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Monday, December 14, 2015

Different Weather

Last week was warm. High temperatures were in the eighties, and lows in the upper sixties. The weekend brought clouds, and an eventual cold front. By yesterday evening, it was still raining, the temperature fell to the low fifties, and the forecast called for what we had today, but it didn't follow the usual progression of weather.

Today, the morning started with clear skies, and temperatures in the upper fifties and low sixties. This afternoon, it was still clear, and the temperatures were in the middle seventies. Unlike the usual cold day following a cold front, it was though it washed out, the sky cleared, and warm temperatures returned.

The forecast for the middle of the week calls for rain, another front, and temperatures more like December. We'll see. Up to now, it's been a little strange, and I won't be surprised if this continues.


  1. Our MN weather has been a bit odd as well. Rain instead of snow. Warmer temperatures. Even so, I still don't buy into the climate change hype.

    1. Weather experts say this years El Nino is the culprit. That's a difference in Pacific Ocean temperatures that change the path of the jet stream.

      I'm sure the weather crazies will blame it on humans, while they tap away at their computers made from plastic, and other exotic substances that can only be made from oil and other things that they condemn as causing AGW, which doesn't exist.

      A less kind society would round them up, take away their goodies, and banish them to an island with nothing by coconut trees and coconut crabs.