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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Electric Madness

I started to write a long post about the foolishness of pushing, and demanding, the use of electric automobiles. It was to highlight the terrible expense, pressure on the grid, lack of resources to fabricate the batteries, and how such things lead to enormous containment areas for the batteries after they become useless. I realized it was probably preaching to the choir, and wouldn't change many minds. 

Too many people, in my opinion, would rather wallow in their ignorance, accept lies, and not do a little research to reach a point where their thoughts are controlled by critical thinking. Reality shows much of what is published is corrupted by personal feelings, based on false information, and only to promote a specific agenda. Truth is pushed to the corner, and regardless of what it determines, isn't demanded when personal gain is more important. 

So, the basic truth is modern society can't exist as it is with all electric automobiles. The technology is too expensive, the resources for the batteries aren't available, the electricity to charge the batteries can't be acquired through the existing grid, and to offset these problems, the minions of government corruption would only have one option to accomplish the task of an all electric society: Turn the electricity off when necessary, and have a total disregard to the damage this causes. Only the ignorant can't understand this, and as long as their cell phone keeps their minds occupied, they'll blissfully slide into tyranny.


  1. Of course an all electric vehicle society is impossible. That's the point. The goal behind the push for EVs is the death of ICE transportation. The end of oil/gas/diesel as the basis for our economy. Once that industry is dead and gone they will ban EVs. The entire purpose for all of this is the end of privately owned vehicles. The criminals in power want ALL of us TOTALLY dependent on public transportation which THEY control. That's the reason for this. Everything the left does is to increase their control over everything and everyone.

    1. now you're getting it. same with banning gas stoves, air conditioning etc etc. not climate change at all but about getting us into their concentration camps known as 15 minute cities.

  2. In the land of the emotion, the rational man is shunned.