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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Summer Hangs On

We had a short cool spell last week, which yielded low sixties in the mornings, with highs in the mid eighties. It didn't last long, and Summer returned.

For the last week, it's been in the low to mid seventies near the coast in the mornings, and around ninety two in the afternoon. Rain is prevented by a ridge of high pressure, so the heat is hanging on.

This weather pattern will last a week, or so, but we'll get a front, some rain, and the sun won't be able to overcome the cool any longer. After that, the chilly evening will be filled with the aroma of burning leaves and the feel of Autumn will settle in.

I enjoy Autumn more than any other season. I like the temperature, the azure skies, and the brilliant oranges of sunset. I feel a contentment I find no other time of the year.

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