people still think of it as fascism. The point where the push back becomes fierce is close.

  2. They want us smart enough to do the paperwork but dumb enough to not recognize we are being played.

    1. The majority of the people I know think it's mostly a hoax. It will take some major civil disobedience for the politicians to understand they've gone too far.