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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Immigration Nonsense

First, the current problem with immigration is not a problem with immigration; it's a problem with an illegal invasion. Avoiding the legal process only means the respect for the citizens doesn't exist. It's as criminal as burglary.

The United States is the home of a multitude of races, religions, and ethnicity heritages, but the mandate for all is allegiance to the country, a demand for liberty, ethics that only accept a willingness to be productive, and understanding that individual rights are written into law. There are no gray areas to these requirements, and too many are unwilling to accept these things are necessary for a healthy society.

I don't think enough in Washington D.C. understand the requirements of citizenship, abuse their powers to illegally try to change the Constitution, and are unwilling to discard their contrary agendas. Otherwise, they may be more of a harm to the nation than those coming without permission. Regardless, they too should be taken to task for their transgressions, and made aware of the consequences, which due to their actions, requires criminal charges, and prosecution.


  1. I respectfully disagree, Jess.

    At some point we have to ask ourselves, how much is enough and grab some courage and put a number on it. We have ethnic diversity, we have problems at home, we can't afford the people we have.

    The third world is a dump because of the people that live there. Now they're here. Just my two cents, your mileage may vary...

    1. I agree. The Constitution was drafted by those that realized laws are important, and a nation is divided, if the citizens are not all in for the guarantee of liberty.

      We've lost much of our liberty. The forced payment by taxes for those we know have no loyalty is an insult to the citizens, and the nation that was formed to prevent the invasion of those that only wish to escape their responsibility, and continue the laws they know don't allow freedom.