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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

School Bus Traffic Jam

I watched a school bus pull up to a day care center this evening. While this may be a common occurrence, the event was notable.

It took forever for the children to disembark. Not only were they oblivious of the time they were wasting, their handlers didn't seem to care. To add insult to injury, the children stepped from the bus, and appeared as though they were arriving somewhere they had never been before. Their slack-jawed wonder of something they've probably seen for months was an indication of an inability to process information; and expedite their way through life, without supervision to the age of twenty seven.

I know being a parent is tough, and teaching your children is a tough job, but teach them to haul ass, when they leave the school bus...and stop wasting my time.


  1. "...but teach them to haul ass, when they leave the school bus...and stop wasting my time."

    Jess, it takes a village. Or sometimes it takes a gunned engine, a horn blare and a maniacal look to get the little gremlins moving.

    1. It takes something, and that "something" is definitely lacking.

  2. Absolutely nothing will ruin your morning that, right out of the gate, finding you're tailing a school bus down a long, winding, heavily child-populated, no-passing road.
    I really don't understand why it has to stop at EVERY single house, even when those houses are only 20 feet or so apart. Is the world really that treacherous a place that the special snowflakes can't go over to the neighbor's driveway and form a little clump so stop stop stop stop stop stop stop isn't necessary?
    That was rhetorical, I know.
    Thus endeth my early morning bitching.

    1. Expecting children to walk more than twenty feet is a horrendous idea. They're so delicate, even a strong wind can cause them to bruise.

  3. I hate school buses. I hated riding them as a child, and I certainly hate getting stuck behind one while driving.

    When I was a kid, there were school bus stops located at strategic places on the route. Kids were required to walk to the nearest one and wait for the bus to arrive. There was even a small shelter for rainy days. The bus would stop about every quarter mile instead of every 100 feet.

    Now, the little snowflakes can't be bothered to walk anywhere, so like LeeAnn says, it's stop go, stop go, stop go, stop go, at nearly every driveway, while a conga-line of vehicles stretches a mile behind it.

    1. Locally, the families would pitch in, build a shelter, and the children had a place to wait for the bus out of the weather.

      Now? I'm expecting valet service, with fresh doughnuts and hot chocolate at every house. That shouldn't be too expensive. IT'S FOR THE CHILDREN !!!