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Friday, May 7, 2021


 I think we've thrown honesty away. Nobody trusts anyone, and it's a well founded lack of trust. The best of contracts can lead to bankrupting litigation. The lying of those in politics leaves only the most ignorant believing there's honor in the decisions of politicians. Public officials lie to cover their incompetence. Scientists lie to promote their theories. The list goes on forever, and it makes me wonder why we've reached a point where the glue of a healthy society is not being demanded any longer. 

Will this end? I wonder, since it's easy to accept ignorance. Ignorance allows unfounded opinion, and the ability to deny that too much of our society is wallowing in distrust. It's a type of anarchy, since the prey is easy pickings and the predators are allowed to hunt with little interference. 


  1. Distrust is another burden that we conservatives must bear. It aligns itself almost with hatred.
    We conservatives have lost all faith in the Federal government by seeing what they say and do since the current admin has stolen power.
    Now they squabble amongst themselves for power positioning. The current administration cherry picks what laws they want to enforce (usually having to do with their definition of national security), and sweep the more important issues under the rug. They point fingers to blame the GOP all for all the failures, but do nothing except whine and bicker.
    With the help of the media, the sheep liberals believe with tenacity that everything they hear is true.
    It will not stop as long as the current administration remains in power, and will get worse.

    1. It's a mess, but I'm not finding many people that feel everything is okay. That means a lot, since people don't put up with feeling uncomfortable. How it all works out is to be seen, but the current feckless administration will find the pushback will become fierce.

  2. Lack of honesty is a cost - a social cost that increases the time and money we have to spend on almost everything. I miss it.

    1. Me too. Dishonesty is expensive, and unnecessary.