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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Investment Madness

 High yield bonds are forecast to default at a 40% higher rate. I'm guessing those that invested in these bonds have been sweating for the last few months, and will continue to sweat for the distant future. Even if the issuer of the bond manages to get out of their financial problem, the possibility of this to happen will not be soon. To make things worse, if bankruptcy raises its ugly head, the final return may be pennies on the dollar of the original investment; and such things as pensions may lead to court decisions that leave absolutely nothing for the investor. Regardless of the outcome, long periods of time pass without an answer, and without money to invest in something more profitable. 

Investing is always a gamble, and with the Covid madness,  investing in municipalities with a bad credit rating is betting on an inside straight. 


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    1. I don't think "bonds" means what you apparently thought it meant, Bernard.

    2. I'd think escorts are about as far away from a bond as you can get.

    3. Perhaps Bernard is noting the similarities between the bond market and the sex trade? They are based on the same business model, sort of... ;)

    4. I think the link takes you to Kamala Harris' website.

  2. "You get a car!
    And YOU get a car!
    And YOU get a car!"
    Overpromised, States like mine (Illiinois), are in for a dramatic reality check, soon.
    How does this end?

    1. Those poor folks promised a large pension may find they will only get pennies on the dollar due to the fiscal madness of their politicians.

    2. Look to Canada for the answer!

      The socialists of Morontario and Queerbec are much the same. Lavish social programs, unmanageable debt loads. What they did was offload their bills to the rest of the provinces through the Federal Equalization program. The provinces all pay into it, and the Feds dole it back to the provinces. Most provinces pay in, but only a few ever see their money come back.

      Every year the frogs and fags in those provinces over-spend, and every year they get bailed out by the Equalization plan. They will eventually try the same thing in the USA to force your "have" states to pay the bills of the "have not" states.

      If you're smart you will oppose that by force of arms if necessary.