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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Electronic Message Boards

I use them on projects. The electronic message board can be set up on the side of the shoulder and important messages programmed to alert drivers of upcoming traffic problems.

There are rules of how many lines and panels. That, and there is a list of approved abbreviations to help with the limited space for words. All, in all, they usually help, although I sometimes think they're more lawyer repellents, than public information.

I've never place anything objectionable on a board, although one message came to mind yesterday. Traffic was the usual fubared congregation of pinheads, and aggressive drivers that ignored the message board that warned them of a closed lane ahead.

The board was at least a mile from the lane closure, and warned of the right lane being closed. To a good driver, this means to immediately start making an effort to get in the left lane. To the dumbass, this means driving all the way to the barrels, and try to squeeze in. After all, their time is much more important than the time of everyone else.

My objectionable message?



That message would have led to many complaints, although a simple response from an official, such as: "I don't know why you're so upset, unless you're a dumbass." would have ended the conversation.

Anyway, some important things could be placed on the message boards. Unfortunately, people are so anal these days, somebody would have some health problem after reading their behavior described, and run off into the ditch.


  1. Go ahead and do it. I triple dog dare ya.

    1. I've resisted the urge many times. When it's time to retire, I might have a perfect opportunity.

  2. I've never seen TxDot try this approach, but it does seem to expedite traffic.

    It's all about courtesy, and paying attention; two qualities lacking in too many drivers. Seeing the video makes me realize the psychology required to control traffic.

  3. Although I have often agreed with you on this subject, I no longer do.
    There is no clear cut direction as to when to merge.
    There is always someone who waits til the last minute. I think the only fair way is for everyone to keep both lanes filled til the last point and alternate.