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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's Insane, but Our Insanity

I read the department of Health and Human Services will spend 20 million to place glitter on the ass end of Obamacare, which may turn out to be unconstitutional due to a final determination by the Supreme Court.

"...The advertising campaign will educate the public on staying healthy and preventing illness, a Health and Human Services official told The Hill..."

So, if you read between the lines, the 20 million of wasted money will promote health, so you don't need Obamacare, which will probably end up unfunded and unconstitutional.

I think it's time to dig a moat around Washington D.C. and wait for the government zombie apocalypse to end.


  1. Maybe we can wall the city in, and treat it like New York City in Escape From New York. Might be epic, even without Adrienne Barbeau to look at.

  2. In Texas, we have our own version of elected officials, with bureaucrats congregating and clueless: Austin. I'm betting all state capitols are the same, since too many people grow accustomed to resources they take from taxpayers.

    What's the solution? Equitable employment. If the state average is 8%, then the government jobs should be peeled to at least 125% of that number so they can suffer with those that provide them with the money they so willingly waste.